• hadz

    wait, is there an update list? is the comic ending??? after reading the comments i feel like im missing something here!

    • wanderingpanpilot

      im pretty sure it isnt for a while but eventually? thats what im assuming idk, im sorta new to the fandom

    • BlackOleander

      The FAQ page still says that they don’t know how long the comic will be, if it was about to end this year or such, I’m sure they would tell us.

      • erwerweq

        they already did

    • jesssie

      Bell and Hazel said that the comic is ending sometime around september/october this year

      • BlackOleander

        Oh. Well then, the FAQ page is in desperate need of updating.

      • kay

        What!? When did they say that? :0

      • James

        You mean Volume 2 is ending

        • http://www.jeweniper.tumblr.com jeweniper

          Phew, I got scared/sad

          • alliando

            theres only gonna be two volumes

      • calipso

        Thats dumb why would they end it here when they’re barely starting their Patreon?

      • Faolan Rei

        I’m confused?? Where did they say this? Because I haven’t seen anything on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr that says anything about ARH ending.

      • james


  • noririna

    Maria holds wisdom worth a thousand years

  • Cici Gee

    I love how awkward Adrian looks in the third panel lol

  • Mizu

    She is going to drive him to Carter’s home. XDDDDDDDDD look at that last grin of hers
    Ahh, Maria thank you. We all love you. C:

    • Cici Gee

      Lol she’s gonna drop him off and drive away before he can escape.

      • Umni Pacijent

        I don’t think Carter would mind that much :P

        • Cici Gee


  • Rebbeca Carter
    • Lizzie

      if maria is church then i should start going

  • Drammory


  • http://dancingswithawolf.tumblr.com meaghan

    i like how everyone’s saying maria’s going to drive him to carter’s house when adrian is probably walking into his french exam, a class he shares with carter? there was mild foreshadowing in the last page i think

  • guntama
    • asdfghjk(?)

      wtf xDDDD

  • masu

    update watch dundundundun

  • james

    But Carters house is on the way to Adrians house so why would she drive him there?????
    He could always walk back home????

    The REAL question is will she drive Carter back with Adrian??????????????????????????????????!!!??????????????

    • toothpegs

      Or will Carter drive Adrian back?

      • Pegasus

        Or will Adrian ask to take a ride from Carter because of how shitty he might look and how sorry he feels for him?

        • Excel

          or will they fuck???

          • bob the builder

            Excuse me but

          • delhaia


          • jerred


          • Kim Possible

            brother jerred is asking the real questions

  • wanderingpanpilot

    *wears pajamas inside out* *does update rain dance* *hits refresh every five seconds*

  • http://nerdypencil.tumblr.com/ NerdyPencil

    *reaches recent page* wat……wat wat wat….. I caught up???? no…. nononononon…NONONONONONONO!!!! I NEED THE NEXT PAGE! I NEEEEEEED IT D:

  • tacticallame

    when will the update come back from the war…..

  • Umni Pacijent

    This moment kills me every time, I cry and laugh and can’t stop screaming :’)

  • Kyla

    *vigorously hits Ctrl+R over and over*

  • miasaurus

    I miss Carters face
    where is he

  • ceasrs

    Nothing updates
    Everything hurts

    • James

      Everybody hurts….sometimes…..Everybody cries.
      I am starting to think this could be the theme song for this comic.

  • Araceli

    Carter where are you? o(╥﹏╥)o

  • James

    Anon name of the month

  • usagi66

    update pleasseeeee <3 <3 <3

  • jade

    C’mon it’s my birthday now, I think I deserve this update

    • Zatmenie Luny

      Happy Birthday!!!!!

      • jade

        Thanks! :)

  • polyvore

    Wow I mean I remember wanting to see more of Adrian but now I’m tired of seeing is weak jigalo face

  • http://nerdypencil.tumblr.com/ NerdyPencil

    Maria’s “I’ll drive you home” excuse just to get him to carter~ :>

  • LuisDiego De La Torre

    Maria has a plan… she always has a plan. In “Spring in December” she never set up David and Adrian because she didn’t see the point. But ever since Carter decided to flirt with Adrian she’s been the complete access, ever since the locker room letters :v

    • alexx

      you are wise

  • tacticallame

    I crave that update

  • tacticallame

    I need the update to survive

  • Katuen

    Gosh I just found this comic and ended up powering right through it in one hit. I really love it so far, can’t wait for more!

  • http://thirteenthmonth.deviantart.com/ thechoppychapgirl

    The colours, and the glass of the building in the first panel are just <3. Look, I think this might be the calm *after* the storm.

    • http://thirteenthmonth.deviantart.com/ thechoppychapgirl

      And Maria’s outfit: perfection, and more because it suits her so.

  • Akira

    Nooo! I need the update now I want to knowhow it ends and pleas draw a season 3 please I need cater x aridan

  • http://you-will-always-be-my-king.tumblr.com/ luchan

    Maria o/

  • http://facebook.com/kittybones4 Cassie (:

    This is the BEST thing I have ever seen in my life *^* I cannot wait for update~

  • (✿◕‿◕)

    When will Carter return from the war

  • http://Numinous-sophrosyne.tumblr.com Pjaezabelle

    *screams* UPDATE *screeches like fucking satan*


  • Rolls (Kicks & Screams) 4 Days

    And I have successfully binge read the entire second volume. Man….I’m so depressed now…. T^T

  • http://www.wattpad.com/user/Ppcorn100 Ppcorn100

    //Adrian is a precious little puffball who deserves nothing but happiness//
    Now say it with me–

  • Elsa Love

    I really can’t wait for this update-

  • James

  • ??

    anyone else have hazel’s account bar at the top of the page???

  • james

    I’m dreaming of a double update

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/+NekoKun-GameAddict/posts Neko Kun

    Typical friend comforting you in your troubles uvu

  • nogenderOnlyrage

    maria is christ risen okay? all hail maria our savior

  • Mizu

    *cries in a corner*
    Okay, my theories are:
    1. Maria’s gonna drive Adrian to Carter’s home (PLS PLS PLS PLS VIDEO GAMES AND COCOA)
    2. Carter will be at the french exam and meets with Adrian. Later, Maria drives them into a park or something like that. That way, the could talk about everything calmly.
    3. Carter is not in the french exam neither Maria drives Adrian to Carter’s home.


    • James

      lol and then it’s the 3rd

  • Welp

    Just a reminder that exactly 30 pages ago these two little shits were getting into this mess.

    • AJ

      5 score and 30 pages ago…

  • Char Char

    Can’t frekkin wait for the update *^* This series is amazing! I found it yesterday and I spent all night re-reading it!!! I just… SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DNEVJJDSKSNFNKDSKMWNLV G JRSNJVJN N NND KVNRNKEKCINEKVJR KDO NWMCIJVNEJFNNDNSNDJDNDJD okay I’m done fangirling XD

  • Wicket

    Please Sir.. *extends hands* can I have some more updates?

    • http://thirteenthmonth.deviantart.com/ thechoppychapgirl

      MORE? MORE?! Did you say MORE?

  • ARH Fan

    Still waiting.

  • Vaina

    please end my suffering

  • sunflower

    i’ve already prepared myself psychologically for the pain it means yOU CAN TURN THE HELL ON NOW

  • Raven

    *bats eyelashes

  • dankmemes

    it’s monday, where the update at