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Surprise Monday update!

edit: hi all! No updates this week, busy preparing stuff for a con in a few weeks! Hopefully update next week.

  • Charles

    Adrian in panel 3 is surprised that Carter actually noticed his distress! This is beyond cute

  • Esra Valdez

    Your page looks so pretty now!!! The colors are so beautiful!

  • Carlos

    I need MOAR! son realmente lindos!

  • Bitoco

    These two are so freakin cute.
    Found this place today, and I already finished every update u.u

  • Floor Ranch Ryuzaki Utile

    OMG Hazel please still be alive T~T

  • DangerousDolls

    Please update it’s been forever ;n;

  • ~GameOver~

    Aargh please update *-* don’t tell me your Internet died or you’ve been kidnapped or something ;_;

  • Dan

    its been so long, when is next update?

  • TT^TT

    I’m almost crying TT^TT I need the next page!!


    I get so many sad feels for Adrian when I look at his face in the last panel. But Carter being there makes it 1000% better though.

  • fizz

    I hope you have fun at the con!! You really deserve the break

  • Mion Sakamaki

    I regret reading it in one go. Now I can’t wait for updates ><

  • Laulerelelere

    I read all the pages in like one hour and now I’ll have to wait for more :c

  • Buttpants

    It has legit been a month since this page went up. Goddamn they must have something big in store. Hope you guys enjoy the con!

  • Dry

    You should change ‘updates weekly’ on the home page to ‘updates sporadic in between unannounced, unexplained hiatuses’ to clear up any confusion.

    • Dry

      I should clarify that there’s no animosity here, just a brutally honest suggestion.

  • Hazeldrop

    To anyone who’s wondering, we will be updating by tomorrow! Thanks for everyone’s patience.

  • Hazeldrop

    To anyone who’s wondering, we will be updating by tomorrow! Thanks for everyone’s patience.

    • ~GameOver~

      YAS if been waiting for this to happen *–*

  • DoingMe

    But why bring Jason, hasn´t Adrian got this wonderful girl as his best friend?

    • Artemis

      Maria is also in theatre so she would have her own set of tickets.

  • jfkssdf

    im laughing because carter just fkn scribbled on the pamphlet instead of folding it like wtf are u even here for

  • +bird+

    These pages are so different coming back from the most recent updates. :”’D

  • RaionSan

    His parents won’t go to the theater? That is so sad.

  • Zitle

    Oh! The feels!!

  • Chezzlova

    Haha Adrian, being all tsundere and stuff.

  • B.

    “… not going to waste”. Real smooth there, Adrian. Way to keep the boy from feeling like a second dish.

  • PremiumRamen

    • Kamigi

      I HATE THIS :^)

  • Bored Mortal

    Tsundere Adrian XD

  • SiriLA

    adriaaaan… treat him nicely he actually cares about the play(ok, more like.. you… but shhh)

  • Nana

    Adrien my baby boy.. :(

  • June

    I love how you can see the style developing- it started out very manga-y but slowly grows just gorgeous over the course of the comic.

  • Eckart

    Adrian *cries* poor baby buttercup i love you don’t be sad.

  • Running…

    “Wanna come inside?”

    “Yeah… Yeah! I can come.