Don’t push yourselves you guys! Take all the time you need, health and other real life stuff comes first. I hope you get well soon Hazel! <3


    I love you Hazel senpai ♡

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    We love you no pressure senpai I love you we love you SENPAI ALL HAIL BOW DOWN ASHDGFH

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    H E AL T H Y R E L A T I O N S H I P C O N V E R S A T I O N S

    • Nick

      also no worries hazel you’re good brah

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  • Adrien’s mole

    I just wanna give Adrian a noogie, his hair looks so fluffy

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      Oh my God I love your nickname.

  • throwingpineapples

    I just wrote this randomly after being inspired by a truly magical fandom I’m part of, and I thought I should share it. If you get the reference, then you are amazing.

    Early-Morning Vacuuming

    Adrian awoke to a sound that strongly resembled a vacuum, but couldn’t be. It wasn’t even three in the morning, who the hell would be vacuuming? So he turned over in his college-dorm bed, deciding to ignore the noise even though it was so utterly peculiar, too sleep-deprived from studying for exams to care and blaming it on his neighbors.

    But when he turned over, he noticed through the dark of the room that Carter’s bed was empty.

    He hadn’t snuck into Adrian’s bed in the middle of the night like he always did, either.

    So, despite the sleep clawing at his eyes, he sat up and looked towards their tiny college-dorm kitchen, where the noise was coming from.

    And there was Carter, standing with a hand-held vacuum in his underwear, jabbing the vacuum at vacant spots in the air.

    “What the hell are you doing?” Adrian asked, in no way amused.

    Carter jumped a bit, seeming surprised, and he stopped the noisy machine, “We have fruit flies,” he said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

    Adrian still wasn’t amused, “So you’re sucking them into our vacuum at two-in-the-morning?”

    Carter just nodded, and a minuscule dot flew by his cheek that Adrian could only see because of Carter’s paleness against the dark and he smacked himself in the face trying to grab it.

    Adrian just went back to sleep.

    • Jess_Bunny

      I don’t know the reference to this but this made mE LAUGH OUT LOUD. ahh this was a nice thing to read before bed

      • throwingpineapples

        Thank you~

    • http://kaatje-96.tumblr.com Kayday

      Yeah I dont understand the reference either..

      • throwingpineapples

        I don’t expect that a lot of people will.

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      aaHHH I LOVE THIS!! bts reference and all yeee
      this is definitely something carter would do, what a dork hehe

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    Carters’ last comment there makes a 1000% difference. I like thinking of it as a major turning point for the better :)

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    I got my friend to read this comic now he is obsessed as well muahahahahaha I have sucked away his life by introducing him to this comic

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    Ants, we are ants

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    These two are absolutely adorable

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    Hazel, take your time and I hope you get better ♡

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    Hazel-san we all adore you and care more about your personal well-being than the comic (even if it is the best thing I’ve ever laid eyes upon) and I’m pretty sure that I speak for all of us when I say that its perfectly okay if you need a few days to get yourself sorted. No worries Senpai <3

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    love it

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    Thank you Hazel for the great work you put into this (as well as Belle, because you two are two kind, incredible souls). We really do appreciate your works, and it’s always a pleasure to see a new page – no matter how late it is, because it’s always worth the wait. This story is always worth the wait. Please take your time and feel well soon.

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    Im dying ;-; I honestly dont want you guys to kill youselves doing this but Im so anxious for next page!

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    I love your webcomic, but as a fan it is always frustrating when an artist doesn’t keep to their schedule. It is okay to have a few bad weeks, but when lateness is a constant it gets a little frustrating. I understand you guys have lives and busy stressful schedules so asking for a change in production rate would be highly unreasonable. Instead, I suggest changing your update schedule. Don’t kill me everyone, but maybe one page every two weeks would be better. If you were ahead of schedule, you could post two pages that week but still keep the schedule. That way you wouldn’t stress and people could chill. The only problem would be people complaining about the infrequency of updates but it’s not like many of usare supporting you financially so you can ignore those people.
    Thank you of all your hard-work and dedication!!

  • Raven

    To all the people complaining about the deadline:
    Yes it’s sad that is not up yet, but unless you have written a Web comic don’t complain about the deadline. Life happens. They update as soon as they can and are trying so just chill. If you think waiting a bit is too beneath you then by all means, go write your own Web comic and see if you can keep a deadline.
    Don’t be upset with them for doing their best.

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    Love you Hazel! Don’t worry and hang in there! I have a life to live besides waiting as well, I am sure everyone does, so we can wait while getting things done! :)

  • ~Bri

    Also, this : :D

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    It is ok the wait and seeing the crazed fans, although I suppose I am probably one of the more crazed ones :), is fun too just make sure you get enough rest and don’t go overboard we love you hazel

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    how to flirt: give ur boyfriend a good ol headlock

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    Hazel, bell
    Have you guys ever though of doing what ‘tripping over you’ does?? You know take the “future or extra” sex scenes and put them in the store to buy, for a cheap, reasonable price?? And then have it sent to there email (the person who baught it.)

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    OH MY i can’t i am done

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    They’re so perfect for each other I can’t

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    My OTP…….

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    boi just- just watch that hand boi okay

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    Got it. But jeez, the focus was supposed to be on the story….