• what a meme

    Adrian @ education:

    • Sarah Lebowicz

      how do you post a picture?

      • Deliana

        You click on the thing that is showed in the picture below and you can post a picture from your computer, the picture that you have downloaded or something like that. (Of course, imma a pro at explaining things XD) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e056ee9797244682c6dd56365f0cc2a01ad48acb89e8f5834a8586ce4776f3dd.jpg

        • Sarah Lebowicz

          Oh, ok thanks. For some reason the icon isn’t showing up on my computer, but it still works when I press it.

        • Sarah Lebowicz

          Oh, ok thanks. For some reason the icon isn’t showing up on my computer, but it still works when I press it.

    • JEM

      That is beautiful.

  • Sarah Lebowicz

    This is what I heard in the back of my head while reading this page:
    “This is a sad day, a sad day indeed.”
    GameGrumps reference XD

  • EJ

    *sc re ams for eight hours*

  • wanderingpanpilot


  • Kvgehina

    rip adrian

  • Kumiko


  • Kumiko

    Also, Adrian looks like a snarky little dork in the second panel and I love it

  • Maria

    I don’t get Adrian’s sudden anxiety. It’s not as if he doesn’t have Carter’s number (in fact he’s got two) or doesn’t know where he lives. He ignored Carter for days/weeks and now it’s now or never? The kid is self-sabotaging again and frankly it’s time for him to get a grip.

    • Gaymeon

      it’s great that your name is Maria and you’re saying the calm rational things

    • Auntie-Aku

      I think he is just kind of losing it. But also, he might have had a “plan”. You know, now that he finally called Carter and apologised, but the things are still maybe a little weird — leaving the exam together and talking about it would be a cool, casual way of getting back in touch, friendly-like. Just calling again or visiting might feel more than awkward right now.

      Or as I said, Adrian is just losing it. He just saw Carter again and does not want to lose sight of him again. And he is sleep deprived. Teenagers do not think straight, and sleep deprived teens even less so. ;)

  • Kida

    Waaaah, this get me anxious
    Also… I love the second panel ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ

  • ShirotehGeeky


    • ozge


    • Gem

      Yes plzzzz.

    • I Went From Chan To Sama

      No! aren’t you worried about his future? He should finish the test, then get Maria to drive him to Carter’s house where he makes a grand gesture of his never dying love. Then with their future secured, they should get a beach side condo where they live out the rest of their happy, lovey days!

  • viffie

    fandom right now

  • http://Numinous-sophrosyne.tumblr.com Pjaezabelle

    Get your shit toget her and finish the damn exam so you two can make up and fuck and plan the future with sex and babies

  • Scorpio730

    Crossing my fingers that Carter will do OK … summer vacation without a cell ph would be hideous.

  • zatzcuatch

    I love Adrian’s hands on last panel xd

    • ~GameOver~

      Yeah me too! Like he wants to reach out to carter D: (it’s okay baby, you’ll get that booty for sure)

  • Emery L.

    It’s hard to concentrate on doing well on a test when your mind is literally obbsessing over something/someone else… Or just in general…

    Tests suck. >_<

  • http://crypie88.tumblr.com crypie

    nooo he’s going to fail
    focus on your goddamn test Adrian!

  • naomi

    i love his expression in the second panel like just…. goooooood shit

  • Zeta

    Wishin that last panel said “He got too good a booty”

  • Kai


  • Mey


  • Bibi

    Adrian, you silly. He’s going to fail the test ‘cuz he’ll be thinking bout Carter all the time, and then he’s going to have some problems with his parents, and and and and HOLY MOLLY, THEY’LL NOT LET THEM BE TOGETHER.

  • Maye Malfter

    Adrian, baby, get your shizz together!!!! Please do not fail, please concentrate! You can make out with silly baby number 2 later on D: THIS IS KILLING ME AKLSDJAKLSDJ

  • Maye Malfter

    Adrian, baby, get your shizz together!!!! Please do not fail, please concentrate! You can make out with silly baby number 2 later on D: THIS IS KILLING ME AKLSDJAKLSDJ

  • http://princegumball.com/ Gummy

    I bet Carter eat Adrian’s booty like the groceries o3o

  • Mr.Suspender

    Adrian: Carter.
    Adrian: Oh my fucking God.
    Adrian: FUCK.

  • Shiros

    Jesus boy, get yourself together. You got this and eventually, you’ll get dat ass.

  • Mzale Yao

    I don’t get the obsession with the test… I don’t mind it in the comic, but I don’t understand the explosions of comments prioritising the test first… Seriously… Is it like that in all countries further west? I’d just tell the teacher “Feelin’ like shit, gonna go!” and then leave and redo it on a less fucked up day… Really… … … Guess I was lucky studying where I did if it’s this bad.

    • Taryn Dean

      I think the teacher has said no makeup tests. So its do it now or never.

      • Mzale Yao

        As a past teacher myself I say there is no way to force your students to only one test, even though it’s said, you cannot fail your kids because of “reasons” =) (not American or Canadian, so meh, might be different rules over there) as I said, the story is great, just that I don’t get that specific thing being… A thing… Anyways, nevermind, I love the crap out of this story <3

        Also, dat ass is more important than any class! If it were my kids I'd send them home and tell them to "get on with it" or else there's no French being done, just made XD

        • Gem

          I say fuck the test and run after him. Besides, he’s the main character (one of them) they should have some plot armor!!! <3

          • Mzale Yao

            I could not agree more! =D

    • I am the milk

      Its not a test, its an exam. That means you only get one chance, on the day it’s scheduled, period. The only way to get out of it is to have a medical note signed by a doctor. That is why everyone is freaking out, not to meantion the exam counts for a large percent (30% in my province) of his mark.

      • Mzale Yao

        … What?… … … My teacher education never mentioned that… Neither have I ever done such an exam in my life… I feel have lots to learn about other culture’s educational system =) Feels contradictory to have students under such pressure… They’ll remember jack shit afterwards… Theoretical knowledge is good, but best learned at an individual pace…

        I don’t mean to talk shit about other kinds of educational methods, I just find it alien, in a rather curious way =)

        • I am the milk

          Oh, don’t wortr, a lot of our teachers hate exams. They know it doesn’t really help, but its required :P

    • ~GameOver~

      Idk if anyone said that but what if he really fails the test? Or get a really low points? His home is gonna be hell. Think of how his parents will react!

      • Mzale Yao

        Humhumhum… Sorry, but I told mine to f-off at 15, so I’m not the right person to have opinions on that XD Did what I wanted, struggled through, all is now well =) A question of willpower!!…… Maybe……. Idk… He’s too preciously messed up to not keep loving =)

        Storywise, I would not mind either resolutions. I trust the authors to continue being awesome, even if it ends in hell and sad <3 A good story is a great story, not always a happy one.

    • Storm Lee

      Dont worry about offending us on it, yeah western cultures (like america) have an End Of Course exam (EOC) that we take and it has everything we learned all year on it, it is very stressful and we lack alot of sleep from studies, and its a very important test and it determines our classes for the next year
      And yeah as I said dont worry about offending us, because we hate it, and yes we dont remember jack shit, and we all work on the grades and classes pace, and its our fault if we fail u.u sad to say but its very true

      • Mzale Yao

        Sounds like hell… But I suppose it works since there are great people molded from those ways too =) Will read up on it, because I have thought about teaching abroad but never really gotten to it… Good place to start at that =)

        Btw, we DO have tests and stuff, but the importance is the knowledge of the individuals, not forcefully pound IQ into kids heads… Need experience and emotional knowledge too!

        • Storm Lee

          Yeah we have none of that emotional and experience here, its all regulated and strict book work here, which is hard to remember all of it when you have to wake up at 6am, with the stress of being a teenager, with all of the work and 7 classes, piled onto keeping grades up, and homework and 9 week projects. Ahh im rambling now x.x its very hard to keep up with while maintaining proper self care, also the students are about 24 to a classroom and not everyone gets along x.x So yeah! Its really cool that you wanna teach abroad though! I never understood why someone would want to teach here. I wish you luck though!! ♡♡♡

          • Mzale Yao

            Naw, thank you SO much! =)

            I want to try it mostly because of the excitement that is language barrier (English is my second language) and at the same time teach other languages! I also love to see the reaction of your kids’ “Oh, I get it now!!” moments and I can share that experience with them when I need to teach myself about their culture. I’d love to go back to teach in the US or Canada instead!

          • Storm Lee

            We love those moments too, makes us feel smart, because we often dont get things and get frustrated, and alot of teachers never do one on one with kids anymore, they wont sit down and help someone figure something out xD so those moments when we do finally get something and can do something with easy, we feel confident on tests and stuff, honestly you sound like a great person ♡ xD lol come teach at my school we need better teachers

          • Mzale Yao

            School is failing its purpose in that case… It is nice to know that students appreciate it because it makes my day every time =) Talk to your teachers and encourage them to be there for you. It’s their job to do it. If they don’t embrace the joy of teaching, then why are they teachers?

            I would love to, but you’re probably out before I’m there but I promise I’ll treat everyone my best =) And thank you, you’re adorable! ^^

          • CosmicJelly

            Gosh, you only have 24 to a classroom?? My school has at least 32 and the maximum students a teacher can have per class is 37(which is often reached plus there’s a few first weeks where some end up having 40 and then it eventually levels out, lots of schedule changes and confusion occurs). Also I went to every tour of the school as a freshman and nobody explained that the lunch schedule was based on the building one of your classes are in. Also each day of the week’s lunch is based off of a different class?? Who knows I’m still confused tbh. Also I got very off track whining about my confusing school, sorry. A lot of people that I know who get straight A’s often sacrifice sleep and don’t miss days even when they’re terribly sick and really, really need to rest(honestly im sure you know it’s just that terrible to make up days). I myself work a lot and get relatively good grades but honestly sometimes sleeping, eating and showering need to be more important so I guess sometimes people just need to sacrifice work to take care of themselves, because honestly I’m worried about them if they don’t.

            Summary of the above writing: USA public schools are confusing and stressful as all hell save me

          • CosmicJelly

            ,,that made absolutely no sense I am so sorry

          • Storm Lee

            Lmao thats okay! Im a sophmore so I know that feeling of just pure lost anxiety, because then your scared that everyone is looking at you. Thats why they hand out maps along with our schedules xD and for the first 3 weeks, guidance and the front office are both packed with kids wanting scheduale changes xD

          • Storm Lee

            VERY TRUE!!! Our lunch is based on our 7th hour teacher, because our classes go 1 3 7 5 and then 2 4 7 6 and wednesday its 1 2 3 4 7 5 6 so we have 7th hour everyday, 1st lunch is before 7th hour, second lunch is after 7th hour. But yes I missed alot of school days last year, and youre correct it is extremely hard to make up work for missed days!!!

          • CosmicJelly

            I read over your explanation so many times and still don’t fully understand but it kinda sounds like myschool maybe?? That basically sounds like an even more confusing version of my school(1000x less confusing now but as a tiny and scared freshman it felt so terrible). My school has long classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays, where on Wednesday you get double length odd numbered classes(1,3,5) and on Thursday you get double length even number classes(2,4,6. We only have six here). After the first class we go to an hour-long advisory class, usually in 3rd periods classroom. It seems so simple now actually but I promise nobody actually explained this and I learned only by going to the wrong lunch/class very often

    • dyrh

      Lol eastern culture prioritizes tests way more than western.
      Uni enterance exams. Kids literally commit suicide if they dont pass over in korea and japan.

      • Mzale Yao

        True, I come from an “in between” country ;)

  • zayn

    lol everyone talking about the test!

  • alex

    wait in america tests are only 30% of your grade! in england its 100%

    • PomixWing

      But that’s Canada.

      • Terela

        That’s not true, I live there and it’s not like that.

    • Person

      So you’re telling me that ONLY the tests determine your grade? Not quizzes, not participation, not projects, not homework? Just tests?
      That sounds horrible. I’m sorry.

      • http://www.chocolaterevel.com Chocolate Revel

        Yeah, it’s like that from year 6 SATs all the way to high school years 9, 10 & 11′s exams. It’s only in college (doing A levels) that coursework becomes part of the grade and not just the exam results, at least that was how it was for me.

    • Joe

      The final exam is 30% of the grade in Canada

    • http://tacticalfacade.tumblr.com/ t a d d y

      Quizzes were 60% of our grade…

    • Sarah Lebowicz

      Depends on the class. But it’s never 100%. Usually tests make up about 60-70% of your grade. The rest is homework, quizzes, and participation.

      • Ariel Eklund

        No it depends on your teacher, i have a teacher who bases your grade only on test scores.

        • Sarah Lebowicz

          Okay okay, no need to be so touchy. Depends on the class basically means based on the teachers, just in different phrasing. And I was just talking about my school anyway. What’s got bees up your ass?

  • SkyBlue

    Will these two just F*** ALREADY!!

  • BoopGatchaNow

    He either failed or us a genius

  • Justin White


  • PomixWing

    Oh boy… if Adrian fails his test, his folks are gonna think it’s because he spends too much time in theater :/

  • Josh Pun

    Can we just talk about Adrian’s face here-

  • Haruka Nanase

    *actual tears* that booty tho

  • look alive

    I think it’s kinda weird to assume Carters gonna pass, he’s obviously gonna fail, he stayed up all night doing virtually nothing and now it’s going to bite him in the ass.

    He not a sudden Einstein people, he literally didn’t know shit

    • James

      Excuse me

      • James

        I have traveled from a parallel reality to like my own comments. FYI, Carter doesn’t study in my world either, yet he still has two worlds rooting for him. Go Carter,go!

  • living1Dpotato

    So close. Just so close sahbdlijks

  • http://godtierbluetrash.tumblr.com/ Breen

    Carter leaving like

    • 2pEngland


  • http://godtierbluetrash.tumblr.com/ Breen

    And Adrian just can’t believe Carter actually studied this time. Fuck we can’t believe it either, I hope that none of them fail, but it would be cool if Carter gets better grades this time, The poor boy studied his ass off, make us proud :’D

    • Rainbow Wolf


    • Deliana

      Adrian: Checked
      Carter: Checked

      Feels: Checked
      Humour: Checked
      Milk: Checked

      Supernatural gif: Checked
      I think we got everyhing!

    • Faolan Rei

      What the hell, I’m watching Supernatural on Netflix and I see this in the comments of a BL it’s taking over my life now *cries*

  • Lisa Miyzaki

    im so proud of carter ;w;

  • 2pEngland

    Please let this be one of those Haru Yoshida moments where the seemingly-stupid-but-adorable slacker turns out to be a genius.
    A+ to anyone who got the My Little Monster reference

    • Baltacchi

      YES I was thinking that too ( > Y <))/))

  • noririna

    not sure if he studied and went god-mode right there or he decided to fuck everything and submit lord-knows-what

  • ME24601

    The answer to every question is just “Omelette du Fromage”

    • http://www.hirrient.tumblr.com/tagged/my%20art hirrient

      not just in the test…. in real life

    • Yako Misumine

      Did you mean “Lait aux bananes” ?

  • Izu-chan

    Yeah, if you have two hours to complete a test and you finish in only forty minutes, chances are you flew by the easy questions and put “C” on all the hard questions. Carter must not be in the mood for a test at this point ;v; Sorry for those who’re rooting for Carter to pass, but I’ve “finished” a two-hour test in only forty minutes before, and the only reason I remained seated was because I hate being the first person to leave the classroom.

  • Rose Kirkland

    And suddenly the number 186 is the source of all my suffering-

  • Deliana

    Sooo… i have a really big homework to do on weekend because we have to submit it on monday. BUT NOPE. IMMA JUST GONNA DO THIS ONE THING I DO FROM FRIDAY TO MONDAY. KEEP REFRESHING. So… about my lessons this school year:

    • Rubix Beat

      Same. It’s just sad that my grade is going to probably drop 3 letter grades just because of a bl webcomic…totally worth it tho

      • Deliana

        Yep, totally :3. I regret nothing

      • CrystalFoxx

        OmG no , don’t do that guys. Studying is important.

        • Deliana

          YES I WILL DO IT. And… anyway i can do it monday morning… like always xD. And i can always work in mcdonald or something. My future is not destroyed yet xD.

          • CrystalFoxx

            “And i can always work in mcdonald or something”

          • Deliana

            I don’t know… it’s just me xD.

          • Rubix Beat

            Omg you literally sound just like me xD

          • Theonethatlovesyaoiwaytomuch

            You are amazing.XD

          • Rubix Beat

            oh stop it

          • Deliana

            So i’m not alone in this world xD

  • Emily Walker

    When people don’t study for tests but still do well and you study for hours and you fail

  • Rubix Beat

    The first time you realized you’d caught up with the updates–

  • Harly Vas Happenin


  • Elsa Love