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Happy Thursday update, everyone~

Edit: Hi all! I was tinkering around with the site and I figured I should add a post concerning the conventions we will be attending (We are trying to be a bit more organized about it this year!). We always love meeting our fans in person, so hopefully we can see some of you this year!

☂ 2015 Convention Schedule 

  • CakeOfDoom

    $10 that Adrian is going to pretend like none of that happened.

    • SylvanoTR

      What currency?

      • LurkingTorontian

        Canadian Dollars, hun.

        • SylvanoTR

          Good. I’d like to take you on that bet then =p

  • NobodysHero

    I don’t know if it’s just because it’s been a while since I’ve seen the update, but the art looks… different. In a good way, obviously. Maybe just because there are a bunch of close-ups of Carter being mopey and depressed?

    …On a different note, we all should have expected this whole mess after the excitement in the kitchen. Drats.

  • nothingbuttrash_

    Where’s the milk

    • Rain

      probably in Carter’s locker

  • MissPopsicle

    is it just me or does it look like he kinda tried to hide behind jason in the 3rd panel?

  • catlateral-damage

    The art in this comic has gotten so natural and beautiful??? Congrats to you lovely artist <3

  • カスミ

    The colours, the style, the story. Every damn thing is on POINT.

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler
  • arminxeren4eva

    YESS UPDATE! The squeallss are realll!!

  • arminxeren4eva

    YESS UPDATE! The squeallss are realll!!

    • akashi seijuro


  • Guest

    ._. Happyy..this has been updated..i got tired of waiting and read it all over again (BEFORE IT WASNT UPDATED) cause I have nothing better to do with my life :T

    • PaleSakuraDemon

      Same.(•́ ω•́)ノ”

  • Ching

    jesus, he’s so sad these days my heart goes out to the boy

  • MoonByte

    Guess one: someone hadn’t slept for a while
    Guess two: someone cried a lot

    Guess three: someone did both .__.

  • avatarttfan

    update I need update every day fuuuck noo i cant live with thisssss its killing meee

  • 安得

    I just started this today and finished it today. and OMG THERE’S NO NEXT PAGE. YoOoOoOOoOoO CARTER NO

    • quivershiver


  • Katrina Frodo Holmes

    I just started this today and finished it in like an hour loooool
    This is so good and I’m sooo glad this is based in bc
    I hope you don’t mind me saying this but it’s so cool to see the art improve from the beginning to now!!!
    I look forward to more!! <3

  • Tami

    Carter you’re in the fire! Like did Adrian kiss and tell?

  • SylvanoTR

    I like Jason

  • Emerson Parker

    Jeez Carter, you look like you did all the drugs and cried about it.

    • Lillipop

      Ha. Ahaha. Page reference. I like ti.

  • Seren

    Oh, god damn! I was reading with no stops and now im at the latest chapter XD :’( i ave to wait like a aptient fan now, dammit~

    • Jacobi Lawrence

      Same omg :(

  • Banani❤️

    do guys know any good straight romance comics? since it’s valentines day i might as well get with some boy-girl looove~ ;) ;)

  • DepressedBunny

    I’m so confused about the fact that nobody noticed that carter was looking for Adrian over her shoulder he assumed that he’d be there and he isn’t and he’s sad and I’m sad

    • Lillipop

      I know right..? The look on his face…

  • DistrunPola

    Carter: “Where is that son of a bitch”

  • Page of Heart


  • Lillipop

    I personally love the fact that Jason said, ” M’lady. ” That is so.. I dunno, cute? And the way Carter looked for Adrian over Maria’s shoulder… [long sad sigh] And, Jason isn’t a jerk. Nor is he ignoring Carter- I think that’s just how their relationship works, Maybe Jason is ignorant but… other than that he’s a good guy!! :’DD

  • this fucking comic


    • Chairman Stein

      Why didn’t I think of this sooner?
      *Tips in your general direction*

    • starduststories

      The minute I saw this page I knew this was going to happen, godDAMNIT

  • Fairy GodMother

    Hey man you can’t be too hard on Adrian either, poor guy probably had a rough time with his parents last night and he already feels guilty about doing something he LOVES (acting) and hes just traumatized in general, about being used again.
    How shitty must’ve it been for him to fall in love with a guy, and the whole time he thought it was mutual. Like how stupid must’ve he felt afterwards ? And how devastating it must feel to lose what he thought was the perfect guy: mutual interests and good personality. He’s still carrying this baggage around even though Carter is right in front of him.

    Add that too the pressure to be perfect to impress family. You’re not really being yourself, you’re living for other people.

  • Teru♥

    I think maria and Jason make a really cute couple… leaving that aside… Wow, Cartes does really looks bad. I fear the moment when he finally meets Adrian just because it will be fucking awkward… and probably their relationship can’t go back to the way it was before THAT. I really hate Carter look right now…. it’s heartbreaking

  • Dark Bloody Crow

    Maybe I’m throwing a bit to much imagination on this, but… Carter appears to be more on the demisexual side than on the homsexual one. I’m not saying being one or the other is a bad thing, or that one is better than the other, I just thought that;

    1 – when Carter came out, it wasn’t through any specific experience he might have had, he just sort of figured it out, and well, I can only think that inexperience leads to different and maybe confusing observations about yourself. Another thing that plays on the “demi” side is the fact that Carter found no man appealing, be it gay or not. It was only when he met Adrian that he showed truly interest in “a relationship” (well, or something around those lines), and at first glance it might have looked like Carter clang over Aidan only because his looks, but from what I had interpreted, it was more about a kind of link between them that caught his attention (same age, same “sexual-orientation” indentification, and what could have been guessed by his attitude and demeanor; a similarity in likes, hobbies and such). From my experience, and imho, one does not realize a possibly deep connection consciously with someone you just met, but it is there, underlying, and it affects how fast two people can become close, or how they would feel some kind of connection between them (it kinda sounds too spiritual, but that was not my intention xD).

    2 – Ever since Carter showed interest in Adrian, his innuendos were more of a ice-breaker than a real proposal of hoking up. Moreover, when Carter gets his chance the first time, he declines, and it is left in some kind of underlying understanding that Carter declines Adrian’s advances because he does not want to take advantage of his drunken-drugged state. The second time, Carter does not back down, but he is the one to show more doubts about it, not because he is not attracted by the idea, but because; is that what he really wishes to have with Adrian? A fuck-buddy was what he made everyone else think was what he wanted, but his distraught appearance in the last pages shows otherwise. And yes, I guess you could read that as him thinking that their last night actions would trouble them, but why would he think like that? Adrian was not drunk, and was not forced nor misguided by anyone to act as he did, which means that what they did was consensual and personal between to people that are attracted by each other. Sharing a personal moment like that, however rushed it might have been, would imply some kind of advance onto a “relationship” ground. So, if sexuality was the reason why the two of them hanged around together, Carter wouldn’t see something negative in what they did. In fact it should have made his day, because Adrian had finally showed reciprocation, or has he? What is what Carter actually wants to have with Adrian? Sex it is not, as he had been unsure of it the two times he could have it. That’s why I consider that what the boy is actually looking for is a kind of platonic connection. Carter is probably not against sex, but has he been turned on by other men, besides Adrian? And what turned him on about Adrian, his looks or the sentiment and the feelings that a simple kiss from someone he shared a deep connection with?

    This turned too long… Summing it up; 1- Carter’s coming out was, as said in the comic, a tad out of the blue (teenager misguiding in understanding themselves?), 2 – Carter had not shown any particular attraction towards males in general, only towards Adrian for whom he might have felt some other type of connection (more on a personal-platonic-yourmyone level), 3 – his sexual insinuations were more of a comic relief-ice breaker, 4 – the two times he had been in a sexual situation with Adrian, Carter had showed reluctance/felt uncomfortable with the situation/seemed like there was something else he’d want from Adrian. My conclusion: Carte is attracted to Adrian not based on his gender, but because he came to know him slowly, grew close to him, and found out that he liked being with him -> aka demisexuality.

    As a side note, when one does not find themselves feeling sexually attracted to the opposite gender, in stead of considering different types of asexuality (demi is something you could interpret as close to asexuality), “normal, nowadays” people consider themselves gay, without much exploration (as if it was like, you either like one, or the other).

    Anyways, it’s just my opinion’s rambling. I hope I didn’t offend anyone with it!

    • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

      I see your point! But didn’t Carter state he was gay in the beginning of the comic?

      • Dark Bloody Crow

        Yes, yes! As I said, this was all about me overthinking it. Also, at the end of my rambling, I thought that Carter’s coming out was a bit rushed and possibly not thought through. If I remember correctly, it is stated in the comic that he came out “out of the blue”. What would be his reasoning to all of a sudden consider himself homosexual? Usually it is that he doesn’t find himself attracted to the opposite gender, but can’t that mean something else? Again, this is just my overthinking, so yeah, feel free to disagree with me xD

        • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

          That’s just fine!

        • PaleSakuraDemon

          Carter has shown interest in other men. Remember at the beginning of the comic, in the book store Carter was about to pick up a book and another guy touched it as well. He was about to ask him to hook up with him, until the guy’s girlfriend came along. After that Carter stated in his inner monologue that he would stay away from “straight guys or craigslist creeps” and would only find guys who are actually gay. He also said that all gay guys in his school weren’t attractive, so his only best bet was Adrian. The reason he doesn’t show interest in other guys now is because he has actually gotten to know Adrian better as a person and has fallen for him. Only having eyes for him.

    • Dara Mejia Saldivar

      I totally agree with you, i was also thinking that maybe Carter isn’t really gay, he’s just like “exploring” his sexuality, and also as you said; The only men that Carter has shown interest in is Adrian.
      I really don’t know how to explain it, it’s like… he fell in love with the personality of Adrian… it’s complicated xd

      • Karina

        Carter is gay. the author has stated he is gay. Idk I think it’s a bit shallow to say “he really isn’t gay” and “just experimenting his sexuality” when he has obviously identified himself as gay.

        • cartke

          I agree, I like the theory a lot but it’s kind of erasing his sexuality that he has identified as and the author and artist have confirmed him as. If he says he’s gay, he’s gay until he decides otherwise. I also get the strong feeling that Hazel and Bell know about other identities so I think the possibility of him having thought about his sexuality and then decided on being gay is there. In the scope of someone’s life that would still be very sudden.

          Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t really have a close connection with Adrian just yet- Adrian’s still hiding a lot from him and they really don’t know a lot about each other. Most demisexual people need a deep emotional connection before they even experience sexual or physical attraction. And Carter is clearly sexually attracted to Adrian, and has been before they were this close. He has shown an interest in sex with Adrian, and it seems like he might want a romantic relationship. But the fact that they’re hiding stuff from each other is making him uncomfortable. The two times he’s stopped during sexual activity is when Adrian’s acted strange beforehand- the first time, he mentioned David, and the second time, he was lying to Carter about the show.

          If Carter is looking for just a platonic relationship though, it seems like that’s going to hurt Adrian in the end because if it’s looking like he might like Carter, and going by past history he’s most likely going to like him romantically. He’s already had one person tell him they’re not really gay and lead him on- the details of which Carter doesn’t know about. That would hurt a lot.

        • Dark Bloody Crow

          I am sorry if my opinion has offended you, but as I said, I did not intend to erase anyone’s sexuality, just explored more about a character’s behaviour (and I guess I’m a bit out of touch as I have not read where the author has stated, a part form Carter’s own sayings, that the character is strictly gay). Again, sorry for the bother.

      • Dark Bloody Crow

        Exactly! I think of it that way too, that’s why the idea of demisexuality (feeling attraction only towards those who you have a bond with) suited carter from my opinion.

    • arminxeren4eva

      I so agree well put

    • Karina

      I think you may be overthinking it. Carter identifies as gay. It would be cool to have some asexual or demisexual characters. Demisexual ppl just like asexuals lack sexual attraction. Demisexual ppl can become sexually attracted to a person they share a bond with. Carter has felt sexual attraction to Adrian before he got to know him so it he doesn’t seem to fit demisexuality much.

      • Dark Bloody Crow

        My belief was that Carter didn’t really feel a sexual-attraction pull towards Adrian when they met, but more of a personality-attitude pull, that’s why it looked demi from my point of view. Again, that’s just my opinion xD

        • Ray

          But the first thing he did when he met him was ask to have sex right then.

    • Chicana

      I’m pretty proud of myself. I actually took the time to read that.

    • rui

      you are confusing demisexual with demiromantic

    • fa

      but what about when this happened? he found the hot guys in the magazine appealing
      and he found this random guy he met appealing since he was trying to hit on him
      he found david appealing
      the authors have made it very clear he was gay, and so i dont think carter is demisexual

      • cariboucat

        What page was that one from? Where he’s saying David is handsome?

        • CrystalFoxx

          I believe that is extra comic from the book (???idk)

    • BlackOleander

      I think Carter is gay. In the very beginning, he was so sexually frustrated he was considering hooking up with a stranger, but decided not to as he thought most other people online looking for company are STD ridden. He picked Adrian based solely on Adrian’s looks(in the pool of gay and young men). I believe Carter was/is sexually frustrated and that’s why he was desperate for a partner. We also don’t have all the evidence in yet, because we know that Carter was going out with a girl for a relatively long time, but then around the end of that relationship Carter figured out he is gay. However, I think that these things are very related. Perhaps for Carter going out with the girl was a lot like being friends with her, and if she was the sort that mostly wanted platonic things, it could have taken a looooong while for Carter to figure out he didn’t really want to have sex with her. So personally I don’t think Carter really came out suddenly. I also think that initially Carter doesn’t want to date anyone, but he does want to alleviate his sexual frustration. Near the beginning he seems reluctant to admit he likes Adrian (like “like”). Because of his previous relationship, I don’t think Carter wants another so soon or at all if he thought the previous one was a bit of a pain in the ass.

      I also think that what Carter wants from Adrian has evolved with time. It’s alright for human beings to change their minds, and I’m sure that by now Carter isn’t so keen on the casual sex. It also became apparent to Carter at the party that Adrian is damaged goods, he wasn’t over the previous hurdle(and probably still isn’t). No matter how Carter behaved at the beginning of the comic, Carter isn’t an asshole and he’s actually a pretty stand-up guy. (Remember he took a punch for Maria who he barely had a connection with to stop a date rapist.) He’s looking out for Adrian as well.

      I would also like to note that it is natural for all people regardless of sexual orientation to feel more attracted (sexually and otherwise) to people when they get to know them better and like what they have learned about the other person. Your comment makes it seem as though you think that straight, gay and bisexual people feel attraction only based on looks/gender. I think that is quite offensive and demeaning.

      I’m willing to believe there are people who really are demisexual or asexual, but really I think most people claiming to be either just have issues relating to their(and other’s) sexuality. I’m tired of the air of shame and disgust surrounding sex. Most people claiming to be demisexual sound to me like people who don’t want to admit the teeniest tiniest sexual feelings they have unless they can justify them as coming forth of their deep affection. As though being married was the only situation in which you are allowed to be sexually aroused. Asexual people on the other hand mostly sound to me like people who have been brainwashed to think that sex is disgusting and shameful and you should never have any sexy thoughts, and they have accepted this without really ever exploring their own sexuality. I think asexuality is more about being unable to receive pleasure through sex, and not about being so disgusted by the idea of sex that you are never willing to explore it.

      However, if strong attachment to a term makes you feel better.. Whatever floats your boat.

    • Radio

      sorry mate, but the comic opens with him desperate to bang just about any guy he can find, so i wouldn’t exactly put him on the ace/demi scale.

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler
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  • Rom

    oh baby tired eyes

  • starduststories

    Jason: closet brony??

  • Lucian V. Ghost

    Right now I just want to know what happened to the milk.

    • Gilbert

      The milk was on his bedside table in the page before this. If that’s what you mean.

  • DatFace

    Yeah i’m still on the milk thing

  • living1Dpotato

    But like

  • AdachiSan

    This is really GOOD stuff. And I love all the french references (for being one).

    I’m following you, now.
    I mean, really. Look BEHIND YOU. Mouahahah.

    You’re awesome.

  • Kanye East

    Moon Btye gotta chill

  • nT16

    Adrian shows up with a bruised cheek because of the huge argument he’s had with his parents last night… about his future and nobody understanding him. (Bonus points for red puffy eyes.)
    The moment Carter sees him like that he stops caring about what happens to him and his own feelings and he would give up just about anything for Adrian to be at least a little happy.
    He finally realizes with fright how deep he’s fallen… and decides that he doesn’t mind at all, determined to make Adrian smile once again…
    Ugh… Drama much?

    • Ray

      Adrian’s parents don’t really seem like the type to beat their child. They just disapprove of him being in theater.

      • nT16

        I know, I know… It just sorta crossed my mind and had to let it out.
        Also, I didn’t mean it as drastic as it may have seemed. Just, he could possibly say something that could possibly make one of his parents snap. Maybe… A little… Only the tiniest bit… But probably not

      • TheEmberTiger

        Yeah, his parents seem really passive aggressive…like when Adrian told them about picking up props, all they said was “…oh”. And when he gave them tickets, instead of calling they just left a note that says “we need to talk.”

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    How do I follow? This is too adorable.

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      do you have an account in disqus?
      i’m following them there, i hope it works

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      Deviantart also tells you when they update

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    What did he ever do with the milk?

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  • lily

    Omg guys im scared. Idk what’s going happen next when he sees Adrian. THE HANDJOB OF NO RETURN.

  • ThatHandJobThough

    That awkward moment when you just binge read this whole comic and you just kept clicking the next button until you realized that there is no next. Ahhhhh halp me. I am dying. neeeeed more.

    • Dara Mejia Saldivar

      jajaja that happened to me about 2 weeks ago xD

  • Mana

    Could someone please tell me how to pronounce Adrian’s last name? Like holy shet, I’m sorry I’m not familiar with Czech pronounciation but Hlavacek?

    • Guest

      It’s ah-dree-ah-n. the emphasis goes on the ahn. That’s how it’s pronounced in Czech, not necessarily the comic pronunciation.

      • Nsnsb

        Lol I think they were asking how to pronounce his last name
        and bell and hazel say “ay-dri-un” from their livestreams and such

        • 安得

          haha omg ure right. I just noticed it said “last name” thanks.

    • UnorthodoxParadox

      La- vah-seck

      h is silent

      • Mana

        Thank you. Bless you, good sir or ma’am.

    • Name

      Ummm… I would say it sounds more like huh-la-vaah-check

      • UnorthodoxParadox

        Ah! Thanks!

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    So nice, so beautiful

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    Idk Adrian, u dun fucked up wit thoes tikets nd that man

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    a nice butt would be a plus

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    Jason, seriously no.
    That’s fragile, Jason.