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Hi all! Reminder that we will be at VANCAF (Vancouver, BC) this weekend (May 23-24th) at table M5. We will have Sticker sheets, prints, and a limited amount of books. See you guys there!

  • GloomAndDoom

    Please be Carter.

  • Jeldenil

    I only found this a few days ago via TOY. Read through it in one go. Hi everybody! I hope to stay for a while. Love it.

    • justkeepondriving

      Hello newcomer and fellow ToY reader! ;)

      • katreeena

        what’s ToY?

        • justkeepondriving

          Another LGBT-focused webcomic called Tripping Over You.

          Step One is the first chapter, Side-Stepping is sort of a flashback, but you can start at either spot, just remember to go back for the flashback.
          You’re welcome :)

  • XBellarkeX x


  • Chocobopancake

    /quietly sings “all by myself”/

  • baguette-kun


  • UnorthodoxParadox

    I feel like it’s Jason.

  • kdog

    gotta be Jason – bet he’s going to let it slip that Carter’s phone was taken away and then Adrian’s going to run and find Carter and everything will be rainbows and sunshine!

    Also, anyone know who Maria is in the play????????

  • J.K. Hogan

    Gotta love a Rocky reference.

  • JEM

    I need the next page like now.

  • dude

    oh man if it’s not fucking carter i’m gonna kill a bitch ( better not be david or some shit like that)

    • dude

      oh man it is isn’t i bet it’s david (or jason) maybe maria actually .. well i think it’s not gonna be carter ;^;

      • thevoidbender

        It seems like a Jason thing to say so my money’s on him

  • alliando

    i bet its jason ughghg why hasnt adrian hunted carter down and begged for forgiveness in person

    • justkeepondriving

      Thanks for making me picture Adrian on his knees at Carter’s feet.

  • celine

    these slow updates slowly kill me ;^;

  • BitterKitten

    Carter or Maria don’t seem like the ‘yo’ type. I’m guessing it’s Jason.

  • Hana

    Adrian is really cute here, even if he’s being sad

  • justkeepondriving

    I totes want Adrian’s cardigan. /random upbeat comment, everyone back to crying

  • NanNan

    I bet it’s Jason and he’s gonna ask how things are and adrians gonne be all ” : I ” and asking for Carter and Jason’s be like “maan if I’d know, can’t reach that dude his phone was taken” and then realisation and idk what but Jason saves the day. Jason4Life.

    • Susana Guerra

      I think I love you

    • Gabou Deargfolt

      Marry me please! Just… Holy milk I wish this would happen so hard… Sweetheart, thou hast the voice of an angel.

    • NanNan

      I could go more in depth but I don’t want to get your hopes up ;u;” Let’s take note though, Adrian won’t ask him straight out or smth. I mean sure, Adrian did call out to Carter in the past( shoe incident) but would he now? *le gasp* inb4 Carters with Jason but that’s unlikely, given the situation. Jason could like totally tell Adrian about Carters current mood and hint about his whereabouts or smth, because it’s Jason.

      2nd scenario- it’s le David and Adrians all flustered and Carter+Jason pass by, Carter sees them- le drama, which might result in them having a big fight but hmm… unlikely?

      • Gabou Deargfolt

        2nd scenario would be a complete disaster for my brain. And heart. Like internal explosion. Isn’t that called implosion? Maybe. Like I’d know that.

        • Emily Garde

          You know how an explosion goes out? An implosion goes in. Like crumpled paper.

          • Gabou Deargfolt

            Thank you for your blessed enlightenment sweetheart! I shall not make any more dumb/ awkward comments about implosions ever again.

          • Emily Garde

            I don’t know, if that happened my insides might implode.

  • thequeenofships

    its gotta be Jason
    it’s gotta be Jason

  • Blubblubsquiddy

    Worst case senerio it’s David

  • MoonByte

    I have an idea who it might be.
    Not sure, if it will be a good thing though…

  • Blix

    Is this a Rocky reference I’m spying?

    • Emerson Parker

      I really wanted to reenact that one scene from the deadpool video game with the up button, but it won’t let me.

  • Blix

    Is this a Rocky reference I’m spying?

  • Pope Steincis

    *Insert the scene from Rocky where Sylvester Stallone shouts “Yo Adrian, I did it!” here*

  • Person

    To all the people saying “Please let it be Carter!”… It’s obviously not Carter.
    After all that’s happened, and based on how Carter looked after their last encounter, do you really think he’s just gonna randomly go to him and greet him like “Yo, Adrian! Lulz, wazzap guuurl? How u been, babe?!”

    As nice as that would be… It won’t happen. It’ll probably be Jason… Or maybe some other minor character that was either in the background, or hasn’t been introduced yet. *shrug* We’ll see.

  • AJ V

    ISTG if it’s David…

  • Onyx

    Okay, so it’s not Carter because *sad evil laugh* please, this comic’s nickname is now “Always Paining Here” so . . . I think we’re all expecting it to be David . . . I mean, it COULD be Jason, but let’s face the music people :I
    If it’s David: *hit head repeatedly on desk* FUDGING NO! TT~TT I need somebody to snuggle, Adrian needs somebody to snuggle, Carter needs somebody to snuggle- fudge it, let’s just all have a snuggle party, I’ll bring the feels . . .
    If it’s Jason: FIX THIS!!!! *shakes him hard by the shoulders* FIX THIS GODS DANG YOU!!!!!! FIX THIS!!!!!!

  • LetsGetJammy

    I always expect a new page to give me answers, BUT ALL I GET IS MORE QUESTIONS D8

  • Gabou Deargfolt

    Please, I swear to Guacamole if it’s Jason, Imma dance naked on the rooftop to celebrate the all mighty powers of the MILK. Seriously though, Adrian is such a cutie pie in the last panel that I almost forgot all the amount of angst I’ve been accumulating these last few pages.

    • Alan Alias

      Don’t forget to tape it!, and share with us. hehehe

      • Gabou Deargfolt

        No problem. My tribute to the all mighty Milk will be known to all of you followers!

  • yummycupzz


  • Oscar Reyes

    Please, no…. no more… It’s David… Always Crying Here!

    • Teru♥

      I thought the same, I hope it is not David, I promise I’ll kill myself if it’s him xC

    • Ray

      Didn’t they say David’s role in the comic is done?

      • Moe84

        Haha yeh I remember that

  • Tsu



  • Teru♥

    Please be Jason to tell Adrian that Carter got his phone confiscated, please, please, please… just David NO… please….

  • LetsGetJammy

    i hope its Jason too

  • SirDipSauce

    PLLLLLLLS PLS please, be jason. ThaNk

  • Sky

    If it’s not Jason, then it’s official.

  • doozer :3

    if this is david im done like so done with everything :D -jumps off the planet-

  • doozer :3


  • i’m still sad though.

    Adrian looks so cute in the last panel.

  • Faolan Rei

    Adrian’s face in the third panel hurts my soul.

  • Keegan

    Oh my god, can we please take a moment to admire Adrian’s fashion sense? He’s freakin’ spazzy!

    • Alan Alias

      If you say so..

  • Keegan

    Also, that squiggly line at the end of his name, it’s GOT to be Jason.

    • LePop

      Yep, Jason.

  • eyebrows

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how much the artwork has improved since the begining of the comic?

    • PSSS

      yeah XD that’s was bad but the new version ins’t too bad right? XD

      • judge Trudy

        to be honest, when i read this in one sitting, I didnt notice the art change, like I wasn’t oblivious to it but it didnt really hit me because it felt gradual. now that you put those two images together then of course
        but i never thought it was bad.

        To start a comic at that level art skill? wasnt bad at all.

  • Celia Elizabeth

    that face in the last panel bru he is so cute IM GONNA DIE

  • LePop

    I saw people making angel versions of Maria but now-

    • Justin

      pops up like hey there you lil shit <3

    • nayeli garcia

      I hate you right now Carter (Lepop)

  • Miss All Sunday

    STUPID PARENTS, STUPID SCHOOL, STUPID ALL!!!! Adrian needs to be free!!! if he is free he can go with Carter!!! TT-TT this is killing me….

  • Loowworgan


  • Alex???

    Guys, but maybe this is part of a turn around

    • Leonora Paust

      As if. After this text thing and everyone reminding everyone else of Carter’s phone WHICH ISN’T THE FUCK THERE I gave up hope and now I’m a pessimist and partially a realist. And on team ‘No one’s wrong so please stop the hate’.
      I’m sad and in need of cuddles, any one mind hugging me?

      • Misaki

        *HUGGING HARD* ;-;

        • Leonora Paust

          Thank you, dear *sobs into Misaki’s shoulder* let’s just see how things work out

  • kaiya

    Omg i just read your entire book in one day i couldn’t put it down i look forward to reading more!!!!

  • usagi66

    thanks for the new update , even when you guys are at the VANCAF today :3 thanks and have fun <3 <3 <3 i wonder if this is carter…please let it be carter :(

  • pootispencer

    ajdfjwbshb god that kids cute…

  • h

    i overestimated how much adrian cared about carter… he gave his last fucks into that 2 second text last night, wont even apologize in person :/ its so sad, carter deserves better

    • Leonora Paust

      God damn it this is my third post trying to show otherwise!
      Adrian DOES care about Carter. A lot. The thing is, he realized that he is not the motherfucking center of the world. The sequences may be attempts to distract himself or if not, that isn’t bad either. Because, you see, unlike Carter he has a bunch of responsibilities and he’s not only guilty about Carter but also the play.
      So please please PLEASE don’t say he doesn’t care.
      And about those texts, don’t you think it would’ve been completely awkward if he told that in person or whilst calling? This way, not only did Adrian give Carter a night of sleep and time to think over his request/offer, but also save a lot of weird small talk and multiplying guilt for both parties.
      Of course, if you still don’t like Adrian and can’t forgive him, that is not my business but the reason I’m writing this obnoxiously long text is because you said Adrian ‘gave his last fucks into that 2 second text’ and that is not true. He wrote those texts BECAUSE he gave more than ‘a few fucks’

      • 流星

        Thank you. *bows*

        • Leonora Paust

          You’re welcome!
          If you want to thank me by giving something I don’t mind *laughs*
          I even have an idea *giggles* please *sobs* HUG MEEEEEEE

          • 流星

            *gives you a rare happy Adrian* *group hug*

            I get tired of people misunderstanding Adrian, as if he’s not having a hard time. ): Just because he’s dealing with things differently doesn’t mean he’s unaffected. :L

          • 流星

            *gives you a rare happy Adrian* *group hug*

            I get tired of people misunderstanding Adrian, as if he’s not having a hard time. ): Just because he’s dealing with things differently doesn’t mean he’s unaffected. :L

          • Leonora Paust

            I KNOW *hugs back* but honestly I don’t care about those guys. I just want those lil’ angels to be happy and that all misunderstanding get cleared up. It’s going to be quite the way until they reach that goal but I don’t mind going that way if it leads to a happy ending