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    Nooooooooooooooo . . . *sigh* Adrian . . . *desk plant* Look, I just- you need to vent to your friends about this sometimes, this is what good friends are for . . . argh. Come here child, I was being unfair *huggles (snuggle+hug) him*

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    THIS IS PAINFUL. On a side note, the choices in colors and the progression of the page are amazing, it really builds the tension, showing the growing stress Adrian feels, ending with the orange makes me think about nausea… the greyish/greenish tone is more like the calm before the storm, when you just accept everything silently… the warm reddish one is more like the bubbling anger and then, the confrontation with Carter, blue, being very cold, makes me feel about fatigue and despair.
    I really like the fact that your characters are all so very true and realistic. Great job, laaaydeeeeez.

    • machin

      - ending*, i don’t know why i put that here >.>

  • A.J.I.

    ow …. :/ Now … you , Adrian , have some …. ugh parents :”( … It’s not fair for them to act like that and take what you love so damn much … Also , after going through something like this .. I can see that you just broke down … but the best thing is to talk with Carter .. it would be the best thing that could actually make you forget some of the pain … having a person that just loves you makes you stronger ! . Now :)))) I’m talking to a fictional character , but .. it really does feel like I’m sayin’ all of these to an actual real person XD XD XD Great work Hazel and Bell too <3 . Keep it up (Y) <3

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    Anyone thinkin’ about pirates whenever someone writes “ARH” to say Always Raining Here?
    I do. Arrr.

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      I am WHEEZING. haha

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      It’s art

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      these jokes never get old…

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      this kinda makes me cry

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      aaaaaa bye bye birdie!!!

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    i’ll get the milk

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    I love this story but at the same time Adrian’s feelings seem so absurd when you come from worse. (I know, relativity and all). Adrian need a very long marijuana therapy.

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    Is it just me, or the teacher was way out of line with that comment? You DON’T say that to a kid who just had to leave the play, it’s unfair and cruel to put all that on their shoulders.

    • Sara Shor

      I don’t think that’s a teacher. But yeah, that was still cruel. Poor guy.

    • doozer :3

      yeah but its reality, i had teachers who did that and its not okay whatsoever

    • A.

      She’s pissed; he really did ruin the show. And to be fair, it’s not her job to comfort him when he’s deliberately broke her trust.

      • yummycupzz

        Agreed but I think she still could’ve worded things a little better..

    • moe

      i thought it was a student? or a uni student running the theatre?

      poor adrian :(:(:(

      • BlackOleander

        She is a teacher. Her name is Amanda. (Spring in December gives a lot of information on things.)

    • AlexDaTechie

      It is neither unfair nor cruel to tell a teenager that his irresponsible behaviour and lies have not only negatively impacted him but the entire cast and crew of the school play. If he’d been doing steroids and cost his sports team the championship when he got caught, would we think the coach was out of line for pointing that out? This is a legal/insurance issue for the school. I’ve seen school’s lose the insurance for their theatre program over smaller stunts. That means the theatre program needs to be suspended or even cancelled – so he has also played fast and loose with this teacher’s job (or at least part of it).
      Assuming the school does not punish the theatre program for his behaviour, they still need to resize his costume for the new lead, the new lead needs to learn all those lines (most hs theatres don’t have understudies). Also, they will need whole boatloads of rehearsals for the entire cast to get used to the new actor being in the role.
      He selfishly put his own fun ahead of the theatre program, the production, and the entire cast and crew. He did not consider the ramificataions of his actions, or even the possibility of getting caught. If this teacher doesn’t call him out for his self-centered behaviour, when and how will he learn? (Also, the wording implies she is replying to him asking her for help…what gall on his part…again.) Lies are not without consequence, the sooner Adrian learns this, the sooner he will actually be the good guy he pretends to be.

      • BlackOleander

        Wow. You are about as lenient as Adrian’s parents. I think the theatre is a real breathing space for Adrian, and once he had it, he NEEDED it, and he knew that his parents would not sign the papers for him to participate. I think he intended to show them that he could do everything he did before with the same care in addition to theatre, and that they would let him continue acting after they’d seen the play.

        The permission slip was just that, a permission slip to participate in the acting. Singing on a stage is hardly a life-threatening stunt, so I can’t really take you seriously on your “big legal problems”. Besides, Adrian is a minor, so doing something as relatively harmless as this is hardly something to call the suspension of the entire theatre. Surely forging your parent’s signature is bad, but you completely fail to see all of the mitigating factors.

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    Always Crying Here

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    Remember that gap between the page where Adrian and Carter were about to “finish off” and then it just skipped to the aftermath?

    Well, if there was anything to see between those two pages, I really hope that shows up soon.

    I’m curious to see what exactly elicited such a face from Carter. Was it just the fact that he realized that he fucked up? Or did Adrian do or say something in particular?

    • Ray

      I think Bell said we saw everything important for that scene,

      • http://lepopofficial.tumblr.com/ LePop

        Aaah, thanks. I didn’t see that.

    • BlackOleander

      I think he wanted the sex with Adrian, but he also didn’t want it quite like that. I think he also felt a lot of pressure not to say no. And of course, shit probably got awkward real fast when they were done. So then he got to thinking when he was going home/was at home.

      • Katie

        “I think he also felt a lot of pressure not to say no.” This, I feel like that’s one of the less talked about parts of what happened in the kitchen. Carter was just all around in a weird and confusing position there.

        Edit: Not that I think Adrian was pressuring him, I think just, based on context clues and how the afternoon had been going, seeing the tickets and everything, he felt like saying no right then would hurt Adrian more than continuing, maybe.

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    Plot twist: no one goes to Adrian’s play
    Not even HIMSELF

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      I love how your name is Douche, so fitting

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    I am so incredibly sad now.

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    Oh no Adrian is gonna have a burnout with all the things happening :’(

  • ShadowFish

    That principal is rubbish! So much for encouraging students to learn/reach their potential/etc…It’s not like Adrian faked his parents’ signatures on an explanation of absence form, having skipped class to rob the local convenience store, do drugs or key people’s vehicles… =_=

    • Aroma Lady Nova

      ikr forged a signature to participate in theater what a rebel

      • ShadowFish

        Exactly!! Poor Adrian… :(
        This is the part where the Principal should actually be like, “I see how much you love theatre, I might have to talk to your parents about it and see if they come round/get some other teacher or whatever to talk to them about it…” rather than….well… =_=

    • AlexDaTechie

      No, he just forged the signature on something that absolved the school of legal responsibility – committing a criminal act (forgery) and a putting the school at legal/lawsuit risk. If he actually cared about theatre at all, he would not endanger the production, let alone the entire program. If he was the decent person he pretends to be, he’d not take an action that could get the program coordinator fired. He screwed up epically, and everyone is acting like he just forgot to do his homework.

      • ShadowFish

        Hahah, now you’re just being a pretentious twat :)

        I don’t know what it’s like in Canada, but we didn’t need to sign any forms to put on performances of e.g. Into the Woods, Cabaret etc. One would assume the school has a performing license that covers the reproduction of musicals/plays etc – which student plays the part of the Tinman and whether the teacher is allowed to disclose their picture in the yearly newsletter (the only legal form we had to sign in all of high school) is hardly going to make any difference. Personally, I’d sooner be inclined to sue them were they a bad actor hahah. ;)

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    hello feels my old friend….

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    Adrian really needs to stick it to his parents. Don’t they realise they’re making him a totally miserable person? If they only knew that they were literally making his life hell, I think they’d change their attitudes a bit. Because surely, deep down, they must actually care about him, otherwise they wouldn’t be going to all this trouble to control his life for his ‘own good’ so to speak.

    • cariboucat

      Parents don’t think like that. At least, all the ones I’ve met don’t. If they believe that theater is standing in the way of Adrian being successful, they won’t care that it makes him miserable to forbid him from participating in it. It’s “for his own good.”

      • http://justkeepondriving.tumblr.com/ask justkeepondriving

        Okay, true, but I’m thinking in broader terms here. If constantly reprimanding and repressing your child is slowly eating away at their character, surely any parent who actually cared about their child would realise and start to think otherwise about their methods. Right? I mean, ultimately, it depends on the person I suppose. I just think that if you can’t realise that what you’re doing is sucking the life out of someone, then you fail; not just as a parent, but as a human being too. And I guess I’m hoping Adrian’s parents actually care and aren’t monsters/robots.

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    I just… I don’t know who to feel worse for anymore.
    This is emotionally exhausting.

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    Can you please stop MAKING ME CRY?!

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    all the damn feels. I dont know how much more my heart can take

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    all the feels

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    Guess the roles got reversed for once; carter isnt looking for just a peice of ass anymore, and adrian is the one using carter… oh the situational ironies. I think adrian does like him though, he just doesn’t know it yet. Carter has to fix the play (or adrian`s importance towards it) somehow! Its the only way!!!! Unles things get worse with the guy that gave adrian his heartache ( at least it wadnt them on the kitchen floor, if you catch my drift)

  • GreciaGato

    And adrian must have some terrible forging skills

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    I hate Adrian’s fuckin parents why can’t they just chill and accept him fuck off shitty parents

  • Leonora Paust

    Why is everyone sad? I didn’t sign up for this??? Where did all this angst come from?????
    I’m confused??????? WILL THEY BE ALRIGHT?????????????

  • AlexDaTechie

    This is a great update. It really explains Adrian’s behavior – he’s coming off as a heartless jerk in his interactions with Carter but really he’s emotionally shut down. I’m also really impressed, as I instinctively liked Carter – Adrian seemed like a user almost immediately to me – coming off as happy to have someone paying attention to him and not considering how his treatment would affect Carter…I’m glad something is going to force him out of that. You’ve done such an amazing job showing the many sides of these characters and their emotional growth.

    • BlackOleander

      “Adrian seemed like a user almost immediately to me” .. just what? What on earth gave you that impression? It’s not like Adrian is playing puppeteer or some shit like that. He doesn’t seem to have ANY seriously good friends and little to no experience with romantic relationships, so he’s bound to make some mistakes. If you ask me, it seems to me that Adrian is a drowning kid. He’s been needing some help for a while now. I’m sure getting to know Carter and getting closer felt good, and kissing him felt good, being close and intimate made him feel better. I’m sure Adrian didn’t mean to use Carter or make Carter feel like he’d been used. But really the thing that makes the difference is that Adrian didn’t let Carter in his heart, he didn’t share his worries. It’d have been alright if Adrian had talked to Carter about everything beforehand. But so far Adrian hasn’t talked to ANYONE about everything. Sure, Adrian is going to have to fix things with Carter, but it’s very harsh to say that Adrian is a “user”.

      Also, on another comment you made, you said things to imply that Adrian is just pretending to be a good person, but he’s actually not. Just wow. Adrian cares a lot about what his parents think about him, he lost their high esteem when he came out as gay, and he’s been struggling for approval. The truth is, he might actually do better if he cared less about what his parents think, because it’s really wearing him out trying to shine again. Because he cares, he feels strangled by their suffocating words and disapproving gazes. He’s desperate to please, but because he’s not what his parents want him to be, he’s also desperate to find space to be himself.

      I also find it sad if you think that people who commit crimes cannot be good people.

      On a comical note though, the way you said he seemed like a “user” makes it sound like he seemed like a drug addict to you.

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      Lmao, Omfg

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      Then I shall be the overprotective step-sibling!!! *sparkles* Shaa!

      *flops on the floor because I shouldn’t have drank that coffee*

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    i come here every day just to read the overemotional and hilarious comments people leave
    and ofc for the new update

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      I do the same haha

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    Right in the feels.
    Right. In. The. Friggin’. Feels.

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    Omaigad :v Just a few days i found this cute web comic, now i´m waiting for the netxt update!! ;3; I will be reading you~!

  • skippinginclouds

    But why would Amanda call him back into the theatre a few pages ago to keep working when he’s not allowed to participate anymore?

    • lowbloodkiwi

      That was exactly my thoughts as well. I hope that was intended and we’ll just have to wait for the next update. I really hope both boys figure things out!!!

    • ClassyCaffiene

      Probably because he now has to teach another person his part.

    • Puck

      I thought these scenes are what Adrian FEARS will happen but hasn’t happened yet (with the exception of his friendship with Carter taking a bad turn, which has probably triggered the whole recollection of fears in the first place). I might be totally wrong, of course…

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  • PomixWing

    OH! OKAY. I THINK I GET IT NOW (I didn’t read the short story, but this is my assumption):

    Adrian never had permission to participate in a play at school, maybe theater-related activities, but not acting. Adrian’s parents went to talk to the principal to pull him out of theater, had a friendly chat with someone (the principal or whoever), or whatever; point being, they found out he’s in the play, and had a talk with the principal about that. Which could later explain the tickets in the fridge, his sudden stress and frustration, and then the moment with CARTER! And now everything piled up on him afterwards. Ouch :( .

    Was this basically what happened? It was hard to connect the dots, but I think this sums up the entire situation and events that could have lead up to this page.And why he was so cold/short with Carter; he’s emotionally shut-down, too stressed with his situation to even talk to Carter about that moment in his kitchen.

    I feel awful for Adrian, but in the end…… He DID get in trouble for something he must have known was wrong, and STILL risked it anyway.

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    Ashffiebfjsk *take Adrian, give him a hot chocolate milk and take him into a trip in Paris*

  • It.may.be.me

    i don’t understand why they won’t let him be in the play

    • mayquiri

      Because he didn’t get his parents permission. In order to participate in activities in high school it isn’t uncommon for the kid to need a permission slip signed by the parent. Seeing as he forged his parents signature, and they found out and are unwilling to give him support even this late in the play, he has no choice but to drop out.

  • Cameron

    Okay, for those of you who haven’t read the short story: the permission problem was from an earlier play called Spring with the advanced theater group, which has since been forcibly disbanded. The Wizard of Oz is a new production put on by the junior theater group, which still exists. The first three flashbacks are about Spring, though

    • Katie

      I don’t think the first three flashbacks are about Spring–Adrian didn’t have to leave Spring, the production got canceled because of the adult themes, and looking over the short story again, it looks like his mother confronted him about forging their signatures over the phone during the protest thing. Plus he was just an understudy for Spring so him having to quit wouldn’t be fucking everyone over.

      I figure he forged their signatures again, his parents talked to him about the permission form when they came home the night before, and then he talked to the principal and Amanda this morning, which is why he wasn’t in class when Carter was looking for him. I’m confused as to how he’s brought up theater to his parents (the time when he said he had to go out of town to look for a theater prop at dinner) if that’s the case, though, but I have no idea what would make those flashbacks relevant if they’re about Spring.

      • cariboucat

        I’m just wondering how he was planning to explain the tickets he presented to his parents if he didn’t have their signature on the permission slip to be in theater.

        • Katie

          Good point. Adrian r u dumb

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    it’s just me or the pictures won’t load? ):
    *edit: yay fixed! thanks! :D

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    Oh, dear…this is bad

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    Can someone please give Adrian a hug before he kills himself!? Lord Jesus…

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    where can read the short story??? sorry im dumb *smiles inocently*

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    Adrian’s gonna suicide man

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      NO Carter will save him from the depths of hell if he has to

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        LOL! Your “NO” reminded me of Ryan Higa

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          D’oh my goad.

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      ;-; *sobs*

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      dont say that D:

  • Mana

    I see a lot of ‘Adrian is using Carter now and he’s using his stress as an excuse’ kind of stuff. I’m not the only one that remembers that in the beginning, Adrian just kissed Carter; not because he was stressed, but because (to me at least) he like(s/d?) him. Then Carter chased after him and they made out and then that progressed into sex, not penetration, but still sex. The next day it was awkward and Adrian has a lot of shit piled up. I’m not blaming anyone for anything. One thing led to another and things progressed as they did. I don’t think Adrian ‘used’ Carter as much as they kissed, made out, got hard, frottage, and BOOM rubbing each others’ dicks. More or less. Adrian did ask Carter if he wanted to keep going and Carter didn’t say no. And now Adrian isn’t ready to talk about this to Carter cuz he has a lot on his mind. So I’m a bit confused about this ‘Adrian’s using Carter’ thing…?

    • Annette Chadwick

      Even in that scene he was using Carter, though it was a “heat of the moment” move, he was still under a lot of pressure and let Carter kiss him and go that far to get thing off of his mind, or even to “get back at others (including his parents) in his own mind… it’s a sad train of events and though it’s probably not intentionally directed at Carter, he’s still getting a bad bargain, being the “easy high”

      and plot twist: Carter was looking for an easy fuck in the beginning of the story and now that he’s got a guy he likes he’s become the Adrian’s easy fuck!

      • Mana

        Welp, if it was a ‘heat of the moment thing’ like you said, then it’s fairly equivalent to say that Carter was also ‘using’ Adrian with that mindset. Of course, it’s just because of my opinionated thought that Adrian does like Carter, which was why he let Carter kiss him like that and do all that, though stress was a factor. And I don’t think that Carter has become ‘Adrian’s easy fuck’ since Adrian doesn’t seem to think about doing it again; not with circumstances like this. I just hope they TALK ABOUT FEELINGS SOON! *cries*

    • Signe

      Kissing a guy you know is in love with you, and then… nothing… counts very much as ‘using him’.

      • Mana

        There are variables. Adrian has shit piled up on top of shit and is a very confused baby boy who must think things over about what happened with Carter and if it was just stress as Carter said it was, or if he really does have feelings for Carter. Cuz we know that Adrian does have feelings for Carter, but then having to get other problems sorted out makes the whole talk with Carter another time consuming and mentally tiring thing. It will be resolved, but for now, he wasn’t using him to touch mouths with him once and never touch mouths with him again. Carter did take in account that Adrian was stressed and having many problems, but he didn’t realise that maybe Adrian likes him, too.

  • MU

    I’m gonna do a chain of predictions now

    Adrian’s gonna go back to the group and they’re gonna discuss wtf who’s gonna take Adrian’s part now and someone will prob be like I now most lines and can improvise and stuff like that, so yay, someone to play the robot. OR Adrian plays anyway somehow without parents permission.

    If someone ends up taking his place, he might just linger around and help set up AT least, and maybe say and watch or end up going home.

    You know he might not even go home, he might ditch home, and go hang around by himself and his disappointment and sadness. Might go to the park, the store, a cafe, the ravine, anywhere really, and either distract himself or cry.
    He might play video games all night if he goes home or he might just pull yet another all-nighter.

    Later, after his mind straightens out, he might text Carter. Something important will be said. I’m pretty sure Carter turned his phone off before he gave it to his mom, and I don’t think she’s the type to check his messages either so.
    But Adrian might say a few important things that may need Carter’s response and then Adrian will think he’s ignoring him or mad at him or being a jackass, blahblahblah.

    It’s not likely but can you imagine Adrian getting kicked out of theater because his parents requested it? Damn

    Anyway Carter will not know about this text message and Adrians not the type to speak out unless he becomes desperately frustrated or something

    Idk man I’m just dying for so e sort of map

    • alex

      nah I think his parents will let him do the thing, but at what cost? I really don’t know
      probably carter will convince them or something
      let’s remember he still has the tickets so that might mean something

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    Down to Earth Honest I’m ready to see everyone die in their feelings I am so reaaaddddyyyy

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