• Lola

    I don’t know what’s killing me more the wait to find out what happens next or whether or not Carter and Adrian will get together

  • Fake Person

    I didn’t check on updates for like 3 weeks and now I’m all sad again.
    I want more…

  • Signe

    I like the pace in the last ten pages. Adrian’s fed-up mood is really coming across.<3

  • Sharon Agredo

    the development of the art style is making me emotional. its like watching a child grow up right in front of your eyes.

  • doozer :3

    i feel emotionally drained lol heLP

  • doozer :3

    damnnnn everyone is hating on adrian and im sitting here like

  • doozer :3

    everyone right now

  • doozer :3

    carter right now

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    This kid’s gonna suffer a nervous breakdown before he’s done with his exams.
    And some of us will, too.

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    It’s late and I have microsoft paint.

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      this is so cute i swear

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      I love this lol

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      (I-Im sorry, but those aren’t haiku’s.) Made me laugh and almost choke up water though X3.

      • waterproofbacon

        I know they’re not haikus but I’m glad that I made you laugh! XD

        • PeanutButter

          Aaah sorry, just a pet peeve of mine c:

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        I think that’s the joke ^^

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      This is beautiful

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      “IF I WERE YOU ID FORGIVE ME TOO” *facepalm

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    omg adrian mah baby… someone give this baby a cup of tea, a blanket and a dildo

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    poor baby doesn’t really deserve the hate he gets

  • http://crypie88.tumblr.com crypie

    they’re probably just like

    • Claudia Rivera

      That’s me

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    Its always raining here
    except the rain comes from my eyes

    This is the only thing in my life that makes me emotional

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    GUH putain,,,,,, que je pleure
    im dying

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    Product idea: ARH plushes… pleasssseeeee…

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      I would totally buy one

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    Imagine if Carter and Adrian lived in Russia thank god they don’t phew *wipes sweat off forehead

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    i literally read like all of this in half an hour last week i am dying

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    I fixed it

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      LOL, May I add–

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        I should probably say that this is from a yaoi comic called Starfighter by HamletMachine. I THINK Bell and Hazel read it.

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        Nice starfighter edit. XD

  • Andi

    everytime i come on this page i think it’s a new update and it’s just adrian constantly checking his phone to see if carter answered and it just makes everything so much sadder.

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      it remembers of me checking the page for a new page xDDD

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    So… i played something and i couldn’t control myself when i saw this …
    Bc I was with a friend and I couldn’t stop smiling and — she asked me why. Me: “… nothing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

  • Wilhelm

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks Adrian was using Carter. Like, that would imply that Adrian was planning this since way, way before – which I personally don’t see it to be the case.
    A lot of people forget that these characters are teenagers and not adults. They probably have so little experience that it’s very awkward for them and difficult to understand what they feel. That doesn’t mean that Adrian was using Carter all along…

    • Faolan Rei

      Considering the fact that the only times Adrian ever wants sex from Carter is when something stressful happens in his life, then yes, I’d say he was using him. Carter is basically Adrian’s distraction, and whenever anything happens that he doesn’t want to deal with, he knows he can run to Carter and ignore it for a while, but this completely disregards Carter’s feelings and makes him believe that maybe Adrian feels something for Carter that he doesn’t (though I’m pretty sure Adrian does feel something for Carter, he just hasn’t entirely realized it yet).

      • Wilhelm

        I only remember seeing another time when he was stressed and wanted to have sex with Carter. That time was when he was drunk. In fact, unless my memory fails me, the very next day he couldn’t remember much of what has happened.

        • Faolan Rei

          I’m lenient for the first time he threw himself at Carter because he was drunk and he apologized the next day, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that his emotions were a mess at the time because he had been talking to David, and Carter realized this when he pointed out that Adrian was ‘on the rebound’. It wasn’t uncommon knowledge that Carter wanted to sleep with Adrian, so Adrian used that to take his mind off of all the bullshit in his life while (supposedly) giving Carter what he wanted. He never did anything maliciously, obviously, but it still sucks that he’s been manipulating Carter’s feelings like he has.

        • http://glorioustentacles.tumblr.com/ ТЯЦТНΘЯḊΔЯЄ

          Exactly. And he barely even knew Carter at that point… so how could he be guilty of using him way back then????? IT MAKES NO SENSE. Also, he wasn’t just drunk, he was DRUGGED since he drank from the same cup with Maria (remember the guy who spiked her drink?). He didn’t even remember what happened that night so it’s not like he intentionally threw himself at Carter or anything like that. *sigh*

          I dunno, I’m reading comments here recently and it’s so strange — I feel like I’m reading a different comic altogether now, lol.

      • landon

        tbh though they’re teenagers and they’re pretty immature as it is and in the beginning carter was just talking about wanting casual sex anyway? im not really sure but it seems to me that adrian might not realize the extent of what hes doing?

        • landon

          ah yea wait this is literally basically what op was saying oop

      • http://glorioustentacles.tumblr.com/ ТЯЦТНΘЯḊΔЯЄ

        “Considering the fact that the only times Adrian ever wants sex from Carter is when something stressful happens in his life, then yes, I’d say he was using him”…?

        Gotta ask tho, what times are you talking about here? When in the past has Adrian ever wanted sex from Carter? I have no recollection of this, so please help me out here. Also, in most times in the past it has been Carter, who has been pushing the events that cause them to spend time together – not Adrian. All the more reason I agree with Wilhelm’s comment. This “using” thing literally escalated out of nowhere… and tries to connect to some significant development between the two of them that never actually happened if you read this story from the beginning to now.

        As a longtime reader, I’m quite confused- but hey, I’m still sticking with the story to see where this is going.

  • Lillipop

    [breaths] I honestly have nothing to say that hasn’t been said already.

    Adrian is my love. Carter is my sweet baby. <3

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    If Carter had just said, “Hey Adrian, you know I kinda don’t wanna do the bang bang with you anymore, let’s try to hang hang instead,” back in the kitttcheeeenn *shakes fist*

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    get yo shit togerther adrian and carterrrrrr

    • Levy Mcgarden

      I cried even more because I know he gets cut in half (ーー;)

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    Adrian keeps checking his phone like a worried boyfriend, or girlfriend, or me when I do rps. I’ll stop talking now…

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    smol babu

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    … Oh.. shit. I just remembered that Carter got his phone taken away…

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    ………….Kind of hating on Adrian’s parents right now………….. A lot……………..

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    I will forever refer to Adrian as a cinnamon roll. A precious cinnamon roll that needs to be hugged and made happy

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      I mean his hair even has the color of cinnamon

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    My poor feelings ;-;

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    Adrian keeps checking his phone to see if Carter has replied because he realized he hurt him.
    i feel the tears coming

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    Ugh his parents are douchebags

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    It’s no use sweetie. Carter’s parents took away his phone.

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