• Mr.Suspender

    Now I see what this is.
    Poor Adrian.

  • gayguy556

    im stupid so i only realised what the ahort stories are recently and now that ive read them i understand so much more AND I CAN RELATE SO MUCH WITH ADRIANS CRUSH-ON-STRAIGHT SITUATION UNFORTUNETLY

  • yummycupzz

    So are we going to have double updates?( not meaning to sound rude or anythin) :3

  • Lizzie

    DRAMATIC MONTAGE OF EVENTS. wow! I’ve read the comic at least three times over, and I still love it just as much~! keep up the amazing work, guys!

  • doozer :3

    -cries and plays kiss kiss fall in love in background-

  • Jason Derulo

    Mmm WATCHA saaaay

    • gayguy556

      uuuu that u obly *sob* beant *sob* well *bursts into unexplsinable tears*

  • sarbear_loves_hugs21

    noooo! my baby!! :( im a new reader and i am loving this so much and i have only be reading it for a day!! i hope my precious adrian get a happy ending <3

  • usagi66

    i want the update…..pleeeeaaaseeeeeeeee T.T T.T

  • shani


    • cariboucat

      don’t be rude

    • gayguy556


  • http://fujoshi-all-day.tumblr.com/ Kana Chishimi

    …Y would U do this to me TT^TT

  • Guest

    Hear that? That’s the sound of my heart shattering into a million pieces.

  • Arin

    Hear that? That’s the sound of my heart shattering.

  • Lizzie

    The next ARH update, more like

  • Guest

    Help! This is too much… *sobsob*

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  • Jargon

    I just want mutually consented sex

    • Penguin

      IKR is that to much to ask

    • gayguy556

      same here, i just love their faces when they are touching each other (ik it sounds like im some old perv grandpa but for real tho)

  • Lexie

    You really don’t know how much I’ve been Instagraming this I’m pretty sure I just got you at least 40 more readers


    why no update T-T

    (don’t mean to sound rude.)

  • Trashy Marta Ayy

    Just so I’m clear on this; is this a collection of things Adrian is dealing with? If it is, then I feel kinda bad for him. But I still side with Carter, because it did kinda seem like Adrian was using him that time to relieve stress or something of the sort. Still hoping the babes make up and be happy ovo

    • Rain

      (yes that’s all the stuff Adrian is dealing with ~ )

  • Susana Guerra

    I read the whole thing again like 3 times and still no update.

    • CrystalFoxx

      just chill ∩(︶▽︶)∩

      • Susana Guerra

        Can’t chill :’c my bby boy Carter is sad </3

  • audrey pls


  • Zevoroth Rappaleano

    I’m scared now, because I think that they’re going to pull a “Dead Poets Society”, and have Adrian kill himself

    • starduststories

      nO, CAN WE NOT

    • BlackOleander

      I don’t think things are quite that grave. You aren’t giving Adrian enough credit.

      • snoopu

        Lol and then he does it

    • I am the milk

      Please no, I think I’d start sobbing endlessly

    • http://kaatje-96.tumblr.com Kayday

      There is absolutely no way that they would do that

    • Katie

      That would make zero sense with the tone of the comic. It’s had some heavy stuff, but it’s mostly lighthearted, and I seriously doubt they’d go that far. And anyway one of the short stories (the game release one) seems very much to me like a flash forward to a time when they’re already a couple.

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  • Yandere Rin Kagamine

    I’m always crying here……. because i want an update or because of an update…….

  • Amaya

    I’m so so SO excited for the next update. *0*)

  • cariboucat

    maybe today

  • Tami

    I love Hazel and Bell’s dedication to ARH. Its been years and a lot of waiting but they still manage to update ARH for us fans. Simply amazing girls, thank you!

  • SkyBlue

    What parent doesn’t allow a kid to perform in a play, and what play requires a permission slip? Poor kids looked like they haven’t slept in days. GREAT WORK! love the story! (no exaggeration)

    I feel a strong similarity to Adrien, I’m not gay but I understand the pressures of school (college) and how people especially parents expect something from you and it creates this domino effect.

  • Simone

    So…ummm…..like hey guys it’s been a week.
    (I’m not ready for this next post)

  • alex

    oh shit…

  • Augen Auf

    I know I’m nothing but a humble fan of this webcomic, but I can’t help but feel a little irked whenever people constantly beg for updates when an update has happened relatively recently. It’s brilliant to see that people love this comic so much that they literally beg for more, but have y’all seen that long list of cons the creators have got to attend? They have to prep for that, in addition to going about their daily lives, balancing a social calendar, AND giving us the quality work for the ARH with updates in a usually timely fashion. These folks have lives. They have trials and tribulations. They love this webcomic, but other things, people, and places exist outside of it. It’s cool to be enthusiastic, but try not to get you panties in a twist if they don’t update on time.

    And folks who are like, “Wow! I want more explicit scenes of Adrian and Carter goin’ at it like monkeys!” Please stop. I understand that there are and may be scenes that will be more saucy, but the creators have said that nothing too risque would occur and we as fans should respect that. I’m totally all for looking at all of the graphic pornography there is to see, but y’all do know that there are specific webcomics and places for that stuff that aren’t here, right?

    This webcomic is the beautiful brain baby of two very talented individuals. The least we can do as fans is be a little bit more respectful towards it. Or not. I’m not your Mama or your Warden and I can’t make you guys do squat. I can, however, stand on my soap box and preach my two cents.

    • alex

      completely agree with everything said here, a lot has happened, and the art has evolved so much, one does really have to admire what the girls have done here

    • stahp

      Okay? But… you know, they did say they’d be back with double updates, and didnt deliver.

      I think it’s justified to ask why. It’s like that friend who constantly makes plans with you, but flakes out.

      I hate this author ass-kissing mentality that seems to be rampant in webcomics these days. “I would walk 500 miles (and 500 more…) just to read one page of this amazing, genius, flawless comic” – is the attitude I see constantly. They would not even have cons to attend if they had no fanbase….

      They don’t “owe” anyone anything, but it’s a big letdown to see “promises” broken.

      • Augen Auf

        I acknowledge the validity in being peeved at not delivering on aforementioned promises, having no cons to attend with an unhappy fanbase, and also the consternation one feels when nothing worth reading is updating. And despite all of that stuff…I still stick to my guns. Perhaps it has to do with the scads of webcomics I’ve religiously followed going on indefinite hiatuses that I’m pretty chill with authors not updated on time. I don’t know for certain.

        I am not trying to bash on any of the points or critiques you have made on my post. I respect and thank you for taking time to give me your two cents on my two cents…not like you’ll ever read this, but thank you.

        • stahp

          I read it, and I admire that you’ll stick to your guns. I just had to get that off my chest. I just find it a little irksome when people don’t “deliver” on promises. I probably should not place standards expected of me on others. I have a different frame of mind than most when it comes to commitments, organization and responsibility.

          It is massive credit to their talent that many people desperately want to read their updates, I just wish there was a little more communication, or at least acknowledgement of the issue. At the very least they probably should not promise things that be fulfilled.

          I guess I’m most concerned about how erratic updating seems to correlate highly with an eventual cessation of said updates. Permanently. haha.
          [Souce: So Common So Cheap, Life Sucks, Teahouse, Your Wings Are Mine, etc. etc. etc.]

          • Augen Auf

            You actually read it. I am amazed. Mostly because for all you know, I could be a cereal killer out there on the internet vigorously scanning this page for a reply as I ponder ways to ruin the shelf life of Froot Loops and then unceremoniously dump the whole darn thing down my gullet. Just sayin’. (No but seriously, thank you stahp)

            “I guess I’m most concerned about how erratic updating seems to correlate highly with an eventual cessation of said updates. Permanently. haha.
            [Souce: So Common So Cheap, Life Sucks, Teahouse, Your Wings Are Mine, etc. etc. etc.]” You hit the nail on the head, stahp!

            It’s like a relationship coming to an end almost. You think everthing’s fine, the person has been acting kind of weird lately, but that’s okay. You start hearing from her/him/z less and less. As if you’re being weaned off your S.O.’s presence. They don’t reply to your texts as often or at all. They start making excuses not to hang out, make promises to you you know secretly he/she/z will not be able to keep. And then you are unceremoniously dropped on your keister, your mind blank and your heart in shambles. Dramatic comparison done.

            On a random note (again, if you read this,) do you have any good webcomic recommendations? You Sir/Madame/Other Title That Works When You Don’t Know The Gender Or the Person is Genderless stahp, are a human of interesting taste. Reply when you can, if you can.

            On a last weird note, this brightened up my day a bit. Thank you internet stranger.

  • gay-gingie-trash


    • cariboucat

      keep in mind they are people, not “it”. Last night Hazel said she was working on the new page.. try to be patient till she’s done.

      • Ray

        “It” obviously referred to the comic, not Hell (Hazel+Bell)

        • cariboucat

          The comic obviously doesn’t spontaneously update on its own. Two people put in all the work to make it the beautiful thing that it is.

  • alex

    I just realized the colors must mean how adrian felt about the situation

    • cariboucat

      Whoa, I think you’re right
      Blue is obviously sad, red is probably angry. What do you think the others are? Green and orange?

      • Liz

        I think the green might be grey? so, indifferent? numb?

        • alex

          yeah, I thought the greenish/gray was most definitely “meh”

          yellowish/orange is the only one I can’t really picture out but only guess as the inability to say or do anything, mixed with some kind of disgust towards the whole situation

          • Katie

            It seems like maybe a sick with dread kinda feeling, like, stomach sinking, “fuck, i’m caught, it’s over.”

          • alex

            its definitely a “fuck” deal alright
            I think you’re right

      • alex

        as said on my other reply green/gray may probably refer to indifference and yellow/orange to some kind of self-disgust at the thought of not being able to do anything at all (like, when you know you did something wrong but it wasn’t something bad)

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  • Sarah Hite

    i think this is my favorite page you’ve made o w o i love the way you made the feelings come through

  • Pinkfeiry


  • Rika

    THE FEELS ;-;

  • Sassafrassery



  • I am the milk

    The one thing I love about this page is just how you get to see how Adrian sees everything. The fact you can’t see Carters eyes makes him look rude and shows how Adrian didn’t see the pain in his eyes. It makes so much more of an emotional connection to Adrian and how he feels atm.

    • TheDigitalNeko


  • Sharon Agredo

    you and i have very different definitions of happy

  • Mikiko

    Funny that I read this page right after listening to Tove Lo – Habits (stay high). It’s like a beautifully painful irony ;-; It all just hurts so much

  • Envy

    The angsty flashbacks. I know these all to well…
    Adrian, all I want to do right now is hold you.

    “Well maybe if you two weren’t such assholes, I wouldn’t need to forge a signature!”
    “How could I do this….? What on earth possessed me?!” *regret*
    “I know that already. You don’t have to rub it in! …I’m sorry…”
    “Oh, it’s YOU. Know what? Go ahead and twist the knife counter-clockwise now.”

  • 菊花。

    auxilio esto me duele muchoooooo

  • Rolls Away For Days

    Mhm; this makes a lot of sense. I admit, though, that I assumed that the first three panels were referring to the events that took place in Spring in December. Although, rereading it, I get what’s going on here, now. The rift between him and Carter is only going to widen if Adrian doesn’t get this baggage off of his chest; keeping it all bottled up inside and trying to ignore it is probably what got Adrian into this mess in the first place.

  • camboo


  • ℓ ϚϦοςӧԼձϮϵ❣⃛

    I AM LOST.
    People keep on saying that there is a side story called Spring in December.

  • Alice Kat


  • spooky dood

    NOOO </3

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  • greggy

    Re reading this story is helping me sweat profusely and sweat my flu out of my body. I thank you. Now leave me…to my tears..

  • banana StabbeR

    oh my goodness oh my gosh oh ohhu