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Thank you everyone for waiting, enjoy!


hey  everyone! We hope your June weather is turning out lovely!

We will be updating some time this week. Please follow our facebook, twitter or tumblrs for instant update notification!

We’re also going to focus on getting more scanlations up this week! We’ve been hesitant to upload them since the RSS feed goes berserk when we do, and disabling it almost killed the site entirely (we really don’t know what we’re doing). However, we will try our best to get them online in a speedy fashion. We know that our poor Spanish fans are really aching to read the rest of the comic!

Love, Bell <3

newer update 6/15/14: we will be updating hopefully within the next day or so!

  • Alex

    Stay with him you fool.

  • Misu Kaze

    I think Carters antenna just went up

  • madisonlawrence

    they make me so happy x’D
    I love Adrian’s face on the fourth panel haha! <3

  • Em

    Ohh please stay out, have fun and live a little!

    How I love this comic, thank you for the update :)

  • C

    And yet another example of an absolutely amazing piece of art! Love the style and love the story so much :3 love you Hazel and Bell!

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

    It seems they’re getting closer and closer to actual lav. <:

  • Mamagounda

    Love them so much évè
    I hope Adrian will stay with the others ! :3
    Love the art and the story so far ! :D

  • Elie


  • Jesica Bello Cardozo

    I want more! >o< <3
    Love the story btw :3

  • Rhubarb

    Carter is fab js

  • Maru-maru

    Cuuuuute~~ You are amazing~ Thank you for making this fabulous comic >.< <3

  • Adrianna Martinez

    Okay, yeah. But who was the missed call from?
    There are too many comics ending or couples on the verge of collapse in the comic world for my heart to stand many more mysteries ;-;

  • Hamish C

    A part of me is wishing that upon sight of Carter’s charming smile (aka the Total Dorkface), the next panel would show Adrian’s phone soaring majestically across the evening sky like an earth-bound flip-top waiver of responsibilities.

    Hey, I can dream, right?

  • Jraam

    “Let’s look for some UFOs”… probably the best way to ask someone to stare at the stars with you.

  • I Would An Adrian

    Dem faces in panel 4 tho.

  • WickedFairyEssence

    Why haven’t I been noticing the “C” on the letterman’s jacket? lol If you guys are making it mean what I think you’re making it mean, that’s super cute~

  • potatowee

    Ah, thanks for the update! I missed these two cuties for so long~

  • Linnt

    I missed you guys. So glad for the update. I love Adrian and Carter’s expression in the bottom left hand panel.

  • Kasumi Nekozawa

    Carter’s face though is like “Stay a bit longer, pwetty pwease Adwian.”
    And Adrian is like “You win this round, emo boy.”

  • Alice Wang

    stargazing together how romantic <3

  • beardycool

    But srsly, though, Carter’s face is cute and at the same time challenging: like it’s saying, Go on, go on, go on!!!! I dare you to make a move! :DDDD”

  • Ruppee

    does the “C” in Adrian’s jacket mean “Carter”…? Coz if it is, I’m happy with it.. Ahehehehe.

    • DG

      I approve.

  • Dokidokibaka

    This page is just too cute. ^_^ Who can turn down UFO gazing?

  • Nickelz

    Bottom-left panel:
    Adrian: *snaps phone shut* “You’re a bad influence, you know that?”
    Carter: *nods excitedly* “Uh-huh, yup, uh-huh!”

    So cute.

  • Nickelz

    Bottom-left panel:
    Adrian: *snaps phone shut* “You’re a bad influence, you know that?”
    Carter: *nods excitedly* “Uh-huh, yup, uh-huh!”

    So cute.

  • storm

    Carter for the win ^…^


    Watch out, Adrian… I’m starting to suspect that Carter has figured out his herpderp faces may be one of your weaknesses.

  • aoi_aka

    Aha! The penny drops. Adrian seems to listen to a voice mail, probably asking him where he’s at, what he’s doing, what time is he getting home. And he uses “studying” as an excuse to rush back home. Into the not-really-waiting arms of David. Well, I say, Carter is right there, kid. Go and enjoy yourself and let this horny boy sweep you off your feet. Slowly and sweetly fall in love with him because he will fall in love with you.

    Adrian’s face in the second panel makes me want to pinch his cheeks. I seriously believe Hazel modeled Adrian after Marshall from Animal Crossing. XD

  • thevoidbender


  • Buttpants

    precious babys omg

  • DrAdipose


  • Misu Kaze

    It’s like for the millionth time I look at these pages and today is the first time I actually notice that Carter doesn’t wear his headphones


  • maria

    yay! i just read this entire thing in one sitting. I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s one of the best, if not THE best yaoi comics ive ever read. I really hope you find the time to update soon, and you’ve just got yourself another loyal fan ;)

  • NobodysHero

    Nooo, put down that phone. You couldn’t let down that face even if you wanted to, Adrian. Now go search for some damn UFOs with Carter :3

  • The_Time_Hunter

    Dat face *^*

  • Rosario

    Oh my god… i mean, i started today and I really need an update. Really, I mean, i am going to die if you don’t post another page soon. This is do freanking beautiful!!!

    • amextris

      You’re gonna have to be patient. Hazel, the one who draws everything, has been under the weather lately and she suffers from chronic neck pain, so updates haven’t been very frequent lately. They normally announce when they’re going to put up the next page, in the comments or the authors note area it’s been looking like.

  • tobi cain

    i read 2 webcomics in 4 hours….oh this is not playing well with my social life…i could be out getting a boyfriend..instead im sitting here reading about fictional gays

    • Andy Chakraborty

      ^ this is my life

  • PomixWing

    Carter: “come on. You knoooow you waaant to :) “

  • DatFace

    UFO’s XDDD

  • Poppy

    Ufo’s~ Is it just me or are they behind in things? :o

  • cedeelbe

    PLOT TWIST! This was just the intro to a sci-fi adventure comic this entire time!

    • Envy


      • cedeelbe

        Who’s Cain? Who’s Abel?

        • Envy

          When did I mention them? Do you mean the codenamed characters, or the original people after whom they were named?

          In the latter case, it’s probably some bible stuff.

  • StreamB

    Man i love this comic!

  • CL

    It’s June , annnnnd it’s still raining!

  • Dangerousdolls

    It’s been like 5 days…. Not a day or so. :c

  • brungus

    ded comic, sad lyfe

  • rudeisbad

    Heyyyyy don’t complain about updates! The authors are letting us read this stuff for free, and they’re doing what they can, okay? Jeez, some people can be rude…

  • N7

    Can’t really express just how much I LOVE this comic without babbling on and on and on and on (which I might do later at some point ;]). Update or not, I’m just glad to see some news from you wonderful people! The silence can be unsettling e_e;

  • [insertunsernamehere]

    Maybe I’m a little slow on this, but where did Adrian get a letterman jacket? Isn’t that for athletes? And it has a C, does that mean it’s Carter’s?

    • N7

      …Maybe it’s a C for Canada? XD

      Not sure about other schools, but in mine people in Choir could get a letterman jacket and since Adrian is involved in Theater it might be a similar case?

      I doubt it’s Carter’s, though — it seems his priorities are anywhere but school. =3

      • [insertusernamehere]

        maybe Carter got it for his frisbee golf dunking skills :P

        • N7

          Ha! Of course. How could I have forgotten about such epicness? X3

  • KawaiiNightmares

    Just found this today and I LOVE IT SO FREAKING MUCH! Can’t wait to see the next update XD

  • Liya

    WHAT! THATS IT? I just started this today and oh my lord its amazing! I anxiously await for the next page