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    Damn, shots fired

  • Shayla Huynh

    damn maria no chill

  • http://www.wattpad.com/user/Ppcorn100 NobodysHero

    Adrian’s face of horror is because he knows there’s no way he can think of a better comeback

  • desgal

    Maria spitting out the truth

  • IdiotDrool

    Damn, this girl tho

  • Haruki

    Even I felt that pain… I dont think it was low though, its the truth after all…

  • Britt Colacicco

    After reading the short story about David, this page hits even harder. It’s really fucked up to use someone like that, ISN’T IT ADRIAN?

    • bluecario

      where is that short story if i may ask?

      • Cinnabar

        Look into Extras, short stories. It’s the one with ‘spring’ in the title.

  • FilthyFrank2.0

    Maria is straight up savage af but Adrian deserved that one. I think the thing is that Carter made him forget about all of the pain of love because he brought love back into Adrian’s life in the shape of something new. I think that because Adrian forgot, while everything was crushing him and pressuring him he took advantage of the only thing he knew he could count on. Adrian isn’t a bad guy, but he definitely fucked up.

  • LuisDiego De La Torre

    I love how you see there’s interaction between Maria and Carter without the need to have Adrian (or Jason for that matter) in the same room. This can only mean she likes him, in the way that she knows he’s right for Adrian because he was the one to save them from the party, take him to look for props, build the scenery… Maria doesn’t want him to lose on this opportunity… she’s the best friend ever

  • Rolls Away For Days

    Maria has single handedly voiced the thoughts that we’ve all been thinking, effectively knocking some sense into Adrian in one swoop (hopefully).

  • Shiro-Kuroi Minamoto

    Maria did have a point with what she said Adrian ^^””” (gosh I love rereading this)

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    Damn girl. That hurt even me.

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    enough is enough i cant go on!

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    I’d link to Wikipedia’s “List of Burn Centers in the United States”, except there’s no equivalent list for Canada.

    That was harsh, Maria.

    Deserved, certainly.

    But harsh.

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    oh boy that face… im preparing for an explosion

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    That burn jc

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    when a girl says exactly what a girl should say….

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    oh man maria is still my favorite

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    Fucking *slay* Maria!

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    my heart hurts but its the truth….

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    You tell him, guuurl!

  • Hayley is lame


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    Well ,Adrian got rekted ‘H’

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    R o a s t e d

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    oh fuck my life i cannot deal with this

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    D a m n

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    H o l y g u a c .

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    praiseeee maria


    Maria you’re my leader !!!!

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    Cold truth

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    maria doing the lords werk

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      is that gif from glee

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  • flipnotefan fan [Trคƿƿ૯ძ ᔕ૦υl]

    I’m just now noticing this but……………MATPAT?!

    I’m just kidding, I’m becoming cynical, help.

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    Maria I love you so much hoLY-

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    Well that burn must hurt

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    you didn’t

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    well… HE NEEDS THAT. Right outta from best friend

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    Maria fix this bby

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    Yes girl, you tell him

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    Maria is love, Maria is life. I’m yrs late, but I’m so glad I found this webcomic.

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    Ohhh something hurted Adrian?

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    call him out on his bullshit maria

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    That was a sick burn, but technically it’s the truth!

  • Ur mom

    I still love adrian and everyone else-

    Is that bad-

  • Mars

    Carter didn’t have sex with Adrian when he was drunk because that would have been a really shitty thing to do? Adrian was roofied, and itoxicated, and even if he was willing to have sex /then/, by his reaction after, he was almost mortified at the idea of having sex with Carter. So maybe roofied and drunk Adrian is okay with having sex, but sober Adrian is most certainly not. And no, I wasn’t defending Adrian in using Carter, I was saying in his mind his grades are more important than making up with Carter, plus originally all Carter wanted was sex, he didn’t care about building a relationship with Adrian, all he wanted was to use him for sex.
    But, since times have changed, Adrian does know Carter and him have developed some sort of relationship, but when they had sex, Adrian probably thought it was mutually beneficial for both of them: Adrian to let off steam, and Carter because his end goal was to have sex with Adrian.
    Adrian did do a shitty thing by using Carter, and he’s doing a shitty thing by not talking to him about it, but Carter is really the only person Adrian can take his frustrations out on (which is still shitty, but Adrian has no other means of doing it.)
    Carter AND Adrian both have wrongs in this situation. They’re both terrible at communicating what they want. But, the idea that Adrian is stringing Carter along is a little wacky. Adrian does like Carter, probably in a romantic way, and the situation would have been 100% different if Carter hadnt walked out right after they did the diddly – that’s where Adrian gets the idea that Carter regrets it, probably, since he could have at least stayed a while longer and not lied about having homework to do – and if everything wasn’t going wrong in Adrian’s life.
    Right now both of them are a wreck, and both of them need comfort rather than facing their demons, because if neither of them are thinking straight and they confront each other, more problems are likely to form between them.

  • BlackOleander

    I completely disagree with most everything you are saying. I think that homework is about the least important thing to Adrian right now. Things suck really badly for Adrian, and doing homework is mostly avoiding everything/trying to please his parents and show them he’s a good kid. But things suck so badly for Adrian right now that he’s in a bad mood: he gives attitude to anyone and everyone just for the crime of talking to him. Maria is trying to nudge him to do the right thing which is why everyone is happy she showed up: she is going to hold him accountable. I’m sure she is willing to give him support regarding other matters, but she would be a pretty bad friend if she didn’t call him out on his shitty behaviour.

    And the point is, that if Carter REALLY wanted to USE Adrian for sex and only that, he would have had no qualms about doing it when Adrian was throwing himself at Carter when he was drunk.

    Certainly I think Carter put on an act of having more confidence than he really did, I mean, he got pretty flustered just when Adrian kissed him when he was drunk. But all the same, let’s get something straight here. Mutual anonymous sex isn’t an inherently bad thing. If both parties are clear on the definition and rules of their arrangement, go for it, I don’t give a fuck. If that’s using the other person for sex, then they are both mutually using each other. And if you want to go down that path, then everyone wants to use their friends and family for emotional comfort and physical closeness. Sounds whacky, right? So saying that Carter only wanted to use Adrian for sex is really a statement that oozes more of your sex negativity than any fault of Carter’s.

    Also, if Adrian was willing to share, he wouldn’t need to take his frustrations out on anyone. What comes to communication, Carter has been trying many times now to communicate, but Adrian always deflects and refuses to communicate with Carter.

    I think you would also benefit from re-reading what happened when Adrian invited Carter into his house, before the sex in the kitchen. Adrian clearly saw that Carter got nervous about the kiss he won in the bet. Adrian mentioned it, out loud. So Adrian clearly is aware that Carter isn’t all about the sex. And what comes to after the sex, things probably got unbearably awkward, so Carter left. And, if you look at Adrian’s face already in the bathroom mirror before he sees Carter is leaving, he looks pretty dead. He isn’t really thrilled either. So even if Carter had stayed, I don’t think anything but awkward silence would have followed. I think Adrian was mostly throwing a bit of a temper tantrum at Carter for talking to him just then and there outside the theatre, and I think he said Carter regretted it based on Carter’s words (that Adrian misinterpreted), not necessarily because he left after the sex.

    Also, their roles haven’t really reversed. Carter proposed anonymous sex, no hassle involved. At this point in the story, that isn’t possible anymore, they know each other to some extent by now. Besides, in the beginning I don’t think Adrian wanted anything with Carter, he wanted Carter to fuck off, period.