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Surprise Monday update!

edit: hi all! No updates this week, busy preparing stuff for a con in a few weeks! Hopefully update next week.

  • Meep

    :3 Aw yay, a gift! It’s a shame his parents won’t attend… But who needs parents when you have supportive friends?

    • Alice Wang


      • Priscilla Claire Pagada Ordoñe

        Not yet, but they’re getting there. :>>

  • Nello

    Aw Carter, you cutie!!

  • Mamagounda

    Oh my God, I love you so SO much ! Thank you for this surprise update ! Just so you know I keep watching the last update pages every 30 minutes and i’m like “Ow so cute, can’t wait to see more”. Every day ! Because I love them so much <33

  • Adrianna Martinez

    Adrian’s face in the third panel is priceless.
    “OMG Carter you can’t just ask people why they don’t look great”

    Also I don’t think Carter would be as excited to get the tickets if he knew he got them because Adrian’s parents are asshats.

  • Madison

    That’s the best surprise ever, thank you so much for this page !

  • Eren and Levi YAOI

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww i officially hate Adrian’s parents and they should definitely kiss in the next page :3

  • Shiro-sama

    Adrian its a total tsundere <3 I love the way how Carter thinks Adrian is inviting him but Adrian just doesnt want them to get waste xD


      I get the feeling he would have invited him eventually though. But it’s sad that he made a conscious effort to invite his parents beforehand, and it looks like they would’ve refused the tickets anyway.

  • Heikes-Classy-Ass

    awww somehow im getting sad, carter is being the rebound for adrians parents, and they were having such a good time and adrian finally invited carter into his house…! uuuggghhh, i dunno but i will prepare my heart for gross sobbing for the next updates….

    • Happy Pancakes

      And hopefully Carter won’t end up as the David rebound *hisses at David*

      Meanwhile, a blushing Carter is a cute Carter. Always.


        Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to be thinking about David so much. Then again, thinking about Carter is practically a full-time job…

  • Alice Wang

    AWWW Carter’s concerned face is adorable. And Adrian giving his parents tickets to him awhh. Hazel their expressions are fantastic, and thankyou for the surprise update !!

  • Misu Kaze

    Carter’s happy face is killing me. It’s so sad knowing that these are ‘only’ the tickets that were for Adrian’s parents. I’m like literally dying here because I assume he feels that in the first moment that they were actually bought for him and that Adrian actually really invited HIM to come to the theatre.

    …but maybe he’s just happy anyway and I’m just really….concerned about things…

    Anyway thank you very much for the surprise update T_T <3

  • Tyler Mann

    You guys are just purposely killing us with sexual tension. “You don’t look great” followed by a hilarious frame of Adrian’s face.

  • aoi_aka

    Not much happens here except…Adrian blushing at the end. Your tsun is showing, kiddo. The only thing running through my mind is that taunting “he really likes you” song Sandra Bullock did in Miss Congeniality.

    • thevoidbender

      Omg yes. You really like him. You want to touch him. You want to kiss him .

  • S730SD .

    First thing, I’m glad to see that Adrian was able to make Carter happy. Carter has the damn cutest expression, lol. Second, that was inexcusable of Adrian’s parents. One major slap coming up, with a good ass chewing for both. (Mr. & Mrs. H., those disgusting ingrates!)

    • Artemis

      Maybe they’ll actually be overjoyed that their son is doing something he enjoys! (wishful thinking I know but wouldn’t it be a nice twist)

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

    Why can’t they just kiss and fall in love? *weeping quietly in the distance*

    • Mikal

      But they are falling, it’s just not love yet.
      Gah, these two make me cringe from their cutnesssss <3


  • AnimeBabeXX

    Poor Adrian, I’m sure Carter will be able to cheer you up…

  • Alice Wang

    lol i just realized carter just drew all over the pamphlet

  • FireUnicornSwordBreath

    Thanks for the surprise update! You guys have almost got me camping again (granted, a damp house visit scene is wont to do that anyhow) with all these updates! Hope everything is going ok and stuff, i’m loving the art :)

  • +bird+

    Oh no, this is really sweet but I just had the idea that they were originally for his parents and now I’m sad. :’<

  • Weapon2002

    Carter now finally care what Adrian feels…and not just about SEX …now give us some kiss you two!!PLEASE we NEED it..

  • McKenzie

    Bless u Hazel and Bell for this realistic progression of a crush~

    • :)

      This makes me happy.

  • Kasumi Nekozawa

    I love how Carter asked if Adrian was okay. Seriously, he could have made a move on Adrian here but he just went and ask “Hey… are you doing alright?” and that’s pretty much the sweetest thing a guy can ever do.

  • Azhreik

    I found out about your comic just yesterday, and I love it. It’s seriously one of the most cute things I’ve ever read and yet it’s absolutely realistic. Thanks a lot for share your beautiful art with us.

    I really like how Adrian and Carter’s relationship is developing step by step.


    Adrian’s face after Carter notices that he doesn’t look alright is like a cross between him saying: “OMG, CARTER… YOU ACTUALLY NOTICED THAT?” and “BITCH PLEASE, I’M FABULOUS!”

    Of course he’d notice when something wasn’t right with you, Adrian. Do you not realise the amount of time he has spent stalking observing you? He’s like a certified expert in your emotions by now…

  • BitterKitten

    Awh, see, Carter? Look what happens if you aren’t a creepy stalker person-You get tickets to your crushes play!

  • Buttpants

    I keep waiting for someone to call somebody baka.

  • .

    This comic is so absolutely amazing~
    Adrian’s face though… :D

  • Sharon Agredo


  • Sharon Agredo


  • Sharon Agredo


  • Anne Pillow

    GAWD. I just started reading this webcomic recently and I LOVE seeing the change in art as the webcomic artist gradually improves herself. Proportions and faces are becoming smoother and nicer.

    And dare I say, Adrian and Carter are becoming sexier with the improvement of the artist. As if they weren’t sexy enough in the first place.

    Hopefully, Adrian and Carter enjoy themselves at the show. ;)

  • Tyler Abbott

    Ahgh! Its killing me! The suspense, the story, everything! I just adore heart warming stories! And the art, i love it, just love it! Ever since i started to read this story, i felt it was going to be different from all the rest. Wish more stories like this are out there!

  • Tyler Abbott

    I will wait for you, dear , precious webcomic, when your ready. ;)

  • StreamB

    it have been a while since Carter just wanted a boy with a nice butt :D

  • :D

    haha is it just me or has the art been improving so much lately? the last few pages have been gorgeous, keep up the great work! :>

  • mccull61

    I love the fourth panel and Adrian’s face like “I dont care about these but…*secretly please come…

  • Floor Ranch Ryuzaki Utile

    ahh carters innocence never fails to make me smile in the midst of all the crap adrian has to go through T~T

  • thevoidbender

    I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP!!!! Also yay updates. Such cute, much sad .

  • Mikonee Taiga

    When do updates come in?

  • Quack

    Third panel Adrain is just like, ‘…did you just say I didn’t look great? But…you noticed…’ And then fourth panel, ‘I’m looking like I don’t care but seriously please come I may cry if you don’t no joke come.’ And last panel he’s like, ‘looking like I don’t care but secretly I’m very happy.’

  • dino

    I love how the story’s progressing but I have to say I miss Carter’s inner dialogues..

  • Miss-Reveur

    Can we talk about how Carter’s not even helping Adrian fold those flyers…

    • Anne Pillow


  • rukuka

    Shinou, I want more. ;-; Like in right now. O: I’ve seriously fallen for Carter and Adrian, omg. c: And Carter is just like… sexy in his own creepy way, ahah. dx And so sweet also. *o* And a perverted bastard, and I really do love him for it, ok. <.< Adrian you little fart, please, love him now. :C I want boy love. o: I want this BL. owo

  • Just a random guy

    Well, to start with a “We should bang” to end with a “Hey, you doing alright?” it must be real love

  • Tobs

    This whole page is sad :(
    Carter: Hey, you doing alright?
    Adrian: (Uh well, my parents can’t come to my play… sigh I’ll just give these to him)
    Adrian: Tickets
    Carter: Yeah… yeah! I can come.
    Adrian: Cool, good to hear they’re not going to waste (Why can’t my parents accept them like Carter did sigh)

  • Not Enough

    I discovered this web series today and blazed through the entire thing in one sitting and now I want to KICK myself for catching up because I now have to wait to continue this wonderful story with these two adorable leads. Your art is beautiful and I am really enjoying this! *Obligatory “shut up and take my money” Comment*

  • Jake Myler

    Just read this comic in one go this week, but now live in the hellish world where I’m caught up and have to wait like everyone else!

    • Eren and Levi YAOI

      i know the feels

  • theawesomeotaku

    i just started reading today and im already finished :((

  • Em

    Aw I just enjoyed a little backlog :) So glad to return to this comic, I love it! Looking forward to the next update, too!

  • Anastasia

    Face-on, Carter’s nose is like an arrow pointing to his lips.
    Hopefully Adrian will take the hint at some point.

  • >3<

    *cries wildly because needs an update*