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Happy update everyone!

We will be at anime expo again today at table C9. It’s been really nice meeting all of you who came out so far. Cheers!

Edit 7/10/2015: Looks like page updates will be either late Sunday or sometime on Monday, because we will be at Minicomi all day Saturday (July 11, 2015)! If you are in the Vancouver, BC area this will be your last chance this year to see us at cons~ We will be at table H3! More location info at the minicomi site. See some of you tomorrow!

  • Daru

    btw, good work! i love it! thanks so much~

  • spacenerd

    I’ve read this all in a shirt amount of time and I must say you are a master at pulling the heart strings

  • rabu chan

    “damn,.. im really screwed up didn’t I” as he slowly walked toward the zebra cross and truck hit him

    • Caoc Hatsune

      I really hope won’t happen that .-.

      • rabu chan

        me too

    • Faolan Rei

      dO NOT.

      • rabu chan


  • Lez-Lee

    The feels!! I can’t wait! I finished it in an hour!

  • Caoc Hatsune

    In Spanish isn’t continuation TTnTT but anyway, >-< both are so cute
    I'll cry with this dramatic and lovely story, BUT I LOVE IT <3

  • 菊花。

    it’s 3am, they’re messed up, i’m messed up, we’re all messed up.

    • Mr.Suspender

      Everyone’s a little messed up here.

      • Lexie

        “always messed up here”

  • Melli Schmitz

    Okay I’m sorry and stuff but did they have sex now or what? xD I didn’t get it

    • usagi66

      noo..they dont , they just…touched each other and let each other come ;D

      • Melli Schmitz

        Same with the party? D’:

        • usagi66

          In the party they dont do much….adrian was too drunk ^^: and carter dont wanted to use the situation , thats why he just brought adrian home :)

        • sdfghj

          Nah during the party they just kissed and touched a lil ober the clothes, that’s make out …
          As long as genitalia wasn’t directly touched in any kind of way by another person like orally or manually or even with other genitalia i think it doesn’t count as sex… i guess?
          Tough question tho

      • Person

        Actually, sex isn’t just penetration. Any sort of sexual activity is technically sex.
        So the answer is actually yes, they did.

        • masu

          Nah, sex is officially penetration.

          • wanderingpanpilot

            so all lesbians are virgins. naturally.

          • かい

            Unless they used a dildo?

          • Person

            I mean, just because someone uses a dildo doesn’t make them not a virgin. A person can use a dildo on themselves, and still be a virgin, because masturbation isn’t sex. Just because they were penetrated by something, doesn’t make it sex, and doesn’t take away their virginity.
            Now, if two lesbians are having sex, and one uses a dildo on the other, that is sex, and if it’s their first time, that would take their virginity.
            On the other hand, if neither of them get penetrated by anything (including dildos, fingers, and even tongues), they still had sex. And therefore, if one of them was (or both were) a virgin, they no longer would be.

            The same goes for straight and gay couples. Even if there’s no penetration, they still had sex.

          • hahaha no

            (chiefly with reference to people) sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse.

            So no, they didn’t have sex.

          • themultibear

            the definition doesn’t prove your point at all. It says sexual activity INCLUDING penetrative sex. So maybe they didn’t have THE BIG SEX but they had a form of sex and honestly it’s up to the people involved to decide what that means / interpret it since people have different views on the definition of virginity.

          • UnorthodoxParadox

            It’s a common misconception that sex is only intercourse. Intercourse is a TYPE of sex, and its definition states that it’s exclusively penis in vagina.

            Sex is an umbrella term for things such as anal, oral, manual, and yes, intercourse.

            So the boys /did/ have a type of sex, which can sometimes have the same effect on someone as if they had had penetrative sex. You’re still being intimate with someone.

          • Jeldenil

            Personally, anything that includes sharing sexually arousing/stimulating activities with someone else counts as sex in my book. Even while keeping all my clothes on and rubbing parts together through the fabrics. It’s intimate, we both get aroused, we might even orgasm. And I’m far from a virgin.

          • Person

            That may be considered the “main activity” of sex.. But there are people who don’t want to do that part of it. Not with a penis, not with a dildo, and not with fingers. Some people just aren’t into that.
            But that doesn’t mean they won’t ever have sex.
            The only time when it’s not sex is if you do it yourself.

    • James II

      I think ‘sex’ has a different definition for every individual, but for those who define sex as any sexual activity besides penetration are saying that Carter and Adrian have already had sex.

      ((Post.Mark. I really don’t think sex is a thing we should start an argument about just saying. Not saying that we have, it’s just: avoid it cause WHY? WHY EVEN?))

  • No Life


    • Quakers

      Adrian was using carter to distract himself with the sex and stuff

      • No Life

        Thank you

  • Adrian x Carter

    Omg, please show more sexual activities next time and maybe some pent ration pls

    • sdfghj

      But why though

      • swag

        Because OTP dick too bomb!!!

    • Lesbian Love Forever

      They aren’t supposed to.
      The comic is teen friendly with mentions of sexual activity, They can’t really show it all.


  • Mr.Suspender

    God, is it ever not raining here?
    *hee hee*

  • AGIS

    Anyone remember cinnamon toast crunch? Man that stuff was good….

    • alexx

      its still here though i buy it all the time

  • Oscar Reyes

    He loves him… :(

  • fishfilletyuum

    No Carter no party.

  • Jessica Pacheco

    Adrian’s my baby and everything bUT GODDAM IT ADRIANNNN. *sigh* I get it though, he messed up, everybody messes up. I hope things turn out well. (^O^)/

  • Kaitomo

    I’m so sad

  • Kaitomo

    When do you update?

    • themultibear

      Mondays I think!

      • Kaitomo

        Okay thank you

    • Lexie

      Anywhere Thursday-Monday

      • Kaitomo

        Okay thanks ^_^

    • Violet

      It updates on Friday usually, I have no idea where they’re getting this Monday-Thursday from. They have a tendency to be late but the set date is Friday.

      • bellhasabat

        There is no set date. We try for once a week.

  • LðµLðµ Våñ Håvêr

    anyone know any lil comics like these? i think i’ve found my kryptonite

    • Faolan Rei

      Have you read Tripping Over You?
      I have more but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

      • LðµLðµ Våñ Håvêr

        yeah i actually did lol it’s going really good tbh always raining here , tripping over you and i am to see to it that i do not lose you are my fave comics so far u could check that one out if you havent heard of it but thnks anyway

    • Keneu

      Like these how?
      The Young Protectors and Artifice by Alex Woolfson are a good option if you like to read about characters that happen to be gay (and not the other way around). They are superhero and sci-fi genre, respectively.
      If you want to read sweet stories, you should read The Lonely Moon, Monsterkind or Monsterpop. They are slice of life mixed with sci-fi or fantasy.
      I don’t know many realistic slice of life stories – most I read are just real life anecdotes told in comic format – so I hope someone else can point you towards a good story.

      • LðµLðµ Våñ Håvêr

        oh thanks alot dude i’ll just check all those out either way lol but thnks again i’m a sucker for anything that’s readable if that makes sense

    • Stays Chence

      Try Starfighter by Hamletmachine.
      And also Ava’s Demon is sweet, it is not yaoi though. These you may try. ^^

      • LðµLðµ Våñ Håvêr

        thanks dude i’ll get to them


      This Is Not Fiction is pretty good although it focuses less on romance. It’s more lighthearted. Impact Theory and Avialae are both really good with interesting stories and amazing art but Impact Theory has been on hiatus for a while. Lastly, Transfusions is really good and it incorporates vampires into the story. I would highly recommend any of these.

    • thats_cool

      Best Friends Forever comic is fantastic!!

      • LðµLðµ Våñ Håvêr

        thanks dude immah check that out!

    • luchan

      Transfusion and tripping over you

      • LðµLðµ Våñ Håvêr

        thnks dude il check out transfusion since i’m already reading tripping over you but thnks either way

    • Marina Justyaoi

      Slash Pile and Western Yaoi Forum are two great places to find out more. And I’d be honored if you’d read mine: RomeoXJulien… it’s kind of funny.

      • LðµLðµ Våñ Håvêr

        will do thnx

    • AngieG131

      I have a master post of BL comics with other pairings thrown in on my tumblr:

      • LðµLðµ Våñ Håvêr

        thanks angie immah check em out!

    • byesexual

      in terms of story and characters?
      -less than epic adventures of tj and amal (completed; NSFW and pretty long but SOOO GOOOD),
      -tripping over you (completed; many others have recommended this one already.. it’s kind of ubiquitous to this genre ^^)
      -prince of cats (over; it’s not very popular, but beautiful nonetheless and very similar to arh)

      there’s also starfighter and teahouse, which are more focused on sex, but they’re still very decent!

      • LðµLðµ Våñ Håvêr

        thank u so much mira <3!!!!!!!!

  • James

    I can’t wait for Adrian and Carter to get together so I can be like

    • gayguy556


    • Tsu

      Aw <3

  • bellhasabat

    Just so you guys know, we have an event all day Sat so we’re probably going to update Sunday (or Monday).
    I hope everyone has a good weekend!!

  • jess

    are you guys going to otakuthon in montreal?

  • noririna

    i am so happy but so sad buT SO HAPPY
    BUt s o s a d s o v e r y s a d
    i don’t know if i should feel bad for Adrian bec Carter and his poor bb heart
    but the reGRET

  • Pearly

    YAY!!! it updated XD! But that was a very unexpected and very kinda easy hrfbriufheuo oh forget it! It was awesome >:3

  • doozer :3

    WHY? why would Adrian think Carter hates him? Literally Carter said he was sorry and that Adrian had nothing really to feel bad about! I wish Carter would just grab Adrian and shake him and be like you idiot i love you. OKEY

    • Sam

      I don’t think Adrian thinks Carter hates him. I think he knows that because of his mistakes the dynamic of their relationship has now changed, probably for the worse. He’s worried he screwed up a perfectly good friendship because of his selfish actions. Now hopefully Carter shows up and reassures Adrian that things will be okay with time.

    • Deliana

      Your comment made me feel like:
      Carter grab the uke! GRAB THE UKE!

  • FancyOctopusss

    I am on my way don’t worried

    • Cici Gee

      This is the best comment I’ve ever seen lol

    • BlazingStar

      But – how – why?!

  • Pjaezabelle

    Still no update ASDFGHJKL dying!! Why did they have to be students? I cri

  • kisasame

    Why won’t it update for me

    • Faolan Rei

      Bazel: *are busy appearing at cons*
      Bazel: *are fulltime students*
      Bazel: *have actual lives outside of this comic*
      “Ok, but why won’t they just drop all of that to cater to me and update this comic? :/”

  • Cici Gee

    Take your time guys. We understand :) <3

  • Rubix Beat

    Man, it sucks not having a life.
    I just sit here all day…waiting for a BL webcomic to update.
    The struggle of a fangirl is real.

    • JustANormalBoy

      I don’t know how to take this struggle, but affects me, too. :c

      • Rubix Beat

        We must stay strong

  • Miru ᵔᴥᵔ

    -ARH. Clicking the f5 button since July 4.- Nope…. one more time… nope… how about now? …. i’ll spend all my holidays clicking this button!

  • Yuelio Menendez

    I was so happy to meet the one writing the comic, of course the art is pretty awesome and beautiful but the story is full of emotions and it’s the best rollercoaster ever. It’s not that easy to picture so many different emotions. Thanks, thanks so much.

  • Jacob Clark

    I want more plz

  • Oscar Awards.

    I need more!!

  • zatzcuatch


  • Naomi

    I love love love your new art style

  • ban

    dear diary this is the day 8389067948394 and idk when will carter return from war

  • Ookami san

    Adrian is so cute~ ❤️❤️ He’s worrying for Carter!!

  • mayaskip

    hey i reread the comic just now and isnt this page some kind of parallel to page 154? idk rain and all
    i mean the name of the comic is litteraly always raining here but still??

  • Leia

    I could totally use that fourth panel as a wallpaper.

    • BlazingStar

      I second this motion

    • Envy

      It is now my wallpaper. :3

    • Kamigi

      haha I thought about it but every time I look at it ill feel sad bc he isn’t in the happiest state rn

  • BlazingStar

    I can’t believe he has one of those bags. I see them around so much. All the popular kids have them.

    Where do people even get those bags? What ARE they?

  • Guest

    The style of this comic is so beautiful, I love how soft the colors are. I always find myself looking and appreciating the drawings way after I’ve read the page. It’s so darn pretty. ;w;

  • Alice Kat

    Is- is the scene with this comic’s head cover thing coming up soon????



  • banana StabbeR

    i cant believe how much carter is like me

  • Kamigi

    I wing everything in life ok

  • Kamigi

    I wing everything in life ok

    • Bored Mortal

      *high five*

  • Elly

    yeah you did. now kiss and make up.

  • Spoopy pidge

    adrian……..u stay on that damn sidewalk

  • StrawBloodyJam


  • Nana


  • Guest

    “Happy update everyone!”

    why the fuck u lying

    my heart