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    (Hahaha, as we wait for the next update… here’s the continuation of what I started XD)
    Part 2
    Adrian: (he repeated) He’s leaving….
    Maria: (glances at the cars behind her) Get in and tell me about it, Adrian.
    Adrian nodded and followed her advice as if on autopilot, slipping into the passenger seat quietly, and Maria drove off glancing at her rear mirror at Adrian’s sullen expression.
    Maria: Did he say when?
    Adrian: Day after tomorrow…
    Maria: (eyes grew wide) So soon? Do you know where he’s going or anything about that?
    Adrian shook his head and brought his knees up to his chest.
    Maria: (smiled sadly) So your finally growing a spark for him, huh?
    Adrian: (sighed) Not like it matters anymore…
    Maria frowned and pulled over at a curb, then turned to face her sullen friend.
    Maria: Carter’s leaving the day after tomorrow right?
    Adrian: yeah…
    Maria: So — get him before then! You have the time, why don’t you go have a real talk with him? Take him out or find out more about him.
    Adrian: (lifted his hands to his head as if he had a head ache) And what? It’s gonna change anything? He’s leaving!
    Maria: Nothing is set in stone Adrian, but YOU have to try. Carter’s been on the offensive this whole time, I think it’s high time you show him how much you care.
    Adrian: (bit his lower lip and his face heated up) I — I hardly know him…
    Maria: (smiled) That’s not a problem, you have a day to get to know him.
    Adrian: How absurd.
    Maria: (shook her head in disbelief) What’s absurd is how easily you can give up.
    Adrian: W-what!?! I’m not –
    Maria: You are a push over — you don’t stick it out with you parents, you don’t stick it out with your feelings, and you let circumstances do whatever they want to you.
    Adrian: That–
    Maria: Do you like Carter.
    Adrian: (stuttering) I–
    Maria: Do you L-I-K-E Carter?
    Adrian: (blush and said in a small voice) y-yeah…
    Maria: (lifting hand to her ear) Huh? I didn’t hear you.
    Adrian: (gets even redder) YES!
    Maria: (smiles) Then you have a day to fix this thing between you and Carter.
    Adrian: (sat straighter, a look of determination in his eyes) Alright… A day! I can do this –

    -At home

    Adrian: Ahg! I can’t do this… (blushes and rolls around on his bed) What am I going to do???
    Adrian peeks at his 3Ds across the room from him and sighs, and stuffed his face into his pillow.

    (haha… that’s all I can write at the moment – gotta get to class! Enjoy)

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    Part 3

    Adrian mother peaks into the
    room: So, how did you do on your test?
    Adrian: (muttered into his pillow)
    Mother: Huh?
    Adrian: (lifts head) Fine.
    Mother: Well, don’t forget you have finals tomorrow also.
    Adrian: (nods) yeah…
    Mother: Study hard.
    Adrian nods and hides his face into his pillow once again until he hears his mother leave the room. For a few minutes he just stayed where he was, building up warmth that had seemed to leave him. It had been quite a shock. After all, who leaves from these suburbs?

    Adrian sighed and peaked at the 3Ds. It was tempting to just forget everything, give up essentially, and go into hibernation. That was literally how he felt at the moment.
    Adrian rose from his bed and walked to his closet and took out a thick coat, getting a glimpse of his expression, which mirrored his confused desperation.
    Adrian: (clicked his teeth together) Pathetic…

    He turned away and snatched his book-bag before stepping out of his room. He had to do something. Anything.
    Mother: Adrian? Where are you going?
    Adrian: (walking passed the living room) To the library to study.
    Mother: Alright, but don’t be late.

    Adrian nodded and walked out his front door casually, but as soon as the door was shut, he started running in the direction of Carter’s house. He didn’t know what he’d do – but he had to do something!
    It only took a few minutes at the pace he had and the realization that they’d lived pretty close all along struck him. Why had he only known Carter now?

    Adrian: (smirked inwardly to himself) Ah… that’s right… Maria said something about him having a girlfriend before…
    Adrian startled to slow down as he neared and could see Carter’s house. Then stopped all together. Adrian stared at his feet trying to will them to move but they didn’t budge. Why? He gave a nervous laugh. Why is it so hard? His heart was hammering in his chest and suddenly he felt cold to the bone as he stared at Carter’s house. What if he rejects me again?
    Adrian: (frowned at himself) Why am I acting like a little girl with a first crush… Tisk.
    Mustering up all his courage he forced his legs to move, and tripped on air. Adrian cursed as he pulled back to balance himself and landed on his rear, breathing heavily at the sudden feeling of the earth receding from underneath you.
    Adrian: (rose wobbly to his feet) Okay… okay… I got this…
    His legs felt brittle and foreign as he forced them to walk up to the house front door and took even more will power to knock on the door. No one answered and a horribly moment passed where Adrian quickly glanced at the windows and drive way to make sure people
    still lived here. The door opened suddenly and had him taking in a deep breath
    as he panicked.
    Rebecca: Oh. Adrian right?
    Adrian: (inwardly relaxed at the sight of Carter’s younger sister) y-yeah… i-is Carter in?
    Rebecca: (scrunched up her face) He isn’t in the house at the moment.
    Adrian: Oh…
    Rebecca: (smiled) but he did come back from school, he was in his room for a while, but went out. He should be back soon. Do you want to wait for him?
    An idea brushed passed Adrian’s mind and he shook his head at Rebecca.
    Adrian: (smiled awkwardly) Ah, no it’s alright. I’ll just wait out here.
    Rebecca: Well, alright but if it starts to rain you can come in.
    Adrian nodded and sighed deeply when she closed the door. Then glancing around he walked over to the back, sneaking into their yard and out the back again into the forest.

    Adrian had just an inkling that Carter would be at the pirate ship, the SS. Poopdeck, and could only hope that it was right.
    It was already night and walking in a forest with potential puddles or ponds, was not something he was used to or dressed for. Adrian cursed as he realized he’d been going in circles for at least a half an hour and had to back track.
    Adrian: (sucking in a deep breath to calm himself, worrying that Carter might have left by this time) It’s okay. I got this.
    Trying again, he kept his eyes at the difficult trail going around, through, and over roots, rocks, and streams until he finally made it. Adrian smiled confidently to himself as he looked upon the broken ship.
    Adrian: (calmed himself) Carter…

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    Part 4

    Adrian: (whisper) Carter…
    There he was, leaning on the railing of the loft that had the nerve of being called a tree house. Carter stared up at the sky and Adrian wondered if he was going through constellations in his head – but then again – it was cloudy. Adrian needed to get his attention he realized walked forward calling his name.
    Adrian: Carter!
    Carter: (jumping in surprise) Huh?!?
    Adrian: (smiled) Carter – Oh Fudge!
    Just then he felt the ground slip from underneath him and for the second time that night he tripped, however, this time he slid roughly and fell into the small pond beneath him.
    Adrian: (cursing as he puttered) Ouch –
    Carter: Adrian?
    Adrian looked up at Carter who must have jumped from the loft because he stood right in front of him.
    Carter: A-are you hurt?
    Adrian: (chuckled with embarrassment) Can’t see where I’m going.
    Carter: (sighed but there was a shy smile on his face) Here, let me help you out.
    Adrian took his hand and let Carter pull him up to his feet. Carter didn’t let go as he help steer Adrian away from any of the wet stones hidden under leaves and moss, until they were at the base of the loft. He stepped away and stared as Adrian dropped his soaking book-bag and started to ring out the water from his shirt.
    Adrian: I’m glad I found you or else I’d have wondered the forest for an hour for no reason.
    Carter: (snorted then laughed) It took you an hour to get to my house to here?
    Adrian: (blushed) It’s dark out.
    Carter: You have your phone with you right?
    Adrian: (blinked at the thought) ah… haha, oops. Hadn’t crossed my mind.
    Carter: (smiled and shook his head) Well, since you finally made it, might as well go up.
    Adrian: Haha…
    They climbed up; Adrian still soaking wet but it wasn’t a particularly cold night so he hardly cared. They sat down with their legs dangling over the edge and lapped into awkward silence. Adrian tried a few times to string up a conversation but they died rather quickly and it just made the discomfort between the two heavier. Adrian pinched up his face and finally had to ask.
    Adrian: Carter –
    Carter: Why are you here, Adrian?
    Adrian: (taken aback, he stared for a brief while) I… I didn’t know what else to do.
    Carter: (glanced at him) why did you feel you had to do anything? You could have just let it be.
    Adrian: (bit his lower lip and sighed) Well… I just didn’t feel right with how things were turning out.
    Carter: (sighed and looked away) You want closure? Is that why you’re here?
    Adrian: (his brows furrowed) N-no! That’s not why!
    Carter: Then what?
    Adrian: (agitatedly rubbed his head) I – I just – I don’t want things to be cut between you and me! I know this might be stupid but what you said today isn’t right!
    Carter: ??
    Adrian: I enjoyed being in your company as well!
    Carter looked at him now, his dull blue eyes slowly gaining their lost light as he watched the emotions play on Adrian’s face.
    Adrian: (flushed) Y-you gave me the space and time I needed to really let myself be me. You allowed me that freedom and courtesy to be myself for once in my life! I – I know I already said this but I’m sorry what I did. I’m really screwed up!
    Carter: Your not screwed up.
    Adrian: (frowned and corrected him) I am and I screwed you over! I’m a mess and I can totally understand that you’re leaving b-but… I don’t know! Agh! I just… don’t want what we’ve built up till now to just… disappear… as if it never happened.
    Carter: (sighed and leaned his chin on the railing looking up at the sky) It sucks that it’s not a clear night.
    Adrian: H-huh?
    Carter: (smiled timidly) I wanted to see the stars.
    Adrian: (blushed. Thinking: After all that…) you know, I’m wrenching my heart out right now, trying to fix this. (He gestured to the both of them)
    Carter laughed and it held no restraint or awkwardness, it was genuine and light, and it formed butterflies at the pit of Adrian’s stomach. The merry boy finally turned to Adrian and brought himself closer.
    Carter: (exhaling) why are you like this?
    Adrian: (sighed sadly) It’s a miserable mystery.
    Carter: (smiled) So… you kinda like me?
    Adrian: !!!… y-yeah.
    Carter: (chuckled slightly darkly) Sincerely? You’re not screwing with me again?
    Adrian: (bit his lower lip in frustration) Yeah.
    Carter: (stared at him dead seriously) then prove it.
    Adrian blinked in surprise and stared back almost petrified. How could he prove it? However, staring at Carter’s calm features relaxed his tense muscles and he just basked a little under that warm gaze.
    Adrian: prove?
    Carter: yeah.
    And with that Carter leaned in and kissed him. Adrian froze but didn’t move away and after a moment he kissed back with an almost desperate relief. Carter brought his hands up and cupped Adrian’s face, repositioning himself to get the best angle, and kissed him hungrily. Adrian pulled him closer and Carter obliged instinctively wanting to be as close as possible. Then they broke away, their expressions dazed, and grinned sheepishly at each other, until Adrian blinked in confusion.
    Adrian: (pulled back) Wait. Now I’m confused.
    Carter: ??

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    (Last part guys. I feelin’ like Hazel and Bell are gonna post soon – so I’ll just quit while I’m ahead~)

    Part 5

    Carter: Confused?
    Adrian: Yeah. Carter, where are you going?
    Carter: (stared at him and cracked a smile) Ah… just the next town over. I have a few relatives there that asked for help. (he started chuckling at Adrian’s exasperated expression)
    Adrian: (face going red) You were just pulling my leg! I – I thought –
    Carter: (snickering) That I was moving away or something? Haha!
    Adrian: B-but you! You made it seem…?
    Carter: (sighs off a laugh) ha… well, I just couldn’t imagine going back to how it had been.
    Adrian: …
    Carter: Knowing that if you did want to fix things – it’d probably just leave a sour taste in my mouth.
    Adrian: (looked at him carefully) And? Do you still feel that way?
    Carter: (shrugged and grinned at him) Guess I can’t give up on you that easily.
    Adrian: (smiled) So, you’re leaving the day after tomorrow, huh…
    Carter: Yeah. I know it’s smack in the middle of finals but I got permission to take them after I come back.
    Adrian: What brought this all on? I mean with your relatives and all.
    Carter: (sighed) Well, actually – My mom noticed how I wasn’t going to school for the last few days and she arranged stuff for me. I guess you can call it a mini vacation from life. (he laughed)
    Adrian: Ah… so… how long you think your gonna be?
    Carter: (shrugged) not sure, but I’ll get back my phone and we can stay in contact… if you’d like.
    Adrian: The closest town from here is a few hours away…
    Carter: (glanced at him and grinned mischievously) I could just take you away with me.
    Adrian: (blushed deeply. Thinking: You mean run away together? How corny and cliché’… but could I even –?) I don’t know…
    Carter: (still was smiling broadly) Considering how quickly you finished your French final – I’m guessing you flunked out. What’s the rest gonna matter?
    Adrian: (looking incredibly flustered) T-that’s because you upped and left so quickly! What else was I suppose to do! Carter laughed leaning in and kissing his stuttering lips.
    Adrian: (still trying to talk) Car – ter –
    But Carter seemed to be punishing him and didn’t allow him to speak. He kissed him deeply, slipping his tongue in and playing with Adrian’s own, until the boy stopped trying to form syllables and instead moaned and exhaled with thirst. Adrian didn’t want to admit it but Carter was a freakn’ good kisser.
    When Carter finally pulled away, he observed Adrian’s dream-like expression and smiled admiringly to himself, thinking that it had to be the cutest thing he’d ever seen. They shared breaths as Carter was tempted to continue what he’d started but he stayed off, instead tapped his nose to Adrian’s as a means of compensation. Adrian focused his eyes on Carter now and gave a bashful smile.
    Carter: Tomorrow… want to just hang out – before I have to leave.
    Adrian: (his eyes kept looking from his eyes to his mouth) Yeah, then I might convince you to stay.
    Carter: (chuckled) Or perhaps I can convince you to come along. I can pick you up and your parents won’t even have to know a thing.
    Adrian: (sighed suddenly sad) …I don’t know…
    Carter: (glanced into his overcast eyes, thinking) When we get back I can talk with them.
    Adrian: (surprise and shock crossed his features) T-that!
    Carter: I know… your parents are overbearing and are trying to live vicariously through you. I’m guessing they couldn’t dig their claws into your brother and so you’re their last resort?
    Adrian: (narrowed his eyes at him) Did Maria –?
    Carter: A guess.
    Adrian: (sadly shrugged) I… don’t mind.
    Carter: (snorted a laugh) Yeah right.
    Adrian: Alright, fine. It sucks and I can’t do anything about it.
    Carter: (raised an eyebrow) Can’t you?
    Adrian: (face flushed) It’s not that easy.
    Carter: (smiled cheekily and nodded) Oh – but it is. Just don’t give a fuck.
    Adrian: (frowned) Carter, that’s not how I w-
    Carter: You’re a hard ass gamer, a dreamer, and pessimist. You work hard to achieve your goals but often get depressed over the amount it demands on you and it’s extremely hard for you to just lay back and relax. (he smiled)
    Adrian pinched his lips together with discomfort. Sometimes he couldn’t decide if Carter played the fool or if was actually a fool.
    Adrian: (thinking: I can’t let my guard down with this guy.) Well, not everyone can just wing it and be satisfied with a mediocre way of living.
    Carter: (chuckled) And I’m fine with how you are, but I just don’t think it’s healthy when you work hard to achieve something that doesn’t make you happy. If your parents couldn’t deal with it then they shouldn’t demand you to do it for them. Sometimes parents can be selfish like that.
    Adrian: (snorted) Like that correlates with you – your family seems totally functional.
    Carter: (sighed and rubbed his neck) Nah, we have our issues too – no ones perfect – we just don’t show it as much.
    Adrian: Well, sorry that I’m so easy to read. I thought I got you on a peg.
    Carter stretched and lay down on the loft, looking up at Adrian, the dim light of the moon filtering through the clouds silhouetted his frame and made him appear otherworldly – at least Adrian thought. Man. He was falling hard.
    Carter: (snickered as he watched Adrian) You cold?
    Adrian hadn’t noticed that he’d been shivering in the silence that had settled and didn’t want to admit it – but as the night had stretched on, it had begun to get very cold.
    Adrian: Ah! What time is it?
    Carter: (glanced at Adrian) You have a curfew?
    Adrian: (nodded) I told my mom I was studying at the library – let me check.
    He took out his phone and cursed. Carter sat up a curious look to his eyes.
    Adrian: (rubbed his temples) My phone’s dead or it broke a circuit when I fell in the water. It could be passed midnight for all I know.
    Carter: I guess we have to go then. (he rose and brushed his clothes)
    Adrian felt his stomach knot and quickly rose to his feet and reached out to Carter.
    Adrian: W-wait…
    Carter: (glanced at him over his shoulder) Hm?
    Adrian: I – (he fidgeted with his hands) I’ll hang out with you tomorrow.
    Carter: (turned around and grinned) Heh. Guess we’ll see if you’ll be having a mini vacation as well.
    Adrian: (shook his head and rolled his eyes) Bet with yourself for all I care – I can’t.
    Carter: (shrugged as if he didn’t care and closed the gap between them) We’ll see now won’t we.
    He nocked his forehead playfully against Adrian’s and gazed at him for a few seconds, the temptation of kissing him again was extremely arduous, but Carter thought he’d made his desires too apparent and turned away. It was Adrian’s turn to surprise Carter as he gently took his face in his hands and after lightly brushing his nose against Carter’s, he pecked his lips then parted.
    Carter: (blinked and frowned) You freakn’ tease.
    Adrian: (grinned and raised an eyebrow at him) Hm? I don’t know what you mean.
    Carter tilted his head to the side and gave him a look, which made the smaller boys cheeks flare red as he watched. Carter broke out into a smile and waited to see what the other boy
    would do. A look of discontented washed over his features and he finally gave in and lifted his face closer to Carter’s. Carter grinned and lowered his face to meet Adrian half way and kissed him deeply. They entangled themselves slowly lowering down against the loft, obviously decided not to leave at the moment, and lay practically devouring at one another. After a few minutes, the two where getting close to the point of no return but Carter broke away lifting himself from Adrian, who seemed very disappointed of this.
    Adrian: (tried to calm his breathing) Too soon?
    Carter: (sighed and ran a hand over his tangled hair) L-let just go at this slow.
    Adrian: (sat up and grinned) Sounds convincing coming from you. I guess you like like me, huh?
    Carter smiled, leaning in and lay his head against Adrian’s shoulder by the nap of his neck. The act struck Adrian deeper than any kiss and he fumbled at what to do, but saw his exposed collar and ensued in the exploitation of giving the boy a hicky. Carter slowly sat up straight again, but managed to brush his lips against Adrian’s jaw before separating. The sudden gape of air between them felt wrong.
    Carter: (laughed airily and tried to clear his head) I’ll drive you home. Common.
    Adrian watched as Carter stood once again and felt the warmth they’d just kindled settle and make camp deep inside him. This was right. This was what he’d been looking for. Everything else was just meaningless without this.
    Adrian: (snickered to himself as he stood and followed Carter down. Thinking: This meaning affection – or to say it plainly – love.)
    Adrian looked down at Carter as he descended.
    Carter: The terrain’s pretty rough in the dark but I know the way. We’ll make it before sunrise.
    Adrian couldn’t help but apply that phrase poetically to their current situation. “The road might be hard and dark but the sun will rise before you know it, and guide you home.” And
    in that moment, he knew he was leaving with Carter the day after tomorrow.

    End of FanFic

    (*cough* Yeah – well that’s that. *brushing hands* Done. Bye.)

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    Well, to begin with, she’s asian, so from forty minutes she’s got ten to spare.
    Second, I bet she was already done with her exams by the time Adrian got to school, she looked way too chill on the past pages. Plus, she’d already said Adrian she’d give him a ride (probably plotting some Carter-hunting on her own with that generous offer).
    Maria is not there as a perfectly-timed coincidence. SHE’S A FRIGGIN’ MASTERMIND. I bet she got all of this already planned and she was just sitting in the car listening to some music and looking fabulous while waiting for Adrian to show up.
    Then distressed Adrian did indeed show up and that was her cue. She already knows what to do. I bet she’s just surprised that for the first time Adrian seems to know too.

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