• Jaque Martins

    dear god

  • Zonne

    That boi is so stooooned.

  • Van

    Stahp, my heart. >X(

  • ❤Manami-Chan


  • Charlizar

    I JUST found this webcomic and skimming through and currently looking at page 202 and the song “down by the water”-the drums is playing lol

  • ScarlettWinchester

    I think I am dying

  • Running…

    Wait wat? They just fell of from a cliff!

  • yay


  • Piper Lee

    this is really cute!

  • wrong information despenser

    how do you iris what thats amazing

  • Char Char

    Thank you! This means a lot to me, and my friend.

    She’ll be happy you like it :)

  • Char Char

    Thanks, it took me 10 minutes to figure out what style the eyes should be! But my friend basically did everything else :p