• http://Evisceratedarchangel.tumblr.com/ Caprine

    I hope they fuck in the stream

  • jadetheprincess123

    They gonna fuck.. YES

  • Palmtop Tiger

    im so happy i cried….i also almost i broke my finger ….

  • nyctophilia

    then carter gets handsy

  • Jessi

    I can see the little kids walking in on them kissing…

    • LevioliRavioli


  • randomdude

    gee, Carter, stop smiling like this, it makes everything hilarious

  • http://dogramagras.tumblr.com lynn

    my heart is full

  • Sir Kevinsidis

    So exotic!

  • http://bobdoestheart.blogspot.com/ Bob

    FUCK YES I LOVE TJ AND AMAL How was the epilogue???

  • http://bobdoestheart.blogspot.com/ Bob

    AHHHHH REALLY??? Let me know when you have it so I can delete this reply <333

  • http://bobdoestheart.blogspot.com/ Bob

    Hooooooly crap I can’t believe i’ll get to read the epilogue!!!!! Thank you???? So much??? Also feel free to take your time <3

  • http://bobdoestheart.blogspot.com/ Bob

    Gay screaming is my life. And lol yes you should probably delete this

  • byesexual

    ok i will delete this lol

  • YourMotherShopsAtSaks

    how accurate

  • LucaKitten

    in that case it’ll probably never get hell. welcome to hell, where it’s always raining here. *jokejokejoke*

  • Gilbert Beilschmidt


  • LucaKitten

    *finger guns as i throw myself into pun hell where i belong*