• https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dary-Cheshire/760014310722141 Dara Mejia Saldivar

    This is the part when i cry milk.
    It’s bc i don’t think Carter is doing “fine”. I mean, he looked really bad the last time he talked to Adrian.
    That’s why i can’t believe he’s speaking with him like so relaxed on the phone
    Or maybe it’s just me that i’m traumatized with the fact that when things look really good you guys are used to make me suffer by puting another bad situation! xD
    Anyway, i’m better now that Adrian apologised about everything. I believe that if they have a normal conversation everything will be finally fixed!! >:’0 ❤❤❤

  • sephoraugh

    *aggressively cries*

  • http://glorioustentacles.tumblr.com/ ТЯЦТНΘЯḊΔЯЄ

    Can Adrian just apologize to Carter and all will be forgiven and friendship will bloom again?
    Could life really be that simple?

    I smell a trap.

  • Somewhere over your rainbow

    Adrian and Carter are going to argue again,
    no scratch that,
    Carter is going to be sad cause Adrian is basically apologizing for not controlling his hormones over stress and Carter’s building feelings are not going to be asked about or presented in the picture.
    I bet Adrian won’t even bat an eyelash at the fact that Carter initiated something, hes probs thinking “ah i probs turned him on r something (hehehe im hot)”

  • noririna

    pls make up and make out pls

  • Asbronaut

    please tell me

  • Helen Spyr


  • Sinattea

    Guys, GUYS!!!! Remember that as chill as what Carter is saying reads, we don’t know what he actually SOUNDS like. Like, his voice could be all sobby and trembling and he could be about to break. Because, let’s face it, we all know that at the other end of the phone, he’s hiding beneath a blanket surrounded by empty cartons of milk. ;A;

  • Ginger

    Main prediction: Carter is not well.
    Adrian does not reveal his suppressed emotions.

  • Haley

    All of this is because SOMEBODY made a…

  • AnonAnime

    will someone explain the “milk” jokes?

    • Baileys


    • AnonAnime

      stop using my profile and make your own -_-

      • AnonAnime

        Sorry sis…

    • Zacharie Wheeler

      In the page that Baileys posted, Carter takes the whole carton of milk to his room because he’s increasingly depressed which shows or at least hints at the fact that Carter’s coping skill is drinking milk.

    • StormLee

      He took a gallon of milk from the fridge and left it on his night stand, so we all think he chuggs milk when upset.

  • Andrea Camargo

    I wanna scream, I wanna cry, I want my babies to be happy, but in my heart I know this is most likely not going to get better TT~TT aghaghagahgah

  • Cici Gee

    Please update soon

  • Rubix Beat

    I really hope they update sometime tomorrow. I’m having some serious update withdrawal.

  • starduststories

    I just watched Dead Poets Society for the first time yesterday and now I’m really not liking where this is going

    • Larkle

      Don’t go there. ‘n’

  • Megan Amalia

    gods I just want them to be okayy! No more milk or sad handjobs, only happiness.

  • abacus

    As a fandom, we are getting smarter with all these analyzing stuff and predicting shit

  • tFios


  • usagi66

    where is the update ????? T.T T.T

  • ||Sebastian Michaelis ||


    im dying.

  • xX_Nightmare_Taco

    waiting for the new update like

  • Diamond

    Okay but for real how many of us stalk them on update day on Twitter

  • miasaurus

    I’m waiting for the new update like

  • Cuzco

    *prays that the reason it’s taking long is because there’s gonna be a double update*

    • bellhasabat

      wishful thinking buddy

  • Derpy

    Lol in my mind while there’s no update I just imagine Adrian and Carter there on the phone like derp

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  • alliando

    anyone want to join the chatroom while we’re waiting? http://stinto.net/mw6nx

  • http://twitter.com/notnicostype_ aleSSandra

    Waiting for the update like

  • Mizu

    Milk-chan is going to enter in scene.

  • chinhaeflower

    Oh man. I know Adrian’s trying to be really apologetic and wants to clear up his side, but he cut off Carter really fast. And “It’s fine. I get it.” usually doesn’t end well. I mean, it all depends on tone and I might be just way too anxious that shit is about to go down the drain, but I hope both of them really listen to each other and don’t jump to any conclusions, because OH MY GOD THEY MIGHT ACTUALLY FIX SOME STUFF!! It’s a good sign that they’re both apologizing, but I’m still just ‘uuuuuuugh, be carefuuuuuuul, childreeeeeen’.

  • bellhasabat

    are you guys sure you want the update

    • Katie

      bring on the suffering we live for it

      • bellhasabat

        glad to see we have a masochist onboard, you’ll do fine here.

        • http://dancingswithawolf.tumblr.com meaghan

          im scared

        • moe


    • moe


    • starduststories

      We’re so screwed aren’t we

    • Nightmare taco



    • Andrea Camargo

      Yes PLEASE!

    • Calvin Meltin

      I’ll have to die someday

    • Carter-Senpai

      I’m scared but I need this

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    • Andrea Camargo

      please dont toy with us, I bet were all refreshing like crazy

    • starduststories

      I’m so ready

    • UnorthodoxParadox

      You just can’t wait for us to die can you?

      You love to watch the world burn.

      But yeah we really want that update please.

    • KnightListener

      I don’t even care at this point. I just want to see the babies.

  • Annabeth Winchester

    In the third and fourth panel Adrian looks mad at himself and then he looks resigned like I did wrong now to apologize

    • Elly

      winchester? SPn aYyyYy

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    *holding breath*

  • SashlovesBlueberries

    Oh my god my heart

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  • Sabrina Méndez

    Finally……….he apologized…..

  • Yako Misumine

    I still have bad vibes…

    • Nil

      ikr I’m still somewhat tense

    • oinkawa -


    • kelth

      What is that from?

      • Yako Misumine


  • http://www.writingforums.org/members/oscar-leigh.73758/. Oscar Leigh

    Bby Carter is so in love he can’t even stay mad!

  • Sarah


  • I hope your right.

    Did you read Bells tweet?

  • Wahh

    Same ;-;

  • http://bobdoestheart.deviantart.com/ Bob

    No, I don’t really use twitter :/ Did she say something about this?

  • I hope your right.

    She said “y’all trust me to much”. Which means you could be right, however she’s very good at ripping peoples hearts out

  • http://bobdoestheart.deviantart.com/ Bob

    She is wayyyy too good at that… :’|

  • » ∂εεzηυтzz.

    omg same here, I just can imagine what their voices be like ;u;

  • Calvin Meltin

    I’ve always imagined people doing a reading of it.

  • Wowiedoge

    Wait what did the tweet say

  • Rubix Beat

    a.k.a, she’s not done torturing us yet

  • Calvin Meltin

    Well, we are all fucked

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  • Calvin Meltin


  • John

    How about we pretend this is how ARH ends so there’s no more torture?

  • echononme

    *quiet screaming???*

  • Eri

    no, the tickets are the reason his parents found out about the play and yanked them out Adrian tried giving them to carter, and carter left them on the table because he didnt know if he could go.

  • BlackOleander

    Nope, you’re right. :) That’s how I interpreted it as well.

  • かい

    I thought it was because carter was heartbroken that he couldn’t stand to see Adrian, that would also explain why he’s been ditching class

  • elijah elquest

    I’m not sure. I thought that carter gave them to Maria because he couldn’t go. He probably didn’t even say anything other than like “hey give these to adrian.”
    And Maria thought that he had given them back because adrian done goofed.
    That’s why she said that carter giving the tickets back was adrian doing.
    I’m probably wrong. Adrian ‘ parents had to figure out somehow.

  • elijah elquest

    Also Maria said “everyone needs to study for exams right now, that’s why your parents yanked you from the play”
    Didn’t adrian try to give the tickets to his parents but they returned that with a note saying “we need to talk”?
    So he gave them to carter instead.
    So his parents knew about the play and it wasn’t carter’s fault?

  • http://justkeepondriving.tumblr.com/ask justkeepondriving

    NOT YET.

  • http://justkeepondriving.tumblr.com/ask justkeepondriving

    Cuties! I approve of your countering methods!!

  • http://glorioustentacles.tumblr.com/ ТЯЦТНΘЯḊΔЯЄ

    This is beautiful and you are so awesome, THANK YOU! *:・゚✧

  • https://www.facebook.com/tsuka666 Tsuka

    ekrjzejhgkzejg ; A ; ! ♥ THANK YOU y v y ♥

  • Caleb TC

    They had a lil fight and Caryer gave back the tickets that Adrian gave him for the play.


    Alright, thank you!