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ARH turned 4 yesterday!

Shout out to all of our fans, whether you have been following us since the beginning, or just found us yesterday, we wouldn’t be anywhere without you guys! Thanks so much for your support!


PS: Next update should be on Saturday if everything goes well!

  • dhdhav

    At this point I don’t think they’re even ready for a relationship, Adrians being too selfish and disregarding of other people’s feelings which isn’t good, plus projecting his issues on Carter and getting angry when told, he needs to fix his gosh dang problems because he would be the worst boyfriend to have right now

  • machin

    So proud of Carter. I’m like YOU GO GLENN COCO.
    And Adrian… This is extremely realistic a réaction. I mean, i totes understand what’s going through Adrian’s mind. Having gone through what he did, with no support from his family… anybody would lose confidence in themselves and start to distrust others, never allowing a potential romantic relationship to go further than awkward fuck buddies. He’s clearly afraid and tries to hide this under tons of false cockiness and anger.
    And i believe it’s the first time i’ve read a story with characters having an actual conversation about their feelings and their situation instead of avoiding each others or having endless inner talks with themselves and that makes me incredibly happy.
    Keep going, ladies. You rock this yaoi world.

  • Catctus

    plot twist: Adrian is angry because Carter didn’t help him with the pamphlets, that’s also the reason he has bags under his eyes.

  • merri

    seeing the banner at the top of the site makes me so sad bc it reminds me of the good timeess the babies need to be happy once again

  • Page of Heart


  • Hope Ellis

    Now Adrian, Show me your ‘Everything will be alright face.’

  • Enny

    FUUUUUUH! Carter jogou tudo na lata mesmo! E agora Adrian?! E agora! TA aí! (I dont no how write this in English… Sorry)

    • CrystalFoxx

      Legal ver brasileiros aqui :D

      • Enny

        Digo o mesmo xD uahauha

  • Mrs. Prince

    Another plot twist:
    Carter: All that stuff we did, it wasn’t about us. It was about me.
    *Adrain look down at the floor like a kicked puppy*
    Adrian whispers: I thought it was about me…*cries*

    okay, i’m sorry but this is just too sad.
    i’ll show myself out now

  • De

    I have read a lot of comments and i have to say something:
    Adrian maybe isn’t someone that is the best in the world and maybe he did use Carter because of the accident with David. But I can see in Adrians eyes that he likes Carter. Maybe he doesn’t know it, yet. But we can see that he is slowly starting to know his feelings.
    And Carter. Carter knows that there’s something wrong with Adrian and he is trying to somehow repair it? Or something like that… So i think that this is perfect.

  • Justin White

    this may not end well

  • shellysaysrawr

    MY FEELINGS….. -rolls in my tears-

  • Guest

    happy happy bday !!

    • alliando


  • utaringo2395

    Yes Adrian, everyone wants to know what the hell is happening (눈_눈)

  • Yuue Cain

    please Adrian I’d fuckin love if you fuckin explain what the fuck is going on D: Jezz…

  • PomixWing

    OOOOOOooooh nooooooooo……

  • Ray

    I’m sorry for getting off track but I have a friend whose a transitioning trans guy who needs help. his guardians are sending him to the military after graduation and he might die there if word gets out about his transitioning. please help we need to meet the goal by june

    • Kayla Tuchler

      I donated. Best of luck to you and your friend <3

  • Lilac Mouse

    Uh oh. I’m not sure if that look means Adrian isn’t going to take that bald assertion very well, true or not. =/

  • TheWiggleKing

    I’m really glad this comic is more than just some crummy “only sexy no actual interesting characters or storyline” kind of thing. It’s really hard to find comics that are gay-themed and not utter crap, but you guys really do a wonderful job at making realistic situations and characters, and I really appreciate it. So, in short, thanks! I really adore this comic!

    • Elenor Hibbett

      yeah no for sexual/emotional frustration look only to the viewers….

    • Stallu

      I love Always Raining Here, even I I prefer volume one, it was darker ! There is a comics called Fusion Man, the story is awesome ! No sex ! Real plots like here ! But it’s in french !! (www. fusionman .fr)

  • Zakk S. SutCliff

    Yaaaaas, Call him out, Carter.

  • Leonora Paust

    I Wonder why every fandom I enter tears a chunk off my heart. I don’t have enough of it to just give out parts of it as in: here’s a vein, here’s an artery, you get some blood and you get some muscle because you just fuckin sink your teeth in me like Ren in Dmmd BE. My heart’s tissues or neither for free nor for sale! And Adrian and Carter are no exception, no matter how cute they are and how interesting their story is and how this story progressed!

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    • Hatvwragaxwtghwywuwvdced



      • Leonora Paust

        Sorry. I’m just kind of dead from the inside by now. I mean, I still ducking react and cry and feel but shortly after I’m just a black hole wandering through the living room and drawing attention from the TV. Like, whenever I’m in the living room, it switches to a commercial about anti-depressives.

        • Hatvwragaxwtg

          Oh. Yeah, I get ya. I just freak out over shit. Sorry.

          • Leonora Paust

            Nah it’s ok. The Bad Ends are a touchy thing, amiright?

      • SylvanoTR

        Are you talking about the game or the anime?

      • SylvanoTR

        Are you talking about the game or the anime?

        • Leonora Paust


          • SylvanoTR

            Where did you find it? I can’t seem find it myself DX

          • Leonora Paust

            Yeah it’s kind of hard now, but on tumblr you might find a post that shows how you can download it for free. I definitely saw one, but I can’t remember who wrote it or anything. You can just Google something like: tumblr dramatical murder download free
            Before it was available as a play through on YouTube but those videos got removed after a while. So yeah, that’s that

          • SylvanoTR

            Oh, ok. ^^ Thanks a lot :)

          • Leonora Paust

            No problem

  • LePop

    What Adrain should say: Look, Carter, I’m really sorry alright? I just, there’s so much going on right now, the play, my parents, I still don’t feel comfortable opening up to a new serious relationship…

    What Adrian will do: LISTEN HERE YOU- *pulls hair* *punches* *throws across the city*

    • Beloved Anime Child

      xD you’re probably right!

    • Nickelz

      Either that or he storms off without a word, I’d wager. It’s true we’ve already seen him deck Carter with a shoe. . . .

      • LePop

        Its possible. Either way, we know his true inner feelings:

  • Nickelz

    Carter, you should proceed with caution
    Adrian might be MLG 4 rlz

  • Rowan Buchanan

    Adrian, Adrian, think!

    Don’t rek him!

    You can get over your current troubles…

    And then, when the clouds clear, you’ll get some sexy ass.
    and more than a handjob -winkwinknudgenudge-

    but pls adri, if you rek carter I think i might die.

    • prince of hearts

      i sense league references

  • Pick a nan


    • Dara Mejia Saldivar

      And all of us would be like…

  • Lucian V. Ghost

    C’mon Adrian. It is so obvious that you love him. Just kiss already. I cry for your passionate make out session to come.

    • bemyescape

      I cry for someone to come in general.

  • carboncat203

    I’ve been giggling for hours at Adrian’s face. It’s terrible, I know, but this is all I could think of:

    • wheezes

      dude i seriously cant stop laughing about this, im telling all my friends

  • Guest

    Well just wasted 4mins of my life making this

  • WTFlazy

    Just wasted 4 mins of my life making this i am so sorry mom

  • NobodysHero

    I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I was laughing because Carter is probably going to make a point about how Adrian just missed the attention from David and Adrian was like, “Ah shit he knows.”

    But… does that mean that all the times Adrian was with Carter… he was thinking of David? That Carter was just a placeholder? Maybe that’s what Carter has been thinking this whole time instead of, “Well how am I gonna talk to him now, he’s avoiding me and everyone’s leaving me alone what am I supposed to do I need more jugs of milk and I’m so confused and I just–” It’s been, “He’s using me for him.”

    And now I’m not laughing. I hope to all the cats that I’m wrong.

    • ann

      I think that’s what Carter is thinking… that he is being used. And with Adrian’s line “I dunno, it’s whatever you want it to be” it looks like Adrian thinks he is being used by Carter as well. It’s just a misunderstanding on both sides and congrats to Carter for trying to talk about it.

      • mazotori

        I don’t know if it is such a misunderstanding… From what we have seen, Carter has every reason to believe that, and we have little reason to believe that Adrian is not using Carter. Adrian has done little to show us otherwise, and nothing to show him otherwise.

      • mazotori

        I don’t know if it is such a misunderstanding… From what we have seen, Carter has every reason to believe that, and we have little reason to believe that Adrian is not using Carter. Adrian has done little to show us otherwise, and nothing to show him otherwise.

  • Sunwolf

    This is sooooooo gooooood >_< I cant stop smiling

  • anon

    i love it! youre doing really great work and i cant get over how much youve improved compared to the beginning (which was already awesome) :)
    you go!

  • geust

    I miss the old art, and more of the old story

    • McKenzie

      Both are good! And the story is the same, it’s just progressed? As most stories tend to do? Plot and conflict and all that.

    • LePop

      Honestly when anyone says something along the lines of this, I get irrationally nervous that the creators will actually revert their style and plot when I’m enjoying this present-day thing so much.

  • James Kirkland Fields

    I’ve totally been at this moment with someone. Actually I’m going through it right now with them.

  • Adrian Don’tTake’TheOreos

    *(^o^)/* I seriously can’t wait for the next update.

  • BL

    *refreshing intensifies*

  • ana marinho

    my kokoro hurts

    • Rainstripe

      I feel it

  • Tunaa

    i need this next update

    • prince of hearts

      this is how i feel

  • Guest


    • Guest

      me: hoe don’t do it

      • Guest

        oh my god

    • Guest

      hoe don’t do it

      • Guest


        • Guest

          oh my god

  • skippinginclouds


    • skippinginclouds

      hoe don’t do it

      • skippinginclouds


        • skippinginclouds

          oh my god

  • aoi_aka

    I really don’t like the swirling tornado that is this relationship. It’s gonna suck me in and spit me back out. Plus these babies! Ugh.

  • Pinkfeiry

    oh-ohhhh, i sense a storm coming

  • Pinkfeiry

    oh-ohhhh, i sense a storm coming

  • lauraIpsum


  • Ninhursag

    Is Adrian replacing Carter in his mind with David? Is that it?

  • Rolls Away For Days

    About Carter: I’m glad, in a way, to be seeing his serious side. I love his goofy, carefree side, but it’s nice to see his serious side make an appearance. As for Adrian, it’s cool to see his dark side being addressed, his past and baggage, really. It’s refreshing to see the characters’ “roles” being reversed for a change; like, Carter being responsible and Adrian being childish.

  • yaoifanboy


  • MIMIdash


  • Xyrenus

    uh oh not the face

  • Cyril


  • banana StabbeR

    i dont understand