• Tristripe

    I have come to the conclusion…the two got the not beaten out of them. Initially I thought they were in an accident…but looking at the scrapes and bruises it looks like someone violently attacked them :(

  • http://thedeepseagirl.illustrateur.org/ The Deep Sea Girl

    omg the plot is amazing ! /o/

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

    *ominious whale noises*

  • Maxie-

    My phone isn’t working with this. It keeps skipping around and I can’t get past page three—))

  • August :3

    rereading… this is gonna be fun

  • ieatyaoiforbreakfast

    It’s so awesome looking back at these pages in comparison to the most recent ones. You guys have improved so much over the years

  • gaytoosweet

    Dear Carter, I came from the future, 2016, and I’m here to tell you that, you have a bright future with Adrian. *wipes tear* Might as well wish you good luck.

  • Phantom Cat

    The art was so good even in the beginning <3

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal

    …I’m new and I have no idea what’s going on! ^_^

    • MAD HAT

      same HAHAHA

  • +Cadburied_Nutella+

    Excited to start again… What memories! >( ; u ; )<

  • Yako Misumine

    Hello there, friends who are starting this just know, totally clueless.

  • Nil

    I mean I love the art style so far -such lovely colours, but I have no idea whats going on

  • Akane Vanié

    Comentario random en español

  • Momo

    Its so noce to see Hazel’s art evolution as u read and re-read…god the feels

  • alex

    i remember this art style and the progression throughout

  • stormy-100

    2019 is here and I’m happy to say, this book never gets old.

  • Fred Weasley

    See that, that’s a flannel.