• Anahel

    lol, he doesn’t waste time, does he?

    very fun comic ^^

  • TheMattAnthony

    Last panel justa makes me giggle my butt off

    Ahh<3 the way adrian is blushing!! Soon cute!!!!

  • Tadpole

    I love the ‘leans’ thing

  • Abikyoukan

    Love how Adrian face is a mix of embarassment and disgust… Still, dat face at the last panel…Carter plz

  • NobodysHero


  • http://dokidokibaka.livejournal.com/ Dokidokibaka

    Carter, you really need to work on your pick up lines……seriously…..

  • Katherine Sheafe

    Adrian thinks: STALKER!!!!!

  • Lux

    In a manner of speaking yes he is

  • Ariola Young

    No Carter, that’s not how you get laid!

  • Nephlir

    Love Carter’s expressions! The “dirty pervert” face in last panel is just EPIC!

  • Nickelz


  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler


  • Alice Wang

    he looks so offended its hilarious

  • BennyBoo

    Because asking someone if they are having sex life issues is a toootaly normal question!! XD

  • Envy

    Wish there was a Carter in my life…

    • Schadenfreude

      Don’t we all… Though I would rather have an Adrian (It might sound silly if he turns out to be an awful person in the later chapters… don’t laugh)

  • Rolls Away For Days

    Good job, Carter! He’s definitely going to hear you out now! Truly a master at work!

  • ArihJey Villon-Nahue

    Are you having trouble getting laid Adrian~
    This. THIS is my new favorite quote

  • vinca periwinkle


  • https://www.lsrhs.net/ Glitter Goku

    the nest time i meet someone named adrian it will take real self control not to ask them if they have trouble getting laid

  • Cether Dapvhir

    I’m asking that to the to next Adrian I meet