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    I couldn’t help myself, I really couldn’t…

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      This. Is amazing TTvTT

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      This is beautiful

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      Thank you I needed this

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    gyaaaa! I’m running all over the place screaming that I love Carter SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I love this comic <3 is so frigging CUTE!! *w*

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    Slowly losing my mind with all these cliffhangers recently…

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      I love your name.

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        *nods in agreement*

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    Yes, come forth Carter, we’ve been waiting.

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      Does he got the booty? He dooooooo!

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      the booty senses are tingling.

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    I must say you two are the only ones that post page by page and always makes me want more. You have a magical way to tell this story and I just love it <3

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    It’s only Tuesday… TT_TT

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    psst hey you,
    the kitchen scene sketches came out on Patreon yesterday *snicker

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    Even Adrian’s speech bubbles are distressed on that last panel LoL

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    omg there’s a black-ish green-ish pickup truck in the second panel CARTER IS THAT YOU?

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    my reaction to cliffhangers….

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    Beautiful colours and I love how the atmosphere feels in these pages.
    I have a little critique, I dislike how the flow of the last three pages has been? Establishing Adrian’s sheer panic, and then slowing it down, to use Maria’s mini exposition for three pages makes it difficult to keep the sense of urgency and suspense the reader had before.
    I really, really love how you’ve kept focus on Adrian during these past few pages. It’s frustrating not knowing how Carter feels, and so, we understand Adrian a whole lot more.
    Keep it up guys!

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      To add to that, each panel is expressive! They really portray the character’s personalities well. It’s a fun read and as always, I look forward for upcoming pages!

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    The whole ARH fandom rn:

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    This…this comic is gold. Just found and read in two days (occasionally I have to work). The art, the characters, the development!!! *melts*

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    Found this is comic an hour ago

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      Welcome to hell

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      It has to be his truck is there

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    I stopped reading for a while, so I could just binge read new pages, but now I’m just like:

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    What i think should happen.
    Adrain knocks on door.
    Carter opens door.
    ” Adrian? Wha-”
    Adrian totally cuts carter off and smashes lips into carters.
    Fandom- Goes Crazy.

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    out of the topic here…. BUT ANY FILIPINO READERS HERE???

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      I thought I was the only one here (;w;)

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      I’m a filipino and I’m reading this. The story is compelling. I like it.

      - I’m a guy

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      OHAI :D

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    run and eat that booty like

  • Banani❤️

    run and eat that booty like

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    Hazel, Bell, thank you for keeping updates on this comic consistent. It’s really nice to have a quality webcomic like this frequently and routinely update. I don’t have to worry about you guys vanishing mysteriously for months at a time, I know roughly when to expect a new post (even though I totally check daily), and I’m confident you guys can and will wrap things up in the proper time and in an awesome way. Thanks for being great!

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    I bet it’s the secret pirate ship thingy

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    Adrian’s reactions are always the best.

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    My reaction to this comic- I love this comic so much omg

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    *sees a fortress made out of empty milk cartons*

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    It’s time!

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    Adrian’s face and expressions remind me of a cat and I don’t know why

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      I know why, bro.

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        oh my god

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    until the update i’m going to wallow in fanart

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    me camping for a new update

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    I been playing Miku hatsune to pass the time until the next page to the point now i don’t even need ARH to play, i think i have a problem and the only cure more ARH…

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      Lets gather round the campfire and sing the campfire song

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        A c-a-m-p-f-i-r-e s-o-n-g song

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          And if you don’t think that we can sing it faster, then you’re wrong

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    All these comments about camping are making me feel like I’m waiting outside of Game Stop with a group of friends to get a new Call of Duty game.

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    I can’t wait but……SHIET! i want more!! is coming…is coming….soon… :’vv

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      Tsukishima is best boy.

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    Carter and Adrian are actually a reincarnated couple…

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      .-.I used to ship Marshal Lee and Fiona…but now…

      …dammit now i ship this -3-

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        We all went through that proccess honey

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        That was my first otp.

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        You ship “this” being Marshal x Gumball or Carter x Adrian? I myself ship both but it’s not really shipping something if it’s canon right? I mean we all know Carter’s gonna tap dat but it’s the anticipation of watching how it will happen is what we’re all waiting for. And to all the grammar nazis out there — “Seig Heil!”

        • Umm…idk

          I meant Marshal and Gumball
          I shipped Carter and Adrian from the first page
          Also, I think it is still shipping if it becomes canon because if you don’t ship it and it canons, you still don’t ship it

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            Excellent Point! If no one shipped a particular couple cannon or not, they would lack interest *Facepalm* I don’t know why I didn’t see this sooner, thank you Um!

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      Who’s this? :o

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        Prince Gumball and Marshal Lee in an alternate gender bent universe of Adventure Time, in other words the male equivalency of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline

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      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that.

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        Just out of curiosity, you’re not named after the Western hero are you? SHANE COME BACK!!

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    agh…. when…. (>_>)

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    I think its gunna be that special tree house~(*cough*pirate ship *cough*)

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        Calm down. Your not the only one. Time zones can be a bitch but we have to just deal with it.

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    After Carter and Adrian will be happy finally (sooooon!), there must follow a short love story for Maria! She´s so great and we have to be very thankful :3

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    Maria needs a damn love life, a very good one because she would probably be the best girl friend a guy would ever wish for. I’m serious. Look at this serious Castiel face.

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      lol jason

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      Castiel, good person, better angel
      Are you a Supernatural fan?? *www*

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        Y E S
        Have you seen Misha in a black trench coat because hot damn.
        And his always confused but fairly sexy selfie face