• Kumiko

    The Always Raining Here updates always make my day :D

  • http://takkane.tumblr.com/ Mark

    “I failed my test because I wanted to see you” I can feel the future angst and I don’t like it!

  • Shion

    I’m of the mindset you shouldn’t strive to live up to anyone elses expectations and just live to make yourself happy in life. When you’re gay there is a 99% chance that your parents are going to be disappointed at you at SOME point for some reason, it’s something you gotta deal with. Carter makes Adrian happy though, he just needs to realize that x.x

    • Hombie

      99% Depends heavily on where you live and who your parents are, mine never really gave 2 shits about my orientation tbh

      (Flunking a year and smoking and shit on the other hand, man… XD
      But that’s being disappointed because I actually fucked up, that’s something else entirely)

  • throwingpineapples

    I have a feeling that while Adrian bombed that test, Carter either did worse, or completely aced it bc he secretly speaks French or something.

  • Wendy Li

    I feel like one half of the fandom is j3pd30kdKDJFKA;DkfgLKM-ing because of how cinniamon roll Adrian is, while the other half is kfdja;ljdf9o3[0w3i902w-ing because of the angst in the not-so-distant future.

    I’m not sure in which camp I fall.

    • perhappiness

      both. both is good.

  • https://paulinterviews.wordpress.com/ Paolo Sturchio

    Ooooh the love ❤

  • Albani Urdaneta

    omg omg OMG!!!

  • Kat

    I could honestly care less whether Carter and Adrian makeout or screw. :] I just want to see their story and development.

    • throwingpineapples

      I feel the same, but it would be a nice bonus, you have to admit.

      • artsyfartsybitchface

        Or should you say BONEus

  • https://www.facebook.com/ChiaraLovecraftDraws/ Henry

    Love the expressions! <3

    • Red Shirt #27

      Carter’s face in panel two is preiceless

  • https://www.lsrhs.net/ Glitter Goku
  • Aki

    Its okay Adrian, I suck at French so hard and I still managed to pass the final exam with a 76. You’d probably scored higher than me so don’t worry about that :3

  • Eruz Rom

    (=ヮ=)೨ Ve˜

  • I swear im not homo

    I’ve fallen so in love with these characters, their personality, looks, witty replies to their cute flustered replies.
    Please keep making more.

  • http://iam-avengerauhl.tumblr.com Sam Baez

    Oh Adrian (◕﹏◕ )

    • AxisFlowerCouple

      The Supernatural fandom has finally conquered Tumblr. Next; The whole internet!

  • ale-chan

    His faces on the second panel omgg love them

  • ale-chan

    Art its even better now I LOVE EVERYTHING OF THE PAGE
    pd: i want adrian nursing me too:C

  • damschist

    “I have a really high pain tolerance.”
    “Or a thick skull.”
    Adrian is salty today apparently. Couldn’t guess why…

    • artsyfartsybitchface

      This is his natural state

  • CPAlice

    I love this omg, these precious children. Although I am actually concerned for Adrian’s grades now XD

  • Homo Joe

    Adrian: ” I failed the test because I wanted to see you.”
    Me: щ(ಠ益ಠщ) щ(ಠ益ಠщ) щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

    • a

      i love u homo joe

      • Homo Joe

        Thanks man.

  • bee

    i recently started reading this and i love it!!!!! i love it so much!!!! i regret not reading it sooner , thank u for this im so happy

    • Scrubjr

      You should regret not reading it later. Because now you have to wait weekly for each update instead of more of it being there

  • That 1 piece of trash

    what a smol face



  • Hayden Pontes

    to get u thru the day

  • Jakie Ford

    -Bailee if you read this I hope you enjoyed my revenge by telling you to tell me “when the things happen” this is what u get, what goes around comes around

  • niko neko

    I’ve missed Carter’s dumb faces. (∩´﹏`∩)

  • Animooser

    Same Adrien, same.

  • vik chan

    “”Adrian nursing me is nice~””
    carter are y’all getting kinky


    Dat Carter’s legs

  • Regina Macias

    me right now :v im like…hmm adrian dressing as a sexy nurse…

  • Phoenix McLean

    No Adrian
    not now ;;;;

  • AxisFlowerCouple

    “I failed the test because I wanted to see you.”
    Hmmm….. If I was Carter, at this point, I would be like-

    • Phoenix McLean

      we are all calling bullshit ;;;;

    • Elbi FandomFan

      Mee too xD

  • Blue_Link13

    Well, it looks like sadly, happy times are over. Let the angst begin again! (I’m not looking forwards to it)

  • Margo

    “I failed the test because I wanted to see you.”

    Me: Eeee…

  • Donutev

    True love

    • throwingpineapples

      In its finest form.

    • artsyfartsybitchface

      Meep and yeap

  • Donutev

    I dare you people to re-read pages 198-210 to experience the feels over again

    • artsyfartsybitchface

      No I can’t go through the sad handjobs!

      • throwingpineapples

        That starts at around 140. I reread from 133. It broke me with the satisfaction of seeing them finally have a happy kiss. Seriously. Try it.

        • artsyfartsybitchface

          Alright time for da feels

  • i hate eggs honestly

    o shit son

  • Jakob

    Me too

  • Tadaomi Shirotani

    is it just me or does the art style slightly change with every other page?

    • Scrubjr

      If it does I don’t notice it.

    • AxisFlowerCouple


      • Tadaomi Shirotani

        Hey, i got hobbies besides freaking out about germs and getting nailed by my psychiatrist!

        • AxisFlowerCouple

          I didn’t expect this is wat they would be ;)

  • Monica Garcia

    carter is so adoable like he turned into an instant cinnamon bun with adrien

    • Scrubjr

      At the start of the comic he was all edgy but now he’s obviously softened out. He just needed a woman’s man’s touch.

  • GayerThanThou

    Is it me, or has their jawlines switched?

    • Scrubjr

      watchu talkin’ bout?

    • Elbi FandomFan

      Oh true

    • artsyfartsybitchface

      Oh my

  • Kyle Hamilton

    Ah, ARH fandom, you continue to make my daily trips to the comments here worthwhile. Please never change. (Also, thanks to Bell for moderating to make sure it doesn’t get too rancorous in here! [as well as for writing this comic.] And thanks to Hazel for drawing it, too!)

  • Sarah

    Yeah your art style change but its better and better :333 I found this page yesterday and now Im like…. I need mooooooore xD jfhdjfihwihishcishch. Awww very nice work :3333 I like your work keep going amd drawing ( sorry for my bad english )

  • Ezra

    pleaseeeee… don’t take to long tu update … I’m very very thankful for your work and I know it must be very difficult but you got me bitting my nails!! …. mostly more after the final kissing-loving-partner scene! ..

  • ☆Rasputin☆

    Carters face is adorable and very stupid, that’s why I love it

  • SkySolo

    Omg my face because I am internally caving from these gays

    • artsyfartsybitchface

      Oh my… Where did you find that picture?

      • SkySolo

        I have my sources. (leafyishere :DDD)

        • artsyfartsybitchface

          What did you search?

          • SO HOMO CARTER

            “Jabba x Boba Fett cosplay”

          • artsyfartsybitchface

            Oh my

          • SkySolo

            It’s from a YouTube video. This one: https://youtu.be/g5RnyxdSQYI excuse his humor, it takes a little getting used to.

  • amy

    let it gooooooooo adrian!

  • TrashcanDan

    i made something

    • artsyfartsybitchface

      Me showing my friend the webcomic

  • Avethy

    i love the colors used!

  • Jraam

    What if they both fail French and then end up being the only ones in the make-up course?

  • http://nerdyoatmeal.tumblr.com Flabbergasted

    So many cowlicks in this page… Me likey. (⦿u⦿✿)

  • GayerThanThou

    What’s really going through Carter’s head:


    • http://straynekoboy.tumblr.com Riley Lebowicz

      What the weirdness…? I guess I should expect this of the internet though.

      • Secret Fandoms

        fun fact: i discovered this video when I was eight

        • http://straynekoboy.tumblr.com Riley Lebowicz

          Wow, lol.
          My friend showed me Happy Tree Friends when I was 8. I had nightmares for weeks after that.