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Hi all! thanks for the patience this week!

Reminder that we will be at ANIME EXPO this coming weekend (July 1st-5th!). It’s our first time at AX so we hope to meet a lot of you there! We will be at artist alley table C9!

We will have prints, stickers, charms for sale and a limited quantity of BOOKS. If you really really want a book I suggest you come early, we make no promises.

Click for map! Just a reminder that the artist alley is huge so try not to get too lost!

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  • B.

    Adrian is not alright.

  • loophole

    We can all lighten up be reading the fan comics in the fan art section of extras


  • bubblesandpoppies

    If he’s going to try and kill himself or anything of the sort, can we pretty please have a trigger warning?

    • AGIS

      A “trigger warning”? I see Tumblr has arrived.

      • Faolan Rei

        That’s not cool. Graphic scenes depicting self-harm and/or suicide in any form of media can be seriously damaging to people struggling with mental disorders and thoughts of suicide. You don’t see people poking fun at movie producers putting adult advisory content warnings at the beginning of movies that contain adult content, do you? So why would you poke fun at people politely asking for a little warning that there might be content that they don’t wish to see in a webcomic?

        • AGIS

          Yeah, because they NEVER see violence or anything else on television or movies. After all, everyone here o the internet has led a life untouched by any instance of violence. The people who call “trigger warnings” are the same people who claim to be “offended/oppressed” by absolutely everything and anything. Know what? No one cares anymore, if you need a plot device to be spoiled by your over dramatic mentality then feel free to never read any type of literature again.

          I implore you Hazel, and Bell, let us read the comic and experience the plot for ourselves without constant flagging of whats about to happen. Thank you.

          • Faolan Rei

            That has nothing to do with it. I’ve watched dozens of horror movies and seen countless depictions of gore over the years and I’m still squeamish as all hell. I live in the fucking south where all the creepy crawlies come out to play, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m arachnophobic. You can’t expect people to just throw themselves into something that troubles them and hope that they won’t be affected by it anymore, it just doesn’t work that way. And unless you know the finest specificalities of one’s life, it’s extremely unfair of you or anyone to make light of something that could very well be extremely dangerous to their psyche.

          • Whimsy

            I’m really sorry, sweetheart. I really want to support people with all kinds of problems, but I cannot bring myself to support trigger warnings. You see, they bubble you up. If you constantly warn for triggers, you will never overcome what makes you uncomfortable in the first place. Instead of being afraid of everything, you should be exposing yourself (through slight dozes) to what “triggers” you (a term that, sincerely, is ridiculous – plese take no offense, but it is). It is a valid form of therapy for phobias.

            And if you need many triggers for many, many topics, you may as well need to seek specialized help. It’s not normal to be affected by literally everything. If you need to warn yourself from a topic that is, although sadly, fairly common, you are not prepared for the real world.

            There are more things beyond the walls of your room and the screen of your computer. Know this, please. When you go out, it is true: you will not have trigger warnings. You need to stand up for yourself.

            And as I know this is an argument used quite frequently: yes, I do know people with major depression. DIAGNOSED major depression. Sorry sweet cakes, but most of the time, those “triggered” are but angsty teenagers who lack a good guidance – not depressed. Depression is much more serious, and those who suffer from it are not telling everyone about it. It’s much more serious than most of these teenagers who claim to be depressed. However, if you or anyone here, and EVEN people you know start to show clear depression signs, don’t doubt it: go for help.

            tl;dr Trigger warnings will only hold you down. Don’t use them; face the world yourself.

        • AGIS

          Because that’s not how the world works. I fuckin’ love this web comic and I don’t want any spoilers because every 16 year old with mommy issues wants a “trigger warning” or someone to hold their hand through the plot of a fuckin’ BL webcomic. I mean, you literally CANT get any softer than an internet webcomic about a HIGH SCHOOL romance. If this comic is to harsh for you, Id honestly say you have issues beyond what I can tell.

          And yeah, I’m sorry to sound salty but fuck man…. I’m a 27 year old war veteran and former prison gaurd (and went through all that openly gay). So when I see people who claim how they are “mentally triggered” by a fucking webcomic I hope you can understand why I see as 100%……trivial.

          Life aint’ easy kids, don’t expect a fucking “trigger warning” every step of the way. And no, I don’t give a fuck if your “offended”.

          • rabu chan

            idk but someone need to slap some sense into your mind, kbye.

          • AGIS

            Seems like I’m already full of sense, and if violence is your out, you have growing up too do.

          • Faolan Rei

            Your experiences are not a basis for how everyone should act when going through trauma because everyone reacts to things differently, and unless you’re a trained psychiatrist you have no right to dictate what those reactions should be. You can’t just turn mental disorders off because it’s “just a webcomic” or it’s “just the internet”, but you’re obviously too much of an insensitive jerk to realize that. Come talk to me again when you get your head out of your ass, kthnx.

          • AGIS

            Aw, that’s it? I wasn’t done making you “triggered” yet. People like you is why we live in the weakest generation in our history. Everyone is soooo afraid of “offending” or “triggering”. Everyone needs their hand held and for society to gently rub their “oppressed” shoulder and whisper how the world owes them something.

          • AngelicWolf_

            Well, Boo-Hoo for you honey. THE WORLD OWES YOU NOTHING, as you said to us.

      • bubblesandpoppies

        I don’t have a tumblr, but as someone who has just recently started recovering from a suicide attempt myself, I’d like to avoid such topics.

        • AGIS

          So we should all cater to you? No. I’m sorry but the world owes you nothing.

  • illumelnati

    grgghrhrghrhgghg it’s so sweet how carter grew from i wanna fuck ur ass to i care about you :’-(((((

  • +bird+

    Have fun at the con! So nothing exploded and they’re on okay terms (phew, happy update; I feel so spoiled), but still I feel…worried? Emotional strain?? Hang in there darlings! ;A;

  • Arthur Dentist
  • Sinattea

    Being a deppressed-as-fuck person myself, I know this is just the kind of things you say before you go do something stupid like hurting yourself… or worse.
    And to think that when Carter said those words I was squealing in joy…

    Adrian, baby, you’re not ok!! You’re NOT OK and we both know it!!!!

    Please, please, have Carter asking him to stay on the phone. Baby Adrian needs to talk!!! ;A;

    And I need a hug. And milk. T^T

  • Kumotogi

    Oh the feels~

  • thedarkglasses

    Please, please put a trigger warning if you do have Adrian harm himself in any way.

    • AGIS

      ….Are you serious?

      • thedarkglasses

        A lot of people seem to be getting that vibe from this page. I want everyone to be safe while reading this comic. There should be a trigger warning IF Hazel and Bell do decide to go that route. I really hope that they don’t. However, IF they do decide to, which is ultimately their choice, there HAS to be a trigger warning.

        • AGIS

          No. Overly emotional children should not be able ruin the ending of this comic because of their dramatic emotional outbursts of being “triggered”. If you can’t handle a comic, that doesn’t me you reserve the right to ruin the ending for everyone else or have your hand held by the author the entire time. Sorry, life isn’t a padded room with puppies and kitties. If you SINCERELY can’t handle something as soft as a BL comic, you probably shouldent be on the internet.

          So no. No “trigger warnings”. Just let people enjoy the story as it unfolds. No one needs training wheels here.

          • thedarkglasses

            You seem to care more about the ending being spoiled for you, than other people reading this comic. I don’t care how “soft” you think this comic is. Suicide and self-harm are not jokes. If someone who has self-harmed and has been suicidal sees something that has to do with that, they may be triggered. Obviously it won’t hurt you any if they do have a trigger warning, but you do NOT have the right to say that people don’t need them. Being triggered is actually a really serious thing that may effect someone’s wellbeing. That’s why it’s important to have them. I would also like to point out that someone’s health is IMMENSELY more important than the ending of a comic being “spoiled” for someone.

          • AngelicWolf_

            Amen. Thank you for being a rational person.

          • AGIS

            Again, no. People don’t need their hand held and a warning every time a plot device happens. And I never said nor thought suicide or self ham were jokes, but if you get “triggered” by a webcomic and blow you brains out….I mean….was it really the webcomics fault? Seems like this generation wants to grow up in a padded cell with strict “trigger warnings” on everything. Gets exhausting seeing how “offended” everyone is by absolutely everything, and how sickeningly PC everyone tries to be. Ugh… No one needs a warning or disclaimer on a fucking webcomic. Just read it and enjoy it ffs.

          • thedarkglasses

            I say this from the bottom of my heart: Go fuck yourself. You don’t get to decide what people can and can’t handle. I want the fucking trigger warning so people can stay safe, something you obviously don’t care about at all. You seem too desensitized in my personal opinion. Really, if it is just a webcomic, a grown man can surely handle the ending being spoiled for him. I don’t care if the comic gets spoiled for you, I really don’t, I want the trigger warning because some people may not be able to handle that sort of material. That doesn’t make them weak, it doesn’t mean that they’re “getting their hand held”. Their health and safety is so much more important than some person who just doesn’t want the ending of a comic spoiled for him.

          • rabu chan

            thank you.

          • AGIS

            Lol, so touchy. Can’t handle people opposing your life view?

          • thedarkglasses


          • angelicwolf_

            Ok, first of all, rude, I take it that you have never ever suffered from depression and let me tell you a thing, this kind of topics, they harm people, so I don’t agree with you, you can be annoyed by those kind of teenagers but you have no right in expressing yourself as you did in this comment, you should have a little bit of empathy. So suck it up pal. Deal with it or you can be the one to leave if it annoys you that much.

  • no

    (tw self harm/suicide mention)
    I don’t understand why people immediately assume that Adrian’s going harm himself/commit suicide? I don’t think he’s up to that point to do something so extreme tbh. instead, I think he’s only going to distant himself more from others (especially carter) and continue to focus on studies for his parents sake. it’s clear that realizing what he’s done to carter is taking quite a toll on him. I wouldn’t be surprise if he develops a slight fear of using carter ( or even others) again for stress relief, hence avoiding/distant from them even further.

  • no

    (tw self harm/suicide mention)
    I don’t understand why people immediately assume that Adrian’s going harm himself/commit suicide? I don’t think he’s up to that point to do something so extreme tbh. instead, I think he’s only going to distant himself more from others (especially carter) and continue to focus on studies for his parents sake. it’s clear that realizing what he’s done to carter is taking quite a toll on him. I wouldn’t be surprise if he develops a slight fear of using carter ( or even others) again for stress relief, hence avoiding/distant from them even further.

    • Faolan Rei

      Adrian believes at this point that he’s too ‘messed up’ to do anything but hurt or disappoint those around him. He’s a constant disappointment to his parents because he’s not turning out to be the perfect son they want him to be, the play he put his heart and soul into working on got pretty much ruined because he went behind his parents’ backs and never got permission to participate, he used and manipulated Carter in the same way David used him, and now he has his best friend calling him a ‘basket case’ (and, while I appreciated that Maria was there to straighten Adrian out, I wish she had used better wording. But teenagers….) I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to believe that Adrian’s going to do something drastic at this point, especially given how tormented he looks in this page.

    • Catharina Almeida

      I agree, nice review.

  • FooFightin’

    IF Adrian is going to harm himself, PLEASE give a CLEAR TRIGGER WARNING. I didn’t think I would ever need to request one, but as someone still struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, I’m not in a place where I would be able to necessarily read that kind of content– ESPECIALLY without a warning. This page alone reminded me of instanced where I’ve acted the same. (And from other comments, I see others caught that same notion.)

  • FancyOctopusss

    Just edit something to show how i feel

  • Teru♥

    I’ll just put this here and go slowly…

    • Zatmenie Luny

      I thought the same XD

      • Teru♥

        hahahahaha yeah, I remember my teenager days :)

  • ChesterCheeseXD

    Adrian stop it!!! DX

  • MyKaela Wright

    Adrian, you’re not a mess up. because you’re so fucking adorable

  • findet nemo

    adrian you accurately overdramatic teenager

    • rabu chan


  • meganeka

    Carter aka beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure

  • wanderingpanpilot

    so we still get an update thursday rightttttt *is lulled into a false sense of hope*

  • Zatmenie Luny

    You’re not fine Adrian!! You need lots of hugs.
    Let Carter hugs you!!!!

  • Trashy Marta Ayy

    *more incoherent screaming*

  • Calvin Meltin

    Can’t wait to see you guys at AX

  • Asbronaut

    the clouds are subtly rolling in in the background… oh adrian…

  • Tsu

    I love Carter. He’s an amazing character. Adrian hurt him, but even so, he did not stop to worry about Adrian and this is amazing, it shows how much he is a good friend and wants to help him.

    Good job Hazel and Bell! <3

  • Anna Dachowska


  • Mr.Suspender


  • cariboucat

    the clouds have been steadily rolling in… will the next panel be Adrian hanging up the phone and proceeding to walk or sit sadly in the rain?

    • CherryPancake

      How about adrian having to walk in the rain and carter sneaking out and meeting him in some random spot with an umbrella and warm hug

  • landon

    im csreaming,,,, also i cant wait to see u guys at AX omg

  • afoxsryup


  • Larkle

    Carter’s next lines: Okay, hang on. So you know how you acknowledged that I know you kind of well? Well, kind of getting that you’re not actually all right. Also, that you’re kind of pushing me because you’re scared. Also, I don’t think I’ve expressed this yet, but I’m interested in you for more than sex. Like, I’m definitely still interested in sex. You’re really hot. But you’re also cool and interesting and weird and I like you. A lot. So don’t push me away, Adrian. You have shit going on, I get that. Let me be there for you.

  • WALLACAT@deviantart

    Leaves fantart on page… //crieswishingicouldhavedrawnthembetter///
    I love this comic so much…❤️❤️

    • Tsu

      OUR 2 DORKS <3 <3

      • WALLACAT

        Lol I tried!!! I can’t wait to see hazel and belle at anime expo!

  • Liam Havington

    Omg I can’t stop reading this!! <3 I am in Love with this Comic! <3 I want to read more *-* ♡♡♡♡♡

  • ||Sebastian Michaelis ||


    • Neko Kun

      OMG sAME

    • Wanda Nemer


  • living1Dpotato

    “You’re not messed up.”
    “I’m a complete basket case and I dragged you right into the middle of it.”
    “I’m fine.”

  • Wendy Li

    stop making me feel things.

  • Lara

    “Im fine” MY TINY BAB NOOOO

  • anxious fangirl

    This is how it should go, imho. (warning: lengthy fangirling below)
    Adrian walks home. It begins to rain, and the skies are reflective of his mood. He can’t quite figure a way out of this situation and he’s becoming more and more desperate. His thoughts are growing dark and morbid.
    He arrives at his house, not quite prepared to face his parents. He’ll have to feign normalcy for them, he doesn’t want them to think anything is wrong. And then…
    Carter is there, sitting on the front steps to his home. He’s soaked down to his underwear from the walk and his teeth are chattering a bit. He hears Adrian’s footsteps and looks up as Adrian walks up the path to the door.
    “What are you doing here, Carter?” Adrian is shocked, and not a little surprised at how happy he is to see his friend sitting there.
    Carter immediately stands up, then walks slowly towards Adrian. “You told me you were fine, but like you said, I know you pretty well now. Well enough to know when you’re lying to me.”
    Adrian breaks down into tears. Carter reaches out and wraps his arms around him, tightly, and Adrian actually lets him. They stand out there like that for a while, in the rain.
    When they finally pull apart, Adrian is smiling a little. “Who would’ve thought when we first met that we’d be here now?”
    Carter swallows, his eyes wide and nervous. “Yeah, who would’ve thought?”
    Tentatively, Carter reaches up to hold Adrian’s face in his hands. He is nervous, because thus far Adrian has always been the one to make the first move. Adrian’s cheeks are cold and wet, his hair is running into his face. Carter thinks he’s never looked more lovely.
    Then with his usual snarkiness, Adrian says with a smirk, “Well, are you gonna kiss me or what?”
    Commence the greatest rainy make out session in the history of mankind. Nay, in the history of the UNIVERSE.

    • MidnightDreams

      Oh, my gosh that is the most perfect thing……Hazel and Bell make it happen, plz plz plz….

      • anxious fangirl

        Haha thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed my rambling.

  • DrLachrymose .


  • Beari

    I regret not getting into this before AX. I could’ve gotten prints and a book. //inserts emoji here

  • Fameln Lonare

    that’s to much for my heart

  • Maija

    …it’s going to rain isn’t it

  • kat the cat

    it’s fucking raining

  • yummycupzz

    Crap. It’s raining right now where I am. T_T

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  • Emily anwor

    I there going to be an update this weekend?????

  • Rubix Beat

    Even though I knew there would most likely not be an update today I still stalked this page all day anyway

  • かい

    Ok, so things can go of two ways. They’ll either find things to be getting too awkward and slowly grow more and more apart, or things will ‘slowly’ start to work out again. Remember love can’t be rushed so no matter how much we fan about it, things won’t be lovey dovey right away. But on the off chance, after the phone call carter might start going to classes again rather than ditching. After a day or few of awkward passes in the hall carter would talk to Adrian and have a semi deep convo about the relationship between the two. At this point, either they’ll confess and work their way up as a couple, or they’ll start slow and just become friends for the time being. Personally I hope things do work out and I’d like it to be sooner than later but we do need to take this into a realistic view.

  • Holly A.

    Oh please, Adrian, don’t. I know you’re feeling really bad, but please, let Carter talk to you. Don’t assume what is better for him. You’re not as bad as you think you are and Carter is not an angel either, you can find a way to mend this relationship, even if you have to go back to the start and rediscover that beautiful friendship that was slowly walking towards a goofy romance. Please, let him help you.

  • CandyPopCorn

    SOmeTimes thIs CoMiC Is TOO mUch.

  • arrakis

    oh god oh god cheese and frickin crackers i am not sure what i thought i was getting into when i started reading this three hours ago but it is so flippin hnnnng the character writing is ON FLEEK