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Hi all!

Big thanks to everyone’s for sticking around over the last month’s unintentional-hiatus. We’re here to bring you the next pages of the comic back-to-back over the next 4 weeks, and also introduce you to something else we’ve been working on:

The long-awaited printing of Volume 2! 


Please feel free to check out the kickstarter and all the fun rewards we’ve set up for you guys, as well as the printed version of Volume 2. If you’ve never pledged to a kickstarter before, it’s basically a fancy pre-order!

And as usual, hope you guys enjoy the page!

♥ Hazel + Bell ♥

  • ikuya!

    We’re here to bring you the next pages of the comic back-to-back over the next 4 weeks,


    *silently weeps since i dont have credit card for kickstarter*

  • that’s gay

    wow that’s really gay

    • artsyfartsybitchface

      Thanks my captian

    • Stray cat

      This is too much to handle.

  • luchan

    Oh gosh, they are such dorks, and finally they are dorks together

  • Short Stripe

    Am I the only one who thought this?!

    • artsyfartsybitchface

      Carter is the kool aid guy comfirmed

      • Short Stripe

        This took me 30 minutes.

        • artsyfartsybitchface

          Bless you

    • Shining Llama

      but I think it’s Adrian that says “oh no”…

  • Shining Llama

    guys im hyperventilating

  • Rwby Tetsuya

    PLS Update more Hazel and Bell Please bt the way love the art work <3

  • Maddy Perrins

    Oooh noooo <3

  • William E


  • William E

    On a serious note, I came into this comic super late, but I love it so much. The art, the storytelling, the characters, the humor… EVERYTHING about it is so good!!

    I feel a bit embarrassed to say this, but I actually found this when someone posted this page onto the /r/yaoi subreddit, but I’m sooo glad that I stayed up that night to give this comic a read rather then just passing it by.

    Even moreso, I feel even happier knowing that I was able to save up the money needed to help support the kickstarter for printing the second volume, and seeing as it’s already gotten more then half of it’s initial funding in only three days, I’m fairly certain we may just get some goodies~ OuO

    Oh, and one last thing… thank you moms!!!!~ ❤❤

    • artsyfartsybitchface

      I found it on tumblr lol

      • William E

        *click* Noice.

    • Scrubjr

      I found it the same way 0_0

    • Bag O’ Gay

      i found arh looking at gay smut of two characters from an anime NOT JOKING

  • Sarah nawak

    *sarah.exe has stopped working*

  • Molly


  • Jay

    So beautiful….SO CUTE

  • RedDazes

    *SPLORT* This is so freaking adorable!!!

  • Mimmy

    Who else read the “I would be kissing you all the time” part in a really suave voice

    • fluffy stuff

      ✋(● ε ●)

  • Wizardy.Waffles

    I haven’t been here in forever and I saw thIS AND IM REALLY HAPPY NOW ◕ ‿ ◕。(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
    ( ´∀`)☆ (≧ω≦)

  • funkdaddy2012

    I love how the first thing I saw was them kissing. A great way to start the day, if I may say so myself.

  • ClockworkDawn

    I foresee the parents walking in.

    • Thelmouth

      Same here (or a brother at best)

  • Mayonaka midnight


  • Bag O’ Gay

    it has begun

    • William E

      Hey, out of curiosity, what chrome theme is that? I like the darker gray/pink mix

      • Dashiki

        Never mind. I totally read your comment wrong the first time. My bad, please ignore what I said the first time. lol

      • Bag O’ Gay

        o i made it myself with a drake background and an app i found on google cuz i thought it’d look cool i think it was called my chrome theme or something like that

    • artsyfartsybitchface

      It’s that time of the week (month) again.

  • Faith

    this isn’t done right??? RIGHT?

    • Scrubjr

      3 moar pagez

  • monochrome-mystery

    It’s here. It’s back. I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting forever. (✿◠‿◠)

    • Dorky

      Yes but only 3 pages left ;~;

  • Ace


    i’m super late to this update but om G

  • hyruledragee

    Omg so chessy so adorable AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

  • sushsirensaresleeping

    Guys there’s only three pages left. • – • What am I supposed to do with my life after this?

    • Auntie-Aku

      Try reading Tripping over You, Elan Meets Rafa, Cans of Beans, Technicolor London and Stereophonic! They are all awesome.

      • Kyqueeniw

        Stereophonic is great! It doesn’t get nearly enough credit

        • GayerThanThou

          I add Avialae to that list

        • Auntie-Aku

          So true! It should have soooo much more readers!

  • william

    I really have loved this comic

  • William E

    Well, god damnit.

    The text for those who can’t see it:
    “If you were planning on buying ARH volume 1 from our store in the next while, please order before Monday June 27th pst! (this monday) Reason being that, after AX Canada Post may be going on strike, the store could be closed for an indefinite amount of time.”

    And I was planning on actually getting a copy as well, but then I used my money on the kickstarter. ;~;

    • Kara

      ;w; I want to get both volume 1 and 2 but I’m out of the country (in Europe) for the next week! Is there anyway for me to get the first volume on order during the first week of July??

      • bellhasabat

        Hey there! If you add 25CAD to your pledge and send us a message on kickstarter to let us know, we will send you a copy of V1 on top of your order!

  • bickzyy

    /sarcasm/ oh noooo !

  • throwingpineapples

    Give me some draw your otp/squad stuff I’m in a mood to be spontaneous

    • Irreality

      Have fun :)

      • throwingpineapples

        Oh I will

      • Nidhi Deshiikan


        • throwingpineapples

          Someone already did that, actually.

          • Annie Moose

            they are probably looking at this.

          • Gem

            Hey awesome work, get on chat.

        • Irreality

          my friends when I accidentally show them yaoi

      • Nidhi Deshiikan

      • Nidhi Deshiikan


      • Nidhi Deshiikan


      • Nidhi Deshiikan

        there’s these

      • Scrubjr


    • Annie Moose

      This one? (I need it in my life)

      • throwingpineapples

        It shall be done

    • CandyPopCorn

      This one was always my fav

      • throwingpineapples

        I’ve got so many to do but I will get to it lol
        It’s one of my favs too

  • Espurr Mum

    *evil laugh* Finally I have my chance to strike and take control

    Rise of The Sweaters

  • Quinn

    This comic has three pages left….THREE. are there any comics that can fill the void until volume 2???

    • AJ

      Avialae, Check Please, Tripping Over You!

    • danny

      Skeptical, Transfusions, Autophobia, A Matter Of Life And Death, Matianders

    • Olli-kun

      Really!!! 3 pages left but there will morw right in Vol.2

    • Scumlord Azazel

      Technicolor London and Dragon Husbands. Plus Demon of the Underground has BL themes to it.

      I have a lot more I can recommend that don’t focus on BL or are quite explicit, too, if you want.

    • JakeFromStateFarm


  • throwingpineapples

    I did a thing

    • Dashiki

      A true piece of art

    • fluffy stuff

      A masterpiece! (ಥ ͜ ಥ)

    • Dorky

      Even the milk is now a character

      • Elbi FandomFan

        I must see it before this ends
        I MUST

    • Andrea Camargo

      This is the best thing I’ve seen today xD

    • TamaHaru trash

      Hahaha this is amazing!

    • Stray cat

      Carter? Adrian? Pfff! My favourite character is the Milk xD

      • throwingpineapples

        Milk is bae

        • Stray cat

          Milk is my religion

          • throwingpineapples

            You mean Carter’s religion

          • I am the milk

            I have been summoned

    • Gareki-kun
  • keefa

    I’m literally weeping that kiss is the sweetest thing adrian baby i love you
    carter looks so shocked but in a good way
    i can guarantee he wasn’t expecting such easy affection from adrian now that they’re together but now adrian is going to be all sweet around carter (probably just when theyre alone tho) AND I LOVE IT
    I LOVE IT!!!!

  • throwingpineapples

    Not smut, but I’m going to try to finish that and upload it next. Meanwhile enjoy dark weird AU, and to those that read this, sorry it isn’t new.

    • Elbi FandomFan


  • trashykawa

    I made this a while ago but I never had an account to put it up

  • why me


  • randomautumnleaf

    *spams F5 in vain hope that a new page will appear the next second*

  • Glitter Goku

    i love it so much tho

  • I think I’m nice

    I love them too much ://:

  • aaliayh

    I hate them so much but mY BOYS

  • Olli-kun

    Its just Like Waiting for Vol.2 and then it will take Another 5 years to be completed lol hahaha but i want to know what will HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE!!!!!!

    • AJ

      Hate to break it to you but there’s just like…5 pages left and then it’s over :/

      • Whitea

        Three. Three pages left(

        • cassbvtt

          kms are you serious only 3 pages left..

          • Whitea

            Yeah, the Volume 2 is the last volume and you can read on Kickstarter that it will contain pages from 89 to 222

          • Whitea

            Yeah, you can check on Kickstarter – the Volume 2 will contain pages from 85 to 222
            So 222 is the last page

  • Azmi

    Aw, that’s what I would do!

  • gay

    das gay

  • thehavster

    Can I post this here again? It seems relevant.

  • WeebTrashu

    well shit, I’m late.

  • Jamesy

    lol fags

    • danny

      yes they are

  • AGIS


  • Scarlet Rayne

    well dang. I wanted to try (and very likely fail) at making fanart for this but I don’t have any paper DX like literally none. not even lined paper wtf

    • MAD HAT

      Go buy it XD

      • Scarlet Rayne

        I’m gonna have to lol, but it has to wait til I’m home in a few weeks I dont have any extra cash atm

  • Yeliana Trujillo

    i accidental read it all in one day?

    • MAD HAT

      You’re not the only one XD

  • fruitjuice

    TOO CUTE OH MY GOD………….relatable, carter. relatable

  • Cecilia Morin

    I have a question for those who own volume 1 paperback!!
    has it been redrawn or does the artstyle look similar to what we see here in this website?

    • Ashton

      The cover is new but the actual comic pages are exactly the same.