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    so many feels

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    i dont understand… i’m sorry… can someone please explain me…?

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      Why you don’t understand??

      • yoooooo

        why they are fight?

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dary-Cheshire/760014310722141 Dara Mejia Saldivar

          Because Carter realized that Adrian was using him. All the times that they shared a “private moment”, Adrian didn’t care about feelings. He just wanted somebody to release all his tension (caused by the problems with his parents, when David broke his heart,etc).
          And that time at Adrian’s house Carter noticed that, after they did “that”. Adrian didn’t even seem to care about what was going to happen next.
          So when Carter tried to fix the things with him, he just (as you saw a few pages ago) said “it’s whatever you want it to be”. That’s when Carter find out that he didn’t care.
          That’s why he said the last page that everything was about Adrian. And then it comes this page that as you can see. Carter won’t allow that Adrian uses him again.
          And it’ll be continued… jaja hope you understood me because i’m not really good explaining xd
          But if you have any doubt i’m here to help you C:

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    (on an unrelated note, Happy Pi Day, 3.14)

  • Yuuta

    No, see, I think Carter is trying to understand Adrian’s situation, but it may be that Adrian is not comfortable with sharing his feelings, and because he has been bottling them up, he has been using Carter as a means to release those pent up feelings. I’m not saying that it’s just Adrian who’s in the wrong, but Carter too. They both are, but they’re hormonal teens and even for adults, feelings can be complicated and hard to deal with. This story is doing an amazing job at portraying the difficulties that a teen may deal with, making it relatable for others.

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    Such Memeries.

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      I ended up liking this font better.

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      crying lmfao

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        This is just pure genius

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    I loved it! Some very unique drawing skills you see here.

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    wait are they fighting what

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      likewhy are they fighting

      • http://lepopofficial.tumblr.com/ LePop

        Because Adrian’s like ” whAT you a little pussy now??? Huh?? Didn’t liek the dICK???!”
        and Carter’s like “STFU ASSWIPE YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS ABOUT.”

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    Adrian u lil shit don’t use ppl

    • Matt

      To be fair, Carter was planning to use him at the beginning for casual sex, at least before his feelings developed, soooooooo.

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    the arh fandom is on fire

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    Ok. Ok. Now to just wait for the next update. I’m going to take a deep breathe. Hold it for a few seconds. Let it out. and repeat. I can’t adequately react to this without seeing the whole scene. Gonna read the whole scene. Going to wait until it’s all here… yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

    ;_; we shall see.

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    I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now. Adrian i ca nn o t believe

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    Nah, son. I’m with Carter.

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    SHIZ SON. I thought Carter was the douche….

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      Bish what did you say about my son?

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    I just felt like saying, when ever I open the website and BAM new page, I’m like “OMG i can be the first commenter……. the.. the power…….. What shall I say? it has to something funny, witty, cooooool…. Hm. wait I should probably look at the page firs- OMG my heart! MYHEARTITHINKITSGONE. well at least I’m the first comme- wow thanks sad_yoai_lover69 you just ruined my entire week.”

    And that is how I spend my Saturday nights.

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    Whyyyyy sooo muuchhh anggssttt! :`<

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    Now that I’m more interested in stories that portray realistic and believable relationships between two men, I occasionally look back 3 years at all the yaoi and say,

    • Faolan Rei

      Literally my reactions every time I think about how I used to love reading Junjou Romantica.

      • http://lepopofficial.tumblr.com/ LePop

        Right? Like, can you imagine Adrian and Carter doing ANY of that??…

        • Faolan Rei

          Omfg I love this. xD

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      • http://lepopofficial.tumblr.com/ LePop

        this is gold

      • chrisbreezy

        well you know. . . if your doing it wrong then it won’t. . but what do I know. HAH

    • Hryre

      This. So much. Especially the bit about rape. It drives me crazy in yaoi. When was the last time you read one where someone said “stop” and they stop? Or, read any where there were lasting consequences for blurring the lines of consent?

  • Izu-chan

    (I know most of you might not read this in its entirety, but whatever. I have to speak up)

    Everybody who says “Yaoi is horrible because it’s unrealistic and ridiculous” and makes any excuse to ignorantly diss on it, you are all out of line. I understand that many of you just long for more realistic and believable types of stories such as this, and that’s okay. However, it’s NOT okay to start thinking that because realistic is more desirable, that anything less than that is incorrect and should be discouraged. Every mode of storytelling is an art form, and there is NO correct or incorrect way to showcase or create art. It is merely a matter of personal taste.

    Please do not automatically attack Japanese Yaoi manga merely because it’s not a mode of storytelling you prefer. Please keep in mind that the yaoi you’ve been exposed to are almost always by Japanese authors/artists, and as such will reflect cultural values and a sense of humor that is actually appreciated by those of Japan. Japan has a different sense of humor and entertainment values than Westerners do, so please take that into consideration. Thank you (to anyone who was kind enough to read this at all)

    • sighhhhhhhhhhh

      tbh the only thing im against in yaoi manga is the whole ”you say no but i know your body says yes so im going to continue even if though you are clearly telling me to stop”

      i get some people might find this hot but it just i honestly cant stand it, and the sad thing is that the majority of yaoi manga is like that

      • sighhhhhhhhh2

        and btw even if you call it cute its still rape, and thats something a lot of people dont understand

        • Hryre

          Right. Just once, I’d like to see a yaoi properly address consent issues, which in all fairness can be blurry at times, depending on the circumstances.

          I’m also tired of the same old yaoi formula. It’s become a crutch for storytellers and an excuse not to make dynamic characters and interesting conflicts.

          • anon

            There are plenty of yaoi stories that involve mutual consent that are not formulaic. You just have to make an effort to find them.

      • Izu-chan

        I’ll have you know that it’s not the majority of yaoi manga that is like that, but rather half, or even just 1/3. You’re just not looking far enough. There are plenty of popular Yaoi manga where BOTH people in the relationship give consent, AND it’s a mutual love between the two. I don’t want to waste any time trying to find explanations to get you to see my point, but if you want to understand what I’m saying, read Honto Yajuu. That’s only one example, but I believe it’s the best example off the top of my head I can use.

        • sighhhhhhhh

          honto yajuu is actually my favorite haha, I didnt said that ALL yaoi manga involves rape because is not true, but there are a looooot which involve rape

          • Izu-chan

            And I understand rape is bad, and most times not desirable in a plot. I get that. And it frustrates me too, having to pick at every hay needle to find that one good quality Yaoi with two people who give consent, or that just doesn’t involve rape, whether mild or bad. I’m just saying that people don’t look far enough, and that’s what frustrates me more than the fact that it’s a common thing in Yaoi because it’s just easier to use.

          • sigghhhhhhhhh

            Thats the thing, it shouldn’t be a hard thing to find those kind of yaoi! I dont get that, If I want to read a good yaoi I shouldnt have to look for it everywhere

          • Izu-chan

            That is the compromise of life. The rarest find is always the most precious ;^;
            That’s why you build a library over time ;7;

          • sighhhhhh

            Izu-chan let’s build our own library with 100% consent yaoi manga haha ;A;9

          • Izu-chan

            Oh god, all our life’s problems will be solved forevar ;7;

        • sighhhhhhhh

          actually, all of yamamoto kotetsukos manga are like that, which i love

          • Izu-chan

            (can’t upvote because of the sign-in rule, so I will say here instead to Sigh and Hryre, Thank you for that consolation, because I love all her work too ;v; )

          • sighhhhhhhhhh

            hahaha yeah, shes amazing, the art style, the characters and the storylines are always so fun to read

          • sighhhhh

            ALSO itoshi no nekokke is one of my favorites too

        • Hryre

          That’s one of my favorites, as well. I generally enjoy all of that mangaka’s work.

        • Hryre

          Also, Youkou Fujitani and Nanao Okuda’s works give me the warm fuzzies.

          • Hryre

            Although I admit there’s some gray area in Borderline. So, maybe I’m a hypocrite.

          • Izu-chan

            Hey, we’re all hypocrites one way or another. I dun blem yuu

    • Faolan Rei

      Most people diss on yaoi manga because the majority of yaoi manga /is/ unrealistic and perpetuates negative stereotypes about gay relationships (someone always has to be the ‘top’, the ‘bottom’ is always shy and girly, not to mention the fact that they /never use lube and/or protection jfc/). And this is coming from someone who occasionally likes to read a good yaoi manga every now and then. But just because something is unrealistic doesn’t automatically make it ‘bad’, so long as you know how to differentiate between fantasy and reality.
      The main problem with a lot of yaoi manga, though, (at least to me) is that it’s almost never about the relationship aspect of the story, but more about the sexual aspect (which, while not horrible, can still be a little tedious when they have sex /every single chapter/). I know full well that the Japanese have a different mindset than most Westerners, but that’s not going to change the fact that most of the things that yaoi mangas portray are a little sketchy (if not more so), especially when it comes to consent between partners.
      And really, regardless of where the mangaka comes from, certain aspects of a story can still be exaggerated and/or portrayed wrong, even by the region’s standards. I mean, have you /seen/ 50 Shades of Gray? It doesn’t matter what they’re trying to portray or where they come from, if they don’t fully know what they’re doing, it is entirely possible to skew something out of proportion.

      • starduststories

        I totally agree, but let me just add two things.
        Firstly: The “seme/uke stereotypes” are quite damaging to gay relationships, but it’s really not exaggerated by the region’s standards. Japan still has very strict gender roles, and because yaoi is aimed at a female audience, it’s both a way of enforcing those gender roles and relationship power dynamics (weak girly uke/powerful manly seme) and something that comes from those gender roles because many mangaka are female in the first place.

        Second thing: we categorize homoromantic/homoerotic manga differently to Japan, from what I can tell- “yaoi” and “shounen ai” are not as commonly used in Japan as they are here in the West, so because of this confusion it’s hard to tell which works are good and which aren’t, creating a really bad kind of confusion for the readers. Many good works that are “softcore yaoi” (actually much closer to what we’d call shounen ai) get mixed in with your classic, tropey “yaoi” on Western listings because in Japan, pretty much everything comes under the “BL” (Boy’s Love) genre, and whenever BL is categorized for Western readers people think “Sex= yaoi, let’s put that in there”, but any BL manga can contain sex, it’s just not the main focus of the story in a lot of cases. So that’s another idea about how yaoi gets its bad reputation over here.

        Japan’s BL genre has problems that I found out about when I visited bookstores over there because it seems that everything is mixed in together- bad yaoi, good, realistic yaoi, shounen ai, all of it- so it’s very hard to differentiate what a healthy relationship is and isn’t and what’s fantasy if you read a lot of it. For me, who didn’t want to read one of those yaoi that romanticized rape, it wasn’t as easy as going to pick up a “shounen ai”. You have to know specific mangaka, magazines and titles or take a guess. That’s very damaging to audiences of any gender.

  • kittykat

    Lemme just say this; Yaoi is drawn gay porn (keyword: PORN). You don’t read/watch porn for the plot, you do it for the sexual arousal :/ and if you don’t like it, there’s a whole bunch of shounen ai and other alternatives out there.

    Let’s also not forget that it’s all fictional meaning the rapes, the plots and the characters AREN’T REAL.

    My little 2c

    • BlackOleander

      I agree with you to some extent. Certainly on 4chan yaoi = drawn gay porn in Japanese style, but not all content labelled yaoi is purebred porn. There are plenty of stories which build up slowly, and the erotic scene(s) represent a very minor portion of the entire page count of the whole story. So I wouldn’t say that such a work is entirely porn. But it’s also true that with a little build up, the erotic scene is that much more exciting, even though the building up in itself isn’t porn, I suppose it enhances the erotic scene.

      And indeed I do think that the main purpose of yaoi is to provide sexual arousal, so I don’t really see the point of reading yaoi and skipping the erotic scenes. What comes to being realistic, often in new relationships people do have a lot of sex. However, I also think that often the erotic scenes contribute to the story. On this point I disagree with kittykat, even if yaoi would be entirely porn, doesn’t mean it couldn’t have a story. I personally like to read the ones with a bit of a story to it as well.

      I agree that yaoi has a lot of tropes and most of them can be vexing at times. But it is true that there are real people who like to stick to either being bottom or top, but it sure is unrealistic to represent their preferred role to be linked to their height and/or appearance. It is also true that some progress has happened in yaoi. What comes to rape for example, there are quite a few manga which represent rape as the terrible thing it is. However, the “no means yes” kind of iffy, rapey manga is still often popular, and because they are popular they gain a lot of visibility and that’s why a lot of people think that the majority of yaoi is like that. I think that their popularity has a lot to do with people’s rape fantasies. Rape fantasies are common and quite normal.

      But I do think that representing rape in this manner (no means yes, you want it anyway you little slut) is a problem… Well, we can always try to avoid such titles.

      On the rapey feeling, I also sometimes wonder whether the translation is misleading.. A lot of the time “iya” (いや) is interpreted as “no” and “ya” (や) as “sto(p)” (because “yamete” = stop), but I wonder whether sometimes these aren’t just noises. Or they might work similarly to the word “yabai” (やばい) which means both terrible and amazing. Like before getting off, it most likely means something like “omg, I’m going to come”, though in another context it could mean “this is bad”.

      The Man of Tango by Tetuzoh Okadaya breaks seme&uke definitions along with expectations of appearance. You can also see condoms.

      Little Butterfly by Takanaga Hinako features stopping when asked. It’s a pretty nice story. This is also the same mangaka that created Koisuru Boukun (The tyrant falls in love), which is one of the most popular, most problematic rapey series there are.
      There are many more good ones. /end wall of text

    • elijah elquest

      Gosh I hope you aren’t reading this “yaoi” for the porn. You’re probably pretty disappointed.

      • kittykat

        Of course not. I know ARH is plot centred. Personally I would classify it as shounen ai and I don’t mind not one bit that there isn’t a lot of porn in it

  • Hazeldrop

    Sticker sheets are coming in the next few weeks to the store! Hopefully we will also have these for Sakura-con. Hope to see some of you there!!

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    What the heckie Adrian

  • Lissa

    I think some people have forgotten that in the beginning Carter was only using Adrian to get in his pants. It wasn’t until after the party that he actually began his road down human decency and treated him as more than a potential bedmate. So while I am glad he’s calling Adrian out on using him, I am hoping Adrian (or Carter) remembers earlier events because it’s a little hypocritical. Sure Carter got better, but that doesn’t excuse what he once did -which was basically sexual harassment, borderline stalking.

    • thevoidbender

      This is true. What Carter did previously was creepy and not ok. Idk if he apologized off panel or something or Adrian just let it go or whatever. Who knows. My biggest fear is that Adrian will take that to far and use it as an excuse to invalidate what Carters saying and be much harsher than he normally would be because he’s hurting and lash out at Carter. Oh well tis not up to us though lol

  • Bilbo bagina

    About the whole consent thing
    I don’t think Adrian ever asked Carter to stop.

  • Fake Person

    I don’t understand why there are so many people suddenly claiming that Carter was the one using Adrian first. While Carter intentions where really clear from the beginning, and he was really persistent, Adrian never clearly said to him to stop with his advances, he didn’t even clearly said that he wanted a deep real relationship and wasn’t looking for sex as Cartes was, wich I’m 100% certain that would have made Carter stop in his tracks. Also I should mention that while persistent as Carter was he never forced himself into Adrian, he was constantly looking for an ok on what he wanted and waited and tried to get that countless of times even knowing that it would be much easier to just push him down seeing that Adrian didn’t have any intention of sleeping with him.
    On the other hand, Adrian knew what Carter wanted, or that’s what he thought at least, and used that to try and forget his own problems. Used Carter. It was certainly mostly consensual by both parties, but that doesn’t change the fact that Adrian used Carter as a scapegoat.

    • Keet

      Actually, I’m absolutely certain Adrian asked Carter to stop. From what I gather, he was getting increasingly frustrated with Carter’s advances. Carter did stop attempting to pursue Adrian sometime before the party began, and even if he hadn’t, I don’t think it’s fair to say, “he never actually forced himself on Adrian”. No, he didn’t, but he did stalk Adrian and persist in trying to sleep with him even though Adrian told him more than once to knock it off. Carter’s actions were absolutely inexcusable, even if the whole situation was played for laughs. Yes, he’s evolved since then, but people can’t say that this doesn’t make him look like a hypocrite. Just to clear, I’m not knocking Carter’s character, I’m just hoping he displays some maturity and self-awareness and finally realizes, “Oh, that’s right. I was a jerk too, I should apologize and we can straighten this out”, if/when Adrian or someone else decides to call him on it.

      • Keet

        And just to clarify, I’m not saying Adrian’s completely absolved of all blame, I just don’t think people should ignore what Carter did.

      • Fake Person

        From what I recall, and I might as well be wrong, what Adrian said to Carter was that he didn’t want to have sex with him, he didn’t tell him to stop directly. He mocked him and ignored him but still wasn’t direct.
        And I agree that Carter was too much in the past, but without a direct confrontation I really don’t see how he could do something different with his personality.
        And yes, they both are stupid and wrong in different aspects, after all they are teenagers, but I do think that Adrian is the one that has done the worst.

        • Mana

          During French class Adrian told Carter he could stop. And when Adrian turned him down, that could obviously be taken for him to stop. Adrian was pretty direct. And then development happened! Now, Adrian had given Carter a kiss before running off into his kitchen like omfgireallydidthatttt and then Carter followed him and rather forcefully kissed him and then they got it onnn. Not without Adrian asking Carter if he wanted to stop. Carter kept going. So I wouldn’t say Adrian has done the worst, but they both have to communicate since Adrian probably remembered that from the beginning Carter had only wanted sex. Let’s just hope my poor babies get this cleared up instead of assigning blame <3

          • Fake Person

            Oh~ thanks for clearing that up, my memory gets worse over time.

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        Is the update day changing?

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          I actually think they don’t have like an specifically “update day”. They just vomit weekly pages xD

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    HO I would’ve never thought that
    fuuu I so dense 0)-0

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    Ahhh im scared for the future!!

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    Knew it… When they started screwing all y’all were hype but I knew something was up

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    Adrian will remind Carter that the only met because Carter was trying to bang him, so really what is he upset about? And then Carter will have to admit that he caught the feelings.

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    kdzdckdskaj im just sitting here waiting for the updattteee

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    No babies… make up … hug it out…

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    Oh my damn

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    Does anyone read this as they are shitting?
    Just curious

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    Carter you are lucky that you are gay and that is not a redhead female on her monthly.

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    I think it’s funny how Adrian acts like a little kid in a way

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    urgghhhhh Carter Adrian I love you both T A T

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    Uh, carter, you’ve been using Adrian. Your original intentions were for sex, remember?

    • Akinari

      That was his intentions before. But it all changed.

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    oh shit

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    Sooooo has it clicked in Adrian’s head that Carter complaining about this means that he actually cares ooooor…?

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    I’m just here. Waiting. Still waiting. Until page 162 appears :)

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    I wonder why I like gay stories

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      Because boys are cute as fuck together.

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