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    This is threatening to stab me in the feels.

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    shit man SHIT MAN hey so he forged permission to be in the play and his parents dont approve but he cant stop now right? like looks like there’s no understudy and he obvs had a very important role then he threw a blossoming relationship with the mess of an ex on top of all that along with the the stress of school work and aaaah i just want adrian to be happy ok?? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK

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    I read 1/4 of Spring in September, so I kind of understand this (but i’ll continue reading probably when school starts again because my brain can’t comprehend your amazing writing atm, I’m so out of it from these holidays xD) so my poor child Adrian ;__;

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    n o nn onon oonon non oERGJ MGV,.guöhgul

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    ;_; wai

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    A secret look into the life of Adrian and all his problems even carter is one now….

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    no….stahp….someone send help

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    why are ya breaking my heart like this?!

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    Okay, so, I’ve been catching up on this webcomic, and I have to say; I think I’m in love with it. I’m a 15 year old guy who’s bi (leaning more towards guys then gals, though), and I can relate so fucking much to this. I think that seeing this page, and knowing that feeling of “everything’s falling to shit” got me to make an account and comment on this. I’m going to keep on reading. Love this stuff, keep it up. :)

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    *hugs the computer* Shh it’s okay honey

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      Lies. It’s not.

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    This page just makes me cry omg
    I just want Adrian to be happy because I mean he had to deal with all that shit back in the advanced theatre thing and now He can’t do the theatre thing bc his parents disapprove and he just isint aware of his actions and how he is hurting carter and just I JUST WANT HIM TO BE HAPPU O

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    i cant breathe help ;-;

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    “happy” update my ass

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    Vamo a deprimirmo’ :’v

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    s h i t

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    Aw babbbbbyyyyyy

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    “happy update” my ass

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    I think I died…over….and over….and over again

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    Oh no…

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    no not happy update

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    Oh no

    I understand now

    Poor, poor baby Adrian

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    *hugs Adrian* My child I officially adopt you now, you have awesome gay parents now

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    “happy update”

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    I didn’t need my heart anyway hAq-

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    My emotion’s, are gone now. I feel nothing, I am broken

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    Augh, y do your parents suck!? His curfew is 1:30 but you won’t let im do a play? WTF

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    Uhm… do you need permission to do plays in Canada? I never needed permission to do concerts in the US. Or drama not his class and just an extracurricular? Does that make a difference?

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      You need permission to have a locker in Canada ;-;

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    I like how the colors just get sadder and colder…. :(

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    Imma stop hating Adrian now, the poor bab

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    idk about yall but the art improved so much and it’s so beautiful

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    I fully agree with you, my only problem was that they appeared to be making a randomly attacking comment out of nowhere..? Does it not seem like that to you? (Genuinely wondering if this is the case btw)

    My point was that I felt sorry for Adrian (he wants to participate in theatre so much he forged his parents’ signatures) and the principal should support him/at least be more understanding of the situation, and then out of nowhere this person seems to be telling me off for not taking forgery seriously/there could be legal action/the whole school could get in trouble/Adrian’s actions were thoughtless etc…

    It’s like they thought what I meant was “bah, what’s wrong with forgery” and were telling me off about it, when what I had actually said was “[not saying that forgery is acceptable but] I can understand Adrian’s reasons/intentions and the principal should too..”

    So I was talking about one thing and they (what felt like aggressively to me at least) suddenly brought up an unrelated point for no reason..?

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    Read the response I wrote to cariboucat below, it applies for this as well.
    Okay, true, but I’m thinking in broader terms here…
    The only thing I can add is that I’m hoping Adrian’s parents actually have a heart and won’t be homophobic forever. Love is stronger than hate, love can conquer hate, and I’m pretty sure Adrian’s parents don’t actually hate Adrian, so I would expect them to come around (sooner or later) to Adrian being into boys/theatre/whatever.

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    I wasn’t expecting a “naw~”. But usually people who follow rules/laws blindly and to the letter mean worse state of matters for most everyone. I guess I forgot that North America can be sucky like that, and not to mention sue-happy. But in the case of students the school and parents should be able to negotiate things between themselves, no need for the long arm of the law.

    And it’s by no means a fact that Adrian is pretending to be a good guy and by implication currently is not. Even in front of the law people should be able to see mitigating factors. If they don’t, you have a very ruthless, injust justice system.

    Also, it’s part of a teacher’s job to work with the students and not view them simply as objects or obstacles to their work.

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    Yep. It’s really sad that some ‘parents’ disown their kids for these reasons, but it does happen too often. That being said, if they do care, it’s never too late to ‘make things right’. But yea, fingers crossed Adrian’s parents are better than that.

  • ShadowFish

    Ok, that’s interesting – thank you for your candid opinion :)