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Thanks for waiting guys! Enjoy the page!

Hey everyone! We’re planning on taking a break next week in lieu of Christmas. Since we know that you guys still want some ARH, we’re planning on having a very festive livestream! We’ll announce the location in the future, but so you guys know, we’re planning on having our event on Sunday, 1:30-1:45PST. We will post the link here. Hope to see some of you there!


thanks to everyone for coming!

  • LAshton

    I hope hazel gets well, if it’s Always Raining Here it’s worth the wait :)

  • agusrayita

    I need more!!!♡♡♡♡ please

  • Chrissy

    Oh dear lord! D: Silly Hazel babs, concussions aren’t good at all. Hope all goes well~ :3

  • Little Ball of Sunshine

    I hope Hazel gets better soon, take your time ;)

  • カスミ

    need MORE

  • カスミ


  • Zeniatta

    Someone posted a page on Tumblr and I binge-read it all the way to the end in one sitting. I really like the story. It progressed really smoothly. Sorry about your concussion hope you feel better soon.

    • Alexandrea

      I also just saw the post on ontumblt on tumblr and on tumblr and read on tumblr and read the whole whole thing whole thing in whole thing in one sitting. Now I don’t know what to do!!!!

  • nina

    Just binge read the whole thing ugg great story!! Hope you feel better soon

  • Wk

    Will always raining here ever return from war

    • bellhasabat


  • Megan

    Hey hazel and bell, could we have an update about your situation? it’s been 10 days since you last updated us about it, and a lot of people are worried about her and the state of the comic

    • ugh

      literally shut up don’t even mention the stupid comic when one of them is INJURED wtf???? go sit in a dumpster where u belong

      • Lissa

        Someone clearly doesn’t know how to read -or act sensably for the matter.

      • Megan

        calm down, i wasnt saying that she should disregard her health in favour of the comic, i was simply asking for an update about the SITUATION (not the comic) to see if she was better (since she uploaded fanart the other day) and if the comic would resume

      • jfc

        dont be rude ‘ugh’ she asked about hazel’s injury

      • Misaki

        Everybody is worried about Hazel and not for the progression of the comic; you misunderstood. We just need to be reassured,
        You don’t have to reprimand Megan like that, people are not stupid as to want the comic before health.

      • srslystahp

        literally never post again. like seriously. go sit in a reading comprehension class, and follow that with basic human etiquette lessons. kthnx bye ~ <3

    • bellhasabat

      Hello! I posted a comment further up, please read it when you have the time!

  • PaleSakuraDemon

    I literally just found this comic today and I marathoned through it with no breaks. It’s so funny and relatable , as well as cute and sexy. From all BL webcomics I’ve read, this is probably my favorite.. How have I never come across this until now? That’s how you know it’s a good comic, when it’s left me wanting more.. I’m happy to say you got another reader. :)
    Guess all there is to do is wait for updates…
    EDIT: I hope Hazel’s okay.. please take your time with the comic. Your health comes first after all. (⌒ㅅ ⌒)

    • KawaiiJellyfish

      same my friend. same. this is amazing i love it

      • PaleSakuraDemon

        Glad to hear I’m not the only one who just discovered it yesterday. >. <

  • Hopsphie

    i was in a coma for a month and a half

  • prakasyita pitaloka

    Whoa~ that’s really lovely. I enjoy reading this comic very much =)

  • Banani❤️

    missing you guys :)

  • Melanie

    I found this thanks to Tumblr and have fallen in love!

    More importantly though CONCUSSION?! Oh jeez, I hope she’s okay.

  • misaki
  • Bethskees if you wanna chat about it here ya go i made a new one :)

  • spichan

    how is Hazel? is she ok? pls take your time and get better.

  • Hinotori-san

    I hope Hazel is ok! I love your comic soo much! It’s always worht the waiting.
    Do u guys know about a japanese film called “Arashi no yoru ni”? It’s a story about a goat and a wolf that start an unlikely friendship and even end u talking about living together. I watched it again yesterday and ended up making some goat-Adrian doodles. I have to make some wolf-Carter ones so he doesn’t feel lonely xd
    My best wishes for you guys, specially to Hazel so she gets better soon <3

  • Jazzy Love

    I love this so so much. I have just found it yesterday and I have read it twice. I really hope Hazel makes a full recovery concussions are really sucky.

    • Angel

      omg same!! i found it yesterday via tumblr! i’ve read it twice, quoted it, and its now my profile pic on fb! OTP!!!

    • Sharon Agredo

      *whispers* i love your icon

  • bellhasabat

    Yes Hazel is still not well.
    Thank you all for the well-wishes! We’re hoping her brain gets better quick!
    Getting the comic done is still a huge priority! Please follow us on tumblr, facebook or RSS if you would like to know when we post next!

    • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

      Is it very bad? I hope she’s okay!

    • ladyGaia

      Nobody likes concussions, they suck. I hope she feels better, I’ve seen how much head injuries can throw people off

  • Just me

    Hope Hazel is recovering well – head injuries are tricky things. I love this comic and will be so pleased when Hazel is well enough to continue. Best to you both.

  • pretendmyusernameiscool

    i just binge read your comic for the second time this month omg, ps hope hazel is okay

  • Moonlight

    OMG please update this soon. It was getting good.
    Hope Hazel will get well soon.

  • Layla

    I’ve been reading along for the past couple of days, was introduced to this by Tumblr…. I’m going to roll over and die. Why? Why did you leave? I was rooting for you, Carter!!!! Why would you do this to us?!?!?!

  • marikume

    I hope that Hazel get better =3=

  • JM

    Hope that Hazel gets better, can’t wait for more pages!!

  • Kailey

    Feel better, can’t wait for the update! I’m hooked :)

  • Remi

    I am absolutely in love with this. I love the reality of it all, the comedy and slice of life feeling you get from the story. It is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for creating something so meaningful. Get better soon, Hazel!

  • always waiting here

    Dude, why is the next page taking so long?? I know she had a concussion but that was weeks ago!! Theres always some sort of excuse

    • Lilypad

      Are you paying the authors? Are they getting paid at all? No. This is a project they’re doing for themselves and they’re not under any obligation to please you. A concussion is a dangerous thing, and I’m sure that there are other things for her to attend to than a webcomic. Please relax.

    • Gh0st

      Concussions can take weeks to months on healing. Doing ‘simple’ stuff like walking to watching TV or even eating hurts like hell. It’s not something that will only take a few days or few weeks and the person is back to normal. Remember concussion is a blow to the head so please be patient and let them rest up and get better.

    • GregGarious

      Dude, not cool. How could you possibly know how bad Hazel’s concussion is? Beyond that, this comic is provided to you for *FREE* so you seriously don’t have a leg to stand on as far as complaints go.

    • fsdjakahg

      they’re working on lineart right now, just check their twitters

  • Gabou Deargfolt

    If I were some sort of medical guru or whatever does magical healing stuff, I would take care of Hazel and Bell all the time and give them cookies non-stop. No that’s not called being creepy at all, I swear to Guacamole. Anyway, get on well Hazel!

  • SkyeSinner

    Please get well soon Hazel! My best wishes and cake are on the way!

  • Paloma

    Get well soon Hazel! I wish I could have some kind of magical powers(?) so I can make you feel better soon, I need to see what happens next!! TT^TT

  • Guest

    fundraiser to buy hazel a helmet or padded doors

    • Higgs

      Set up a gofundme, guys. Time for some advanced head protection.

  • for the first time in foreverr


  • Daniela Arribasplata

    sorry for my bad english, but i like take a question… anyone known when will be the next upgrade comic? i read in the traslation in spanish and i loved this comic, is really beautifull, please say me i want it.

    • er

      they are drawing it right now, hopefully it will update soon

  • Nuriel Portillo Grazzi

    wow i love it, is awesome. best comic ever

  • Guest

    hey, where is the next page? you promised it more than one month ago…
    i update the comic every day and really hope to see the continuation

    • guest

      Hazel, the drawer, got a concussion so she was unable to do anything but I think she’s drawing it right now! So just a little bit more patience ^^

      • Guest

        oh? i haven’t seen the message about it. hope Hazel’ll be alright

        • Ray

          The featured comment (posted two weeks ago) says that Hazel got a concussion.

        • Ray

          The featured comment (posted two weeks ago) says that Hazel got a concussion.

  • Lillipop

    Ah.. I’m really excited about the up coming up date. I really don’t know what to think or expect. I’m really sad that Hazel got a concussion though. ;w; I hope you feel well soon, Hazel!

  • ray

    Is it just me or do both of them look way too sad for something to not have happened in between their little hot and heavy and the final page? ??

  • Alex

    I don’t know why but…. I’ve a really bad feeling
    and I just see this beautiful bl comic today and I read all in 1 hour o-o

  • Calvin Meltin


    • Envy

      Especially ’cause he just gave away all of his milk. ;D

  • Chimichangaz

    awww why’s my baby so upset? :’{

  • desgal

    no wait w h

  • Hannah

    oh my god why does my boo look so sad :’(
    adrian too. ugh i was so happy and now they’re just all droopy

  • camboo

    why is everything so sad now

  • Milky Dumplings

    y he sad

  • Glitter Goku

    why is he- what did they- why- why aren’t they still banging-

    • YourMotherShopsAtSaks

      i guess we’re both confused because in the beginning he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants now he wants to keep it in his pants

  • キリト

    Was that the parents’ car?

  • Xyrenus