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Hi all! updating from japan again, had a hard time getting a decent internet connection to upload the page 8,)

(if you are interested, we will continue to update about our adventures in japan via our twitters! )

  • SylvanoTR

    lksdnfds can’t waiiit ­<3

  • wanderingpanpilot

    so proud of Adrian for calling, he mustve been so anxious!

  • catsumbrella

    Adrian seems really nervous like what he has to say won’t fix anything. That Carter might hang up or another problem will arise. I’m getting myself all worked up thinking of what might happen. I love them so much!

  • luchan

    They are gonna to talk *_* I need this now

  • Breen

    I’m so scared, we haven’t seen Carter in a while… i don’t wanna see my baby drowning in milk and tears in the next page.

  • Britt Colacicco

    I was wondering why Adrian didn’t just say he was Adrian or that he’s a friend of Carter’s or…whatever. Then I realized, if Carter is upset enough to be skipping school then he’s not going to want to talk to Adrian. Pretending to be someone from his French class makes perfect sense because A) Carter’s going to need to know what work he’s missing and B) Not that Adrian knows this, but he got his phone and DS confiscated BECAUSE he did so poorly on their recent French test. Adrian really couldn’t have picked a better “cover.”

    Over-analysis aside, it’s really sad that Carter’s just avoiding everyone. Boy wasn’t exactly valedictorian before, but it seemed like Adrian was starting to get under his skin and make him think about his life again. It must have been a low blow to have the person who started to inspire you act like you were just an easy lay. I know that sounds harsh, and I don’t mean to be overtly cruel to Adrian, but I worry about Carter’s seeming lack of motivation. He really seemed to light up when he was around Adrian, and I want Carter to realize that he can be somebody after high school. I need Adrian to pursue HIS dreams of acting or performing or whatever he wants to do, and I need Carter to push himself a little and figure out that there’s more to his life than being the slacker. What is most important is that they talk and understand that neither of them was seeking each other out for the right reasons the first time, but maybe they can get it right on the second try.

    • Elbi FandomFan

      This sounds so clannad (?

  • TypicallyUsual

    Jason managed to write the phone number upside down?

    • Caleb TC

      It’s not so hard. When I was in school and I was working with a groip on a poster or something, they had it facing them and I was sitting on the other side, so I just did everything upside down.

  • artsyfartsybitchface

    Hello it’s me.

    • artsyfartsybitchface

      Am I the only one who is waiting for Adrain to break into song like:

      • Kamigi

        did u just

  • Annabeth Winchester

    Holy Merida does he look terrified or what

  • Bored Mortal

    Please don’t hang up…

  • SashlovesBlueberries

    Hello….. it’s me

  • hoe hunter


  • Anne

    Dude I’m listening to the man who can’t be moved by the script and AAAAHHHHGGGG MAH FEEELS!!!!!!!!



  • Fabmikorin

    That sassy pose in panel 4 lmao

  • ❤Manami-Chan

    I’m scared