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Happy update everyone!

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  • Scarlet Rayne

    You’re killing me smalls

  • lemonoffice


  • wanderingpanpilot


  • Haikyoo

    me rn

  • Aviyde

    32 more minutes til tomorrow unu

  • Aviyde

    Yo, psst Hazel and Bell. I know you guys are hella swarmed and busy w/ stuff so maybe next time chapter, extend the hiatus a bit to finish the chapter ahead of time before updating any of it? I know the stream of comics will be delayed but then the updates come on time and you guys don’t have to stress about making these pages.

  • camboo

    thats what i do when i take tests

  • wryyyyyyy

    I can relate to this.

  • Donutev

    o_o I’m glad i’m not the only one who thinks that.. I start to think I got a lot wrong since i have a lot of only one letter

    • Schadenfreude

      Once my teacher had an entire test that alternated between strings of Bs and Es… just to spite us.

      • Elly

        is your teacher satan

        • Schadenfreude

          Actually, he’s lucifer…

          • Oscar Leigh

            That’s the same thing.

          • Schadenfreude

            not really… Lucifer was Satan before he fell from heaven… If that makes a difference

          • Oscar Leigh

            But it’s a name. Angel Lucifer is only called Lucifer but Satan is still referred to as his old name.

    • MysticalMessages

      This conversation is all supernatural fans isn’t it

  • Paz Ixe

    Too many c’s in a row
    That basically me

  • random person


  • Menewen


  • Spoopy pidge

    SAME ADRIAN SAME first world problems

  • StrawBloodyJam

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who does that.

  • Nana

    Am I like the only one who doesn’t worry about too many of the same letter u guys are FREAKS ily

  • RadRizzity

    A world where French exams are multiple choice is a world I want to live in

  • Eckart

    Oh my god ever freaking multiple choice test:
    Wait i have too many B’s is this a trick its totally a trick damn you test!

  • Alex


  • Sky

    The sTrUggLe is fUcKIng reAaAAaL