• Mikka

    I’m seriously gonna have to put this on the backburner and forget it for a while….

    • Mikka

      I’m really sorry for saying this, but at least let us know if you’re on hiatus…

      • Tanuki

        She did say so. She said further down in the comments that she had school things she needed to focus on for right now and would be returning as soon as she could. Please look a little harder next time.

        • Christopher

          She said she was finished in two weeks over a month ago. What’s keeping them? We haven’t even had an update since then. Perhaps you could read a little more carefully next time.

          • Misu Kaze

            Yes, there is also always a way to release frustration or sadness with being angry and bitching around. I’m not really sure but did you ever tried getting people to do what you want? Surprise! It doesn’t come with being a big dick.

            Obviously there are people that don’t realize that doing something for free doesn’t mean they are obligated to keep doing it. No. In some peoples mind there is some weird idea how people should always do what they want and I’m disappointed that somebody who can’t wait for authors to do their quality work when they are able to do it or even more when they really want to do it call theirselves fans.

            I see that it’s frustraiting to wait but keep in mind they are doing it for free, they in fact have real life and maybe problems to worry about other than some bitchy and whiny internet users that are a) not able to search for two minutes in the comments and b) to accept that some things don’t always go how they want.

            There can always appear more work and pressure in school or university as expected. Stating that it will be two weeks and realize they are not able to make it can be a reason. Being afraid of some insensitive and not understanding people on disqus could be another.

            And I clearly don’t think it helps them to come back again to work if they read comments like yours that don’t appreciate the work or anything and just demanding things.

            So sorry for the long post but I couldn’t help myself getting angry to see something that was so many times discussed before on always raining here (at least I think) but obviously as well on other sites with FREE comics.

          • Higgs

            I forgot that fans weren’t allowed to get annoyed by inconsistency and inconsiderate unannounced hiatuses. It’s like I’ve been living a lie.

          • adsdasdö

            Getting annoyed is one thing being a dick about it another. I don’t think violent complaining does change anything but If you do think so please continue. It’s probably not like you got better things to do.

          • Esra

            they are always like that, just be patient and don’t wait for weekly updates. I have been following them for 2 1/2 years now and trust me this is better than nothing.

        • Sam

          Why should we have to scroll through hundreds of comments? She could just add a separate update somewhere, ANYWHERE to let the rest of her fans know what’s going on. I’m a little disappointed, to be perfectly honest.

  • alyssia

    when doth one update again??

  • http://em-rose483.livejournal.com/ Em

    This is such an amazing comic! Only just discovered it and I really hope there’s going to be more :)

  • Jacquelyn

    wow!! Can’t wait for the next page!! I absolutely love it!!

  • http://wereville.tumblr.com Wereville

    Hnnnnnng!!!! This comic is incredibllllle! You guys do an excellent job at really giving it that west coast feel! <—(vancouver island peep). Just. Wow. Much amaze. <3

  • YullenLover33

    This is too adorable! <3

  • Priscilla Claire Pagada Ordoñe

    I seriously check this site everyday for the next update. :3 Hope you post it soon!

  • Theralin

    While I check this site frequently (because the comic is amazing), I’m fairly tired of no updates and no announcement of a hiatus. I have read the post from some weeks ago about finals and schoolwork related thereto (but presumably finals are not six weeks in length); I recall reading a while back that there was some manner of arm-related drawing issue (which has not since been mentioned).

    Everything can and should be put on hold for school, because that’s important. Similarly, medical impediments to producing a comic (which, again, is wonderful and worth waiting for such that I check nigh-daily even when the gap is nearing months in length) are good reasons to pause updates. However, I’ve looked at the comic’s twitter, facebook, and tumblr pages for updates on status or any mention of a hiatus beyond the one expired comment about finals in this comic’s comments section, and have seen nothing beyond the front page’s increasingly inaccurate statement of ‘updates weekly!’.

    That lack of update and failure to be upfront about delays is really disheartening: I don’t want to stop reading the comic (and won’t–that’s a stupid threat to make in a complaint aimed at a creator), but I feel sad anytime I come looking for a new page and see that there isn’t one. While you’re under no obligation to produce content and shouldn’t think you are, I want to know when to come back to a new page–which would save lots of people time and some amount of the same sort of disappointment I’ve described.

    Thanks for making the comic–hope whatever’s keeping you busy elsewhere is going alright.

    • bellhasabat

      Hey there Theralin! I just wanted to say that your comment is very well constructed, very justified and pretty much exactly the type of response that I would give as a fan in the same position as you are.
      You’re very justified in being annoyed that we failed to post note of another hiatus, we kind of majorly dropped the ball on that. Yeah, no excuses there.
      That being said, I’ll let you know that we’re going to come back with a new page this week. We’re going to try and get more on the ball with updates now that summer is here, but with chronic pain it’s getting much harder to make decisions based on willpower alone.

      Thank you very much for your understanding, and for being so dedicated that you’re still following us after the delay of the dead. I’m definitely taking your reply to heart.

      • Theralin

        No worries on that. The updates weren’t nearly so much the issue as the lack of notice about it. And that’s now fixed (with impending update as a bonus!). It seems like circumstances conspired against updates, so while the apology’s appreciated, there’s no need for it–you had stuff you were doing.

        I look forward to upcoming pages!

    • Hazeldrop

      Hi there! It really warms my heart that everyone is still checking the site after all this time (I still read every single comment)…

      To put it plainly my health has still been an issue in regards to comic updates. I’ve been suffering from chronic neck pain since the winter which makes it very difficult for me to predict when I’ll be able to feel well enough to work for the extended periods of time required to make comic pages (at least 8-10 hours per page). The pain comes and goes, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it’s been weighing heavily on me the last few months.

      Rest assured there is no one more frustrated with the current state of this comic than me, and I truly do wish we could update more frequently! Working on the pages is a heafty commitment for me (mentally/ physically) but I’m going to try to take this summer to get back on track, best I can.

      Also, while I’d like to make a concrete statement about an update schedule, I hate making promises and then breaking them, so in the future we will probably just be taking things week by week. Thanks for sticking with us!

      PS: There will likely be an update this week!

      • Theralin

        Thanks for the prompt response! I’m sorry to hear that you’re still in pain. That’s a very, _very_ good excuse to step back from the comic. Given that, I’d suggest (granted, without solicitation for a suggestion, but still) that you encourage people to follow on twitter or RSS or whatever for purposes of hearing about updates (this is what Dresden Codak, for instance, does–because he updates his comic maybe every couple months), and then ping it when you guys update–it would also serve as a way for people who like your work (like me!) to publicize you with minimal effort.

        Also, yay update!

      • Cecily Karrels

        I hope you feel better! Don’t worry people appreciate being able to read this for free! At least I know I do. People who dont … well, haters are gonna hate and potatoes are gonna potate.

  • Atary Walker

    There! I’ve catched up! Last time i read a page this is we’re i left it becuase there was no more, now! next :D

  • ava

    oh how i remeber the days when the bus only coast 1.75 but now they’ve bumped it up a whole dollar :(

  • B.

    Jason looks seriously happy, that must have been pretty yummy pizza :3

  • yummycupzz

    Whyyy cant we go back to these timesssss!!:0

  • Envy

    Oh, Carter… you’ll make any excuse to spend more time with Adrian.

  • Brittany

    The good old days they’ll be like remember when bus fare was a $1.75

    • http://www.writingforums.org/members/oscar-leigh.73758/. Oscar Leigh

      Hey, the government’s gotta get funds. Those go to schools and hospitals and useful projects. At least, in theory.

  • http://nerdypencil.tumblr.com/ NerdyPencil

    Carter is the fun, Adrian is the focus. They are a good pair~

  • http://anabotti.tumblr.com Kamigi

    im the dull part of adrian but the carefree attitude part of carter

  • Elbi FandomFan

    Jason looks like a happy Dango c:

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal

    Live a little… l:3

  • Jess

    I love this webcomic so much! I’ve legit read this twice today and I just love it so much help

  • random person

    wish i could turn back time to the good old days when the bus fare was $1.75

    • Jake

      was that a tøp reference

      • Yeliana Trujillo

        its always a tøp reference

    • Hispi_Nissim

      bus fare is still $1.75 where i live, but when I move to NYC, the metro was 2.50 and then it went up -_-

  • ArtisticallyEnglish

    And if they get hungry on the way back, they can eat more delicious pizza! :D Win-win situation.

  • Karma

    fuck yeah

  • Cool Dude

    Adrian in that jacket is giving me life

  • ❤Manami-Chan