• dino

    Breaking the law but being Canadian about it

    • I Would An Adrian

      Said sorry and took off his shoes like the good beaver he is. <3 proud of the little guy.

      • dino

        I can imagine he’d be like ‘sorry I robbed your bank’

  • Justin White

    hmm, why is the phone like that?
    But more importantly, were is his prince charming.

    • wanderingpanpilot

      i think its like his parents took it away

      • Justin White

        hm good point

  • Noisy Fridge

    Am I the only one who finds it strange that people in fiction always try to open random house doors? Yes…? No…? Okay, who cares, Adrian go get your beast (you know, because his phone is inside the glass), he is probably dead on his bed <3 <3

  • Gem

    We are at like 7 pages without Carter… @_@

    • geekygost14

      the struggle is real….

  • Manda

    Anyone curious about the girl they kept mentioning? I hope she doesn’t get in the way..

    • James

      I’m not very concerned about her, she hasn’t made an actual appearance so I am not very worried. On a different note I love how they had Carter realize he was gay one day. Sometimes it seems like a lot of people believe that before someone comes out they are just hiding in a closet, when in reality there are a lot of people who don’t realize they are gay because it just honestly never crossed their minds until that moment.

  • Nidhi Deshiikan

    what if carter’s reading fanfic in his room I NEED FANBOY CARTER ASAP hgghhh

  • shiroba

    waiting for next week’s page like

  • b0ss

    Laying Adrian in the last panel reminds me of him.
    Plus, now I’m imagining Adrian sayin’ something like “Hey b0ss, gibe the booty pls”

    • ᴅεεᴢηᴜᴛᴢᴢ.

      ey b0ss, can I habe pizza pls

    • That 1 piece of trash

      habe u seen alien pls

  • viffie

    New update got me like

    • Homo Joe

      That just triggered my OCD. This picture has one on the floor to the right and two pinks on the top left while all the rest are black.

  • wanderingpanpilot


  • Cartern O’ Milk

    What if Adrian just heads outside and sees Rebecca just chilling on her goddess chair, smiles at him knowingly like, “He’s upstairs. Careful not to step on the milk bottles.”
    What if her and Maria have a tally of how many times our gay babies are just oblivious to how deep they have fallen for each other omg…

  • artsyfartsybitchface

    The fandom be like:

    • delhaia

      Privacy? What privacy?

    • moe88

      i feel old

    • Gem

      They play this song at my work but bleep out “goddamn” @_@

  • EMMA

    got HAZEL and BELL as guest speakers in our class this afternoon and finished reading all the pages afterwards make me feel like…… i should have read this comic earlier !!!!!!!!!! Hazel and Bell, you two are amazing XDDD. Thanks for the speech! look forward to the next update =v=

    • Gem

      You so lucky D’: now i wish i hadn’t finished school…

  • serialsushi

    Me checking for an update (even though I know it’s not time yet)

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  • I am the milk

    You know what would be the best act for Random Act of Kindness day?
    A new page XD

    (Im just saying, not rushing, don’t hang me for it)

  • Electra Malfoy

    OHMYGOD. I want you to update now. I’m screaming and rolling on the floor.Okay.

  • SylvanoTR

    Quite a few people are worried about where Carter is… To me, it’s obvious: either he’s out, or he’s jacking it. Gotta get all that stress out somewhere (possibly everywhere)

    • Quincy Campbell

      Things would be much more interesting if Adrian joined him

    • Epiales

      Pretty sure he’s out on the pirate ship.

  • krissymonett

    This is one of the best fandoms ever. I’m truly honored to be apart of it. You guys rock.

    • artsyfartsybitchface

      You mean the camping squad?

  • http://moogle-fusilier.tumblr.com Your Other Boyfriend, Dizzy

    Alright everyone, let’s gather around the campfire. Who has the marshmallows?

  • Larkle

    Casual breaking and entering. For love. <3

  • hadz

    week 50 of gay camping

    • AGIS


  • delhaia

    I bet this is what Adrian will see

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  • James
  • http://Numinous-sophrosyne.tumblr.com Pjaezabelle

    Which shade of gay are we on?

    • http://www.writingforums.org/members/oscar-leigh.73758/. Oscar Leigh

      Ultra negasonic pink.

  • AGIS

    Adrians face in pannel 5 on discovering the weird punishments of Carters mom. haha

  • That One Guy

    “”””what if Carter got back with this old girlfriend””””””””

    • http://www.writingforums.org/members/oscar-leigh.73758/. Oscar Leigh

      He’s gay.

  • Nerdy Fox

    Go for it

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  • http://glorioustentacles.tumblr.com/ ТЯЦТНΘЯḊΔЯЄ

    Mrs. Brooks must be a real G if she can basically leave Carter’s phone in plain sight and he won’t touch it… haha

  • Iwa-chan!

    Fam just breaks in

  • Candice

    Omg, Carter’s sister has the same coif/cow’s lick in her hair as Adrien does!

    • Candice

      Ay I posted this on the wrong page

  • Yuki Kouno

    LMAO THAT “do not touch” sign xD

  • Bb

    Hey! Awesome comic, I’ve been enjoying for a while! Small continuity thing: Adrian has his shoes on in the next pages. Just something you might want to be aware of if you are planning to print this volume :):)

  • http://2pointsfororiginality.tumblr.com/ Sieglinde

    “Sorry I’m in your house”

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  • Elly


    jk go fix your mistakes lil honey bun c: <3

  • Spoopy pidge



    Same XD

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  • ❤Manami-Chan

    Do not touch