• Arisu

    I planned to wait for 2-12 weeks to avoid tearing tissue papers.

  • Mollie Pew

    I feel so dumb I just saw the milk cartons in the back round….. ( face palm )

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  • Kalynn McIntyre

    I shouldn’t have read this all in one sitting…..I want more!!!!!

  • ♠ miyo

    I visit this site, like, 5 times per a day…

    • Gem

      Don’t we all? @_@

  • Nepeta Lejion

    Adrian on the last panel is me looking at this comic over 9000 times a day to see if it has updated or not.

  • http://Ryan.Morash.me Ryan Morash

    Why is the milk not in bags

    • http://meganopster.tumblr.com/ HON HON HON MES BAGUETTES

      More importantly, won’t the milks soil if they aren’t in the fridge?

      • That 1 piece of trash

        they said that theyre actually milk bottles waiting to be recycled

        • http://meganopster.tumblr.com/ HON HON HON MES BAGUETTES

          Oh makes more sense why they’re out >_>

  • James

    Me if I see 1 more update without Carter

  • JoshuaHongKong

    Why isn’t anyone talking about Carter’s sister, she is like the cutest thing on earth :0

    • August

      Priorities, that’s why. Adrian is cuteness level is over 9000

      Carter better be ready

  • Rocio Carrillo

    I Just Wanna See The Next Page!!! TTWTT (And Carter ewe)
    God… The Milk xDD

  • Kimberly Jho-ann

    I need the next page!! Need!!

  • Pinkfeiry

    i can’t get over at how chill she’s been about a Adrian randomly showing up on the kitchen, she’s just all “yep, this was gonna happen eventually, go get him”

    • James

      She was probably timing it and when he walked in she though “what took you so long?”

    • Lizzie

      maria probs called ahead. this is a planned event. they are the GFSA (Gay Friend Shipping Alliance)

  • Saero Ess

    sorry, but why is everybody talking about the milk?
    yeah there’s a lot of milk, but why is it so important?

    • Tami

      Carter was seen taking a whole carton of it to his bed when he was depressed. Can’t remember the page number…but that’s why we joke about the milk :)

    • Flick

      Inquisitor, I report with visual evidence supporting Tami’s statement. Refer to page no.155 for source. Over and out.

  • Flick
  • Flick

    I tell myself, “What I should do is just leave it for a month than come back for 3 pages instead of 1 each visit. That would be a good idea.”

    I think that, then a tiny voice in my brain starts to laugh at me.

    • Asta Nielsen

      I thought I were the only one TT_TT

  • Tami

    Mhmm mmm.. That orange soda or whatevs looks deliciouuuussss!

  • Arin

    Does Carter just, like, drink milk when he’s stressed or something??

    • http://nerdypencil.tumblr.com/ NerdyPencil

      who doesn’t? you can actually get drunk off of milk, carter is hardcore. I mean, did you SEE the amount in that gallon?

  • http://nerdypencil.tumblr.com/ NerdyPencil

    okay so either carter is actually in the backyard, or he’s in the ravine and we have to wait for another update just to see his face…. I’m dying

    • http://dukeofdebauchery.deviantart.com Sky

      Pretty much

    • Nepeta Lejion

      We all know how you feel.

    • Gem

      Nooooooo!!!! You genius!!!

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    I want to read the next page TnT NOW!!!!

  • Dinosaurs=Rawr

    Dear Carter,

    • Nepeta Lejion

      But Carter needs milk!

  • CatCat

    Ive been spoiled by only finding this comic today! Its wicked! Cant wait for updates!

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    join me

    • Lizzie

      I’M IN

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  • Captain_Beagle

    Ah… finding this only today… reading it in one go… what have I done to myself… this is really good…

    • SilverSamurai026

      We’ve all been there. T^T

      • Nepeta Lejion

        Yes we have. T^T

    • Asta Nielsen

      Welcome to hell

    • Envy

      The harrowing realization that you’ve caught up is quite surreal, isn’t it?

    • Earthissa ES

      Same! It’s horror knowing you just read the whole thing in less then a day and you have to wait for so long until the next uppdate like “I’M NOT READY FOR THIS!”. And then going online every fifth second like “I’m on an island.. I see a boat… The boat comes to me… I go on the boat.,. I travel on the boat…. The engine stopped…. I look around…. AND I CAN’T SE THE DAMNED SHORE! GOD DAMNED IT!”….. Life is like an ice cream, it melts, falls to the ground and crushes you ice cream dream. Have a nice day.

  • Nepeta Lejion

    Day 7 of waiting for an update.

  • carlymarshell

    I feel like Carter is just gonna be swimming in a pool of tears and milk. mostly milk.

  • Serenitee Hiroshima

    Can’t have a proper camping trip without em

    • http://nerdypencil.tumblr.com/ NerdyPencil

      … is this picture of a smore supposed to represent carter and Adrian, because if it is, you sly dog~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • hadz

    the camping

  • Anashi

    I keep checking in every hour like:

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  • Catsumbrella

    At a dance and I keep checking to see if its updated
    And I love Carter’s sister so much
    Also Adrian is a cutie

  • Anakin Violet

    I’m dying right now. I’ve read the comic 3 times and waiting for an update. I don’t care how long I have to stay up.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dary-Cheshire/760014310722141 Dara Mejia Saldivar

      Give me five! I’m just like you ;v;

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dary-Cheshire/760014310722141 Dara Mejia Saldivar

    We must begin before the sun hides!

  • Erin Conklin


    • Risa Megumi

      We could play sleep over games and fight over who ships them more

      • http://nerdypencil.tumblr.com/ NerdyPencil

        pretty sure the creators of this comic ship them more then all of us combined… they win by default

        • Risa Megumi

          . . . . damn

  • VIi

    What are their last names?

    • Anakin Violet

      At the top of the page there’s a button that says Extras. Click that and it’ll tell you more about them, including last names.

    • UnorthodoxParadox

      Carter Brooks

      Adrian Hlavacek

  • http://www.sody-pop.deviantart.com sodypop

    i feel like maybe yall should put the comic on hiatus for a little while just to take a small break and get ahead on making pages ;w; (i know its not up to me but i think yall could use a break)

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  • Gem

    I just reread the whole comic and still no update!!! D’:

    • Caleb TC


  • bellhasabat

    Hey everyone!
    We’re still working hard at the page. It’s going to be at least a few hours, if not more.
    If you’re tired, please go to sleep. If you’re bored, why not go for a walk or read a book? The page will be up eventually, but there is no quicker way to get it than to do something fun in the meantime!
    Peace guys!

    • Carter’s booty

      Aw we’re sorry if you guys felt pressured to update the story!! Everyone is just real excited and love the comic a lot.
      Please take as much time as you guys need!!!
      Thanks again for all your hardwork!!!!

      • bellhasabat

        Thanks Carter’s booty! I totally get it, everyone is coming together after a long week and they’re super excited to see what’s coming next! Its really amazing to have a group of readers who are so dedicated and enthusiastic that they hang on to every page like this.
        That being said, sometimes it does feel like you’re dangling over a fishtank of sharks and trying to complete the page before you’re lowered in range of the teeth.
        Anyway, enough of that. We’re quite excited to bring you guys the next page. ;D Hopefully everyone will like it!

  • That 1 piece of trash

    *shrivels up*

  • Kaori Ciel

    holy shhhhhhii
    calm down

    • Schadenfreude

      Um… explanation of the joke plz?

      • Evan

        Why is there so many jugs of milk

  • https://allienveno.tumblr.com/ allienveno

    i like how he just bREAKS IN and Rebecca is just cool with it

  • Shiiin

    too many milkssssss

  • Eridan lonely-prince Ampora

    exactly (this is not mine!! I saved it off a more recent page)

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      Pure masterpiece…

    • mister misty eyed

      oh it’s beautiful

  • Nana

    She cute hey lil sis


    She’s like oh hey stranger

  • Hola

    his sis is cute af

  • Vatsy Urv (Vatsy)

    She’s acting so normal, does this happen often?!