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  • gfjjfhg

    i hope carter never talks to you again jesus christ

  • Ally

    my dreams of adrian chasing carter has died because adrian doesnt give enough shits :((( *shakes adrian furiously* WHY DON’T YOU CARE ENOUGH

    • Leonora Paust

      He does but he realized that the jazz is not all about him. He understood (finally?) that Carter is hurt, too, and so Adrian may be the one who has to apologize but first of all he isn’t sure if Carter wants his apology, second thing is that by giving Carter this space, he basically told him (well not really, since Carter never read the texts) that he had all the time in the world and his answer can be whatever if it means that he can come to a conclusion. And third of all, Adrian may try to give an unlimited number of options to Carter but that doesn’t mean he could deal with every single one of them. He has to prepare himself. And bonus: If he had called Carter or talked to him in person it would’ve been AWKWARD. Yup. Awk. Ward.
      So, I hope I could make you understand with this little explanation

  • nyoom

    gee, people are really being harsh on Adrian. Have you guys ever thought that he may not be emotionally prepared to face carter in person yet?? He might want to take things at a steady pace. Or he’s just inexperienced at handling situations like this.Especially since he’s only a teen. Just because he’s made some mistakes and is unsure as to how to grasp the situation doesn’t make him a heartless person. I think he truly does care for carter, but is just confused on how to handle his own emotions. Seriously…I really wish people would stop being over critical of Adrian and try to think from his point of view for once.

    • jess

      still dont like him tho

    • Sky

      Preach it! I feel the same way. Honestly, I’ve never hated Adrian–ever. Like you said, he’s inexperienced with this sort of situation. No need for hate.

  • Fake Person

    C’mon guys, just make up already, you guys love eachother!

  • Lillipop

    Ah… Adrian is precious. He’s under a lot of stress, he’s been through a lot! You should never judge a person by what they don’t want/want to do. It’s not that he doesn’t care. It’s not. He’s worrying himself numb. Look at his eyes. I would do the same thing. Text the person, and let them tell me when they’re ready. I wouldn’t want to barge in. Remember, there’s a lot that Adrian doesn’t know. There’s also a lot that Carter doesn’t know. Adrian is perfectly fine in his choices.

  • n

    i wish carter was 1# priority instead of parents, exams and the play :(

    • Lillipop

      That’s unrealistic…

      • n

        i know, which makes me sad *sigh* i want him to put 100% into getting carter back because of the empty void in his soul when carter is not by his side … but nah this is adrian

        • Lillipop

          Yeah.. But I can’t blame him or hate him for anything.

          • n

            i still wouldve liked him chasing carter down in the rain and crying and then carter stopping and putting his jacket around him and putting the umbrella over him… but realistically adrian will be doing his exams and stalking the play progress and carter would have moved on

    • Ookami san

      Me too

    • bloop

      i dont think hes in love enough for that to happen

    • Eh

      4th place is ehhh… a text will do

  • Ookami san

    Yay!!!! New update! Wait, my wish is that voice to be carter’s

    • Penguin

      I think it’s Jason for some reason.

      • Ookami san

        oh my wish didn’t come true.

  • Penguin

    Am i the only person who still likes Adrian QwQ. I don’t understand all the hate he’s getting.
    He’s just under a lot of stress TT-TT.

  • Chris

    Everybody’s saying it’s Jason ( which probably is) bit could it maybe be Carter’s sister? That would explain why he is SO surprised

  • Dopey

    thats interesting he hasnt seen carter in french class?????

  • Gaige

    what’s with all the hate on adrian ???? dude’s under a ton of stress. chill

  • Saleb o____O

    Oh god, please let this be a nice person talking to him…
    i cant take anymore sadness TT____________TT

    • Leonora Paust

      Let’s be honest it’s David who came to see him for whatever reason. Our fate is to observe fictional characters and pitifully cry over the hardships they must overcome like the sad piles of feels-trash we are.
      I am so. Positive. Today.

      • Saleb o____O

        this comment broke my heart to pieces…
        thank you… its so true… x,D

  • Xyxthris

    I can relate a lot more to Carter’s situation than Adrian’s. Just be thankful that Adrian wants to make things right. Clearly he was upset that Carter “ignored” his text and he thinks Carter is ignoring him too. Why are people interpreting him studying and missing the play as not caring about Carter? It’s possibly the most rational and normal thing he has done since Mario Cart.

    • Sky

      This comment has too much truth for me to handle.

    • oh

      Except that his life doesnt revolve around Carter. He’s allowed to feel upset about being kicked out of the play and exhausted from studying non-stop. There’s a lot going on his life right now and Carter is one of those things, but he is by no means the only thing.

  • Yukinyne

    Please be JASON!!

  • Misu Kaze

    I’m a hundred percent sure it is Jason and I don’t know if he will make things better or worse

  • gayguy556

    the art got really cute

  • Passerby

    such a cute expression in the last panel.

  • Ace

    give this kid a break already jesus christ poor baby

  • Tobs

    I don’t know why, but, I got the feeling that David’s the one calling… or Jason

  • Lara

    I can’t take this anymore someone please protect Adrian at all cost!!

  • Rawrafied

    Lol. If that’s a Rocky reference, then win. xD

  • Jesica Bello Cardozo

    I can’t take it anymore! Please, just leave Adrian alone! T-T The poor kid doesn’t know what to think ;-;

    Carter, get your phone now!!

    • sdfghj


      • sdfghj


  • Leonora Paust

    Oh god. OH GOD. I think I realized something. The last time we see Carter (in front of the theatre with Adrian trying to sort stuff out) he first had this puppy eye look on his face just before Adrian went back inside. And then Hazel and Bell show Carter’s and Adrian’s expression shortly after they parted. Adrian looked stressed and guilty, but Carter was trembling and he looked PISSED. He was enraged. Guys. Next time they meet, Carter will scream. I’m can see it coming. And then Adrian will try apologize but Carter will have Nothing of it because he’s DONE, he’s FUCKING DONE and no one can convince him to go gentle on Adrian. And he will be even more pissed because he thinks Adrian took his merry time, that he really didn’t care (which he obviously does but how would Carter know). Oh god I see it coming. Everyone go into shelter. The bombs are coming

    • raven

      Wait, a lot of people think he was mad…. I know why

      • Leonora Paust

        Why do you think? I have a few theories but nothing that I can back up with examples and all

        • raven

          There’s is a slight misunderstanding, I think people didn’t look closely at the Art , but if you do take a look, his eyebrow is actually creased up, it’s just that you can BARELY tell the difference between his hair color and his eyebrow… I’ll show you wait

          • Raven

            Like if you look at this, you say Oh no Carter is mad Cry cry cry ( I thought he was mad too initially )

          • raven

            But if you play around with the pictures brightness and color and look closely at his eyebrow…. We can see he is actually devastated

          • Leonora Paust

            Alright I’ll look into this. But not now. My mom is already hushing me to bed because it’s three in the GODDAMN morning XD

          • Leonora Paust

            For those of you who were interested, here it is

          • Ian Shan

            I think at the end is a mix between debastated and mad. Because he has a lot of feelings and a lot to think after Adrian’s words.

          • TinyKarma

            CSI: feels investigation unit (ARH edition)

          • raven

            But it’s an honest mistake, it’s very hard to tell the difference, I was like jumping and saying HAHAHAHA CARTER IS MAD ADRIAN HAHAHA WATCH YOUR BACK but noooope

          • Leonora Paust

            That may be the case but even so, I feel like we’ll see carter in an outburst soon and it will get ugly, uglier than t already got

          • raven

            Well we were promised pain and suffering this year. I know things look like they’re about to improve but I feel like it’s all a trick cause it feels way too easy for just Jason to waltz in and fix everything

  • MidLife

    I can imagine ARH updating at a local gallery like new portrait every week and all of us make our way to this gallery to see every update and our reactions there, taking photographs, asking for autographs

  • Lotus

    But don’t they have French together???

  • Daiki

    I made a bad song 4 arh in the viewpoint of Adrian and uh here ya go:
    No judge bruh. I tried bleh
    I sound like a little kid sobs

    • カスミ

      omg u sound great

      • Daiki

        I just cringed multiple times listening 2 it

  • kemi


  • Magikarp


    its obvious that Jason is calling out to Adrian, but Jason probably isnt alone, he must be with Carter and Maria or who knows who else because it must be after school now right? or lunch but still if play practice is happening i think its after school.

    But the point is if Carter IS with Jason, Carter will probably take one glance and silently leave, not wanting to be anymore near Adrian right now. This would further their misunderstanding and Adrian would confirm to himself that Carter IS ignoring him since he didnt recieve a text message the night. Whether he gets sad or kind of angry doesnt matter, he’ll be so caught up in this action he wont even ask Jason anything about Carter or maybe Jason will sense they argued and lightly tread on the subject without revealing that Carter doesnt have his phone

    because you know i feel like this is a trap or trick or whatever. Doesnt it feel fishy that Jason waltzes in and fixes everything? like thats too easy…….plus hazel and bell promised pain and suffering for 2015…….

  • Riuokun

    adrian looks like he shops at GAP

  • Pandagram

    I cannot be the only one who heard the last panel in Rocky’s voice…

  • Dara Mejia Saldivar

    I hope things get better!! I don’t know who is talking to Adrian but it sounds to me like Jason idk xDD

  • doozer :3

    if this is david

  • doozer :3

    if this is david (part 2)

    • gayguy556

      its not david, he doesnt go to their school, so chill babe

  • ???

    Adrian gets so much shit he texted Carter, he reached out&apologized he KNOWS he fucked up, and to the best of Adrian’s knowledge, he is being ignored by an upset Carter. Him not being pushy and going after Carter IS him caring about Carter. He’s respecting Carter’s space and his feelings.
    Which is what you do when you care about someone and you hurt them, you apologize, give them time and let them come to you on their terms if they WANT to, not getting up in their face and hounding them and demanding things from them. He hurt Carter, he knows that, and he’s leaving it in Carters field if he wants to talk things out and give him a second chance. Also, Adrian is dealing with A TON OF SHIT rn, so of course Carter isn’t his number one priority.
    Anyways, I feel like the person is probably love interest from before B’) cue more heart breaking drama. I kinda hope it’ll be a thing of Adrian not being into David anymore (because he likes Carter), but Carter sees them together and assumes the worst. Because I like to suffer, I guess.

    • littlebabyrainbows

      Carter isn’t ignoring him. They took away his phone °~°

      • marcillia

        “to the best of Adrian’s knowledge, he is being ignored by an upset Carter.”

        We know that Carter doesn’t have his phone. But Adrian doesn’t know that, so it seems like he’s being ignored.

        • qsdfgh

          yeah i think that’s exactly what ??? means when saying “to the best of Adrian’s knowledge” coz it means something like “as far as Adrian knows”. so ??? knows that Carter isn’t ignoring Adrian, they’re just saying that Adrian doesn’t know and assumes Carter is ignoring me.

  • SnowWhite

    I thought Adrian and Carter would have seen each other by now since they both take French.

    • BlackOleander

      I doubt they have French every day.

      • gayguy556

        yeah true, but they could meet in the hallways technically

  • Sakura 桜

    *heavy breathing* WHO SAID DAT

  • Ian Shan

    I think it can be Carter’s friend maybe? (or another random friend)
    I don’t think it’s David at all (first, this happened time ago but I asket hazel in a livestream abpout David appearing again and she said that probably not(or not as an import character)
    I think David don’t go to their school , we knew him in a party (and on that extra page in wich Carter sees him on STREES(not school). Carter also didn’t know him from before(and he was so interested in the gay guys from his school). David is algo more older I think?

    • CrystalFoxx

      David isn’t gay…..

      • Ian Shan

        Well he had a ”thing” with Adrian (I’m saying gay over here but he can be pan or bi or whatever) But they had something.

        • PeanutButter

          No he’s not into men at all. He led Adrian on then told him he was just curious because he thought he was cute.

          • Ian Shan

            omg OK, so I thought that that was the case but that he was interested on men, I read that TOO MUCH time ago (and my english was worst back then) and I didn’t remember it pretty well. Sorry I was the one wrong, thanks for the info anyway !

  • LðµLðµ Våñ Håvêr

    i know it aint carter and that makes me furious immah just have to patiently wait

  • mikorm
  • Nanami-chan

    no no why did it stop here i want more this good but like really good !!!!!!!!
    and i don’t get impressed quikly so for the person who rote/ made this your fricking awsome ! lot of loves from me nanami-chan OUT

  • gayguy556

    is this week a double update by any chance? or is it just that ur posting earlier so u can relax at vancaf?

  • OneterribleT

    Got my book, sooo Happy!!!

  • Juke

    …..we haven’t seen Carter has he been missing school????

    • Calvin Meltin

      The milk got him

  • KpōpGīrl8812

    When can I saw the next Page? I’m waiting.

    • penguin

      The comic updates once a week.


    smol baby adrian in the last panel my smol son omg

  • cariboucat

    it’s jason

  • Zevoroth Rappaleano

    Why is that familiar…
    *flash backs*
    “Yo, Kaneki,”

    • I Kaneki Kan’t Even


    • Blood Flower

      NOT HERE

    • Calvin Meltin


    • AnnaBelle

      Why Would You…!?

    • Chicana

      NO, NOT HERE.

    • Demopedia

      please no

    • Clauds


  • Tim

    omg… it has been raining for FIVE DAYS in my city!
    Adrian’s suppressed tears are falling from the darkling sky.

    • anime_r_lover

      where do you live then??

      • Calvin Meltin


      • Calvin Meltin

        It’s actually rain’ the fire and rage of the ARH fans
        Also their sadness

      • Tim

        far far away ((and now i will write the city and if you’re interested you can find which country it’s in)) in Dabas ツ

  • PomixWing

    Bet it’s Jason.

  • Calvin Meltin

    Who’s the person? Is it god?
    Hey daddy hey daddy

    • Leonora Paust

      Jesus CHRIST not NOW BARA DADDY! AS IF HE COULD CLEAR ALL THIS UP FOR ADRIAN-BOO! ASIF HE EVEN WANTED TO! AS IF- ok what am I doing and the real question I wanted to ask was why the fuck is mink here the moment I want to spare my eyes of even more hardcore yaoi