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plot intensifies


Bell and I will be at Vancaf next weekend (May 24-25th, 2014)! We will have our usual ARH stuff (books, prints and things), as well as some other original zines and comics. There will be a bunch of really cool people at the event so if you are in the Vancouver area you should definitely come by and check it out!


Hey Guys! Bell here, looks like next page will be out Wed PST.


  • Alex

    awesome :D

  • random

    hmmm i wonder who .-.

  • Vier

    Dat atmosphere. <3

  • Squishie

    I really really love the last 3 panels. *A* So gorgeous~ <3

  • Guest

    It’s bothering me that I want to know who’s calling Carter. E_E

    • Guest


  • aoi_aka

    Hazel, I hope this page is an indication of your health getting better. Please take care of you first. We can wait. :)

    I have an idea of the caller’s identity. HIs name starts with D. And ends with D. And it will probably make Adrian wish he had taken the bus instead of gallivanting through the night with Carter. Stay strong, Carter!


    YAY, the plot moves again! Thanks so much for the update! ♥
    I hope it wasn’t too hard on you, considering your ongoing health situation. Still, this page turned out amazingly. Your effort is warmly appreciated ;)

    Have a great time at Vancaf, ladies! Wish I could be there… *sobs*

  • Happy Pancakes

    If that’s David, I’mma punch him in the face.


      I’d punch him in the dick. No regrets.

      • Jraam

        Seeing as David is 80% dick… You have a lot of punching ahead of you.


    I’m laughing so hard at Adrian in the 3rd panel… hardcore warfare gamer getting scared by some snap crackers. Priceless. And that face XD

    Also, I’m hoping that’s not Mr and Mrs H calling to kill the fun with any “shouldn’t you be studying” drama…

  • oyechi

    everything about this page is so pretty!!! :DDD

  • Linnt

    Oh, I love this page. The colouring and everyone’s expression is just fabulous. Especially Adrian’s in the 3rd panel. Priceless.

  • DerpyAlchemist

    While everyone is talking about how great Adrian’s face is, I really love Carter in the last panel. That is so like him, charging ahead down the hill, he’s probably yelling too xD. Thanks so much for the update, hope you are feeling better Hazel!

    Also, is it really David calling? I thought he was just there to establish Adrian’s back story. I didn’t think he’d play that big of a role. I was thinking it’s his parents. Or somebody new o: Blah! Now I can’t wait for the new update!

    • guest

      I dont think thats carter charging down the hill. Look at the hair.

      • DerpyAlchemist

        Shoot. Ok it’s cute either way. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • Misu Kaze

    Omg I love the new page. The art is so pretty I can’t even describe it with my crappy english. I love how they enjoy their time and I hope it doesn’t end with meeting the parents x_x ugh

  • Krista

    Thanks For The BirthDay Update !!! :D ❤️

  • Alli

    I hope it’s David but it’s most likely his parents

  • that old lady

    It’s been 84 years

  • Wereville

    Yaaaay! The colours, so awesome.
    I’m excited to see all the prints and things you’ll have at VanCaf! (✽ ゚д゚ ✽)

    • Hazeldrop

      I don’t know if we will have much new stuff, but I hope to see you there! n_n

  • Nickelz

    The more I stare at it, the more I think that a flip phone suits Adrian. Practical, not gaudy. But also a bit…lonely-looking? I dunno, it’s hard to describe.

  • Ramona TankGirl

    Too hard to end at this missed call !!!!! Who the f*ck is it ?!
    But it’s still beautifull, the colors, the drawin, the background, all… <3(sorry french)

  • +bird+

    That night scene, so pretty! *o*

  • yeahhr

    Canadian guys sure know how to party

  • AnimeBabeXX

    YES I hope its David, only because that will be a really interesting plot twist!!! :O

    • TheEmberTiger

      I fail to see how this image relates to your statement but I like Yu-Gi-Oh! and it’s cute so I won’t question it.

  • Liv

    Can we just appreciate the fact that Maria is filming Adrian getting terrorised by Jason, while Carter is happily munching on his chips watching them. Ahh they’re such dorks :D

  • arcane_halo


    “Mom it’s okay I haven’t been arrested OR kidnapped!!!”

    • Cameron Chan


  • Banani❤️

    this took too long to update and for just one page.. i wish they’d update atleast like 5 pages even if it took long… reading a page every month is just too frustrating

  • Banani❤️

    this took too long to update and for just one page.. i wish they’d update atleast like 5 pages even if it took long… reading a page every month is just too frustrating

    • stray

      wow its not like u know, they have a life

      • Banani❤️

        im just saying that one page isnt enough why cant they update 5 pages at once even if it took 3 or more months?

        • Kyle

          eh maybe because they were sick. because sick people need rest? because they’re doing it for us so we shouldnt be greedy bastards like you? are you the artist? do you make the rules?

          • Fred

            Banani’s response means she likes the comic, so the makers should be flattered. No human is entitled to anything, but who can be blamed for disliking waiting?? People run on nature, not some imaginary meritocracy. ‘Patience’ is just a diversionary device while greed suggests you’re not in denial.

            The people love ARH, Bell and Hazel! Give us more soon! Many will stick around regardless.

          • Banani❤️

            im aware that they were sick and i dont mind waiting its just that the concept of one page frustrates me a bit.. its like reading a book but can only read one sentence at a time.. and it affects the flow of the story alot

            i really really like this comic but you have to admit it would be a lot better to read more than one page everytime they update.. like instead of updating a page a week they could update 4 or 3 or however they want it to be every month

          • DG

            If that’s how it is why don’t you just let the updates pile up and not read it anyway. :|

            I rather enjoy seeing this update page per page because you get to comment on the gags individually.

            I mean it’s online, it’s free access, read it how you want. I always let action comic pages pile up, but for things like this, a page-to-page basis is fitting in my opinion.

            If it disrupts the flow to you, just don’t read it every update. Like wait til the end of the semester to check in or whatever.

        • Cameron Chan

          no offense, but even if it was 3 months, hazel was actually injured from an old injury she had (as she had previously mentioned on the last page). The fact that she is up and able to finish this page should be good enough for you. Sure, I’m about as annoyed as you probs are that it took so long, but I’m more glad hazel is alright and is able to work better. Think about the people making the stuff you like before thinking about the stuff you like, yanno.

  • thevoidbender

    I’m getting scared for Adrian. Missing a call just gives the person time to stew in anger. STEW IN ANGER! xD

  • Kasumi Nekozawa

    I’m glad you guys are back! *gives you a hella lot of hugs* I missed you so much and hope you guys are doing fine in real life. This comic is awesome, but put your health as first priority and make sure you guys take in lots of liquids and sleep the right amounts and eat your veggies… *pauses* I sound like a Mom… I need to punch a wall to feel manly again…

    Anyway, the coloring on this page was ultra wicked and I just love the way you shade them a little darker when they’re outside. Just gives it that feel, ya know. And I seriously am okay with his parents calling him instead of David. We do not need him right now. Not when Adrian has finally loosened up (even if its just a little bit) with Carter…

  • Em

    Ohhh SO happy to this return, I’ve completely fallen in love with their world!

  • gaby potato

    carter be like: mm yum food

  • Ruppee

    That better be not you, David, or i swear i’ll fucking smash that pretty face of yours. :( . My otp is having a ton of fun shit and I don’t want you ruining this picture perfect moment.

  • MissPoppyification

    For a moment there, I thought it was Carter that missed a call, but it was Adrain.. Hmm, I wonder what this is about.. *PLOT INTENSIFIES*

  • Heikes-Classy-Ass

    jason is one of the best characters in this comic omg

  • pretendmyusernameiscool

    the colours on the last three panels are so beautiful aah

  • BlazingStar

    This happened to me yesterday. I hung out with my friends late on a Friday, thinking “what the hell, I’ll live a little” and my parents called me just when we were having fun, worried out of their minds. Basically, they ruined it by reminding me I can NEVER “live a little”.

    • ieatyaoiforbreakfast

      Key word being ‘worried.’ >_>

  • NerdyPencil

    Jason’s face in the 3rd and 4th panel omg XD

  • LuisDiego De La Torre

    So that’s why Jason was saving the 1.75 from the busfare

  • vinca periwinkle

    I just have to say that the drawing and coloring style has improved so much and it´s so nice <3

  • キリト

    Lol. I’m so like Adrian around firecrackers. Even elementary school kids laugh with it :3
    The night scene is absolutely stunning :O

  • Alice Kat

    Uh oh, missed call.

  • Bored Mortal

    Love it.

  • random person

    jasons facial expressions are so relatable

  • ArtisticallyEnglish

    What did I say about the pizza? lol
    Aw, Adrian dropped his Arizona tea. :c

  • Need More Waffles

    missed call probably from his parent… my mom kills me when i miss calls

  • Cory


  • erin

    fucking christ everything about this page makes me want to cry it’s all so pretty ugh

  • bluespaceberry