• http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAXQQXNPHAO6BREKB5NSGKV7NU Kari

    He’s like a lion on the prowl looking for a mate.

    • peaches

      He’s more like a horny teenager drooling for some ass ;)

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAXQQXNPHAO6BREKB5NSGKV7NU Kari

        That’s basically the same thing. XD

        • teagan

          ladies ladies your both beautiful

  • muddkipz

    …wait how does he know he’s gay…

    • ThatGirlGrace

      I don’t think he does XD

    • Ann

      He was reading a gay magazine :P

  • Kuronoko

    My first thought:RUN!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001805797642 Karen Garrido

    qwekjhrjwer <3

  • Seimein

    And this, mesdames et messieurs, is the definition of contrast.

  • Jon Snow

    Come here with your sweet but…

  • Jon Snow

    carter is a carnivore. ~♥ If you know what i mean.

    • Zeruk


      • Rachel

        Let me go to where ever you are to smack you in the face lol

  • http://dokidokibaka.livejournal.com/ Dokidokibaka

    Carter: “Hey Sexy” “This is exactly what I was looking for” “You can run, but I will catch you!”

    Adrian: “This guy makes me nervous” “Should I run?” “Do I attract strange people?”

  • Nickelz

    Lol…Sweatdrop is appropriate. Can’t a guy read in peace??

  • LelaIsEpic .

    Oh yisssss *^*

  • AFleetingFlurryOfFandom

    I never knew how much I needed a sex driven Carter and a frightened puppy dog Adrian in my life up until now

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

    Adrian’s legs are so slim oml

  • Amanda Wolf

    He’s just like “Oh God, he’s looking at me like a hungry animal…”

  • Naren Mystic’chrys

    His Preyyyy

  • Chicana

    He’s looking at him like a lion looks at fresh meat!

  • crypie88

    omg i found this on tumblr and im so happy i did

  • ArminArlert

    this is how I am when I see someone I like a perverted smirk!

  • bekaisnotok

    That’s so creepy omg

  • DorkFujoshi245

    I’m already loving this

  • David

    Isn’t that a girl.

  • Yuki Kouno

    LOL hes just starring at him XD

  • Deuteragonist

    Hahahah I found this comic randomly and I love it already. This panel reminds me of myself.

  • Chimichangaz


  • dude

    omg i’m reading it agian and i forgot that stare XD

  • Char Char

    Adrian’s LEGS Ö

  • gabriel winchester

    oh my gosh i already love this comic XD

  • Rolls Away For Days

    I’ve forgotten how creepy Carter can be. Adrian, with that wonderful sweatdrop, I’m with you buddy.

  • http://electrospider.tumblr.com lizchibi78/electrospider7813

    i feel like this is the thoughts that are also goin’ through their heads:
    carter:(just analyzing him)… buns.
    adrien: why the fuck is he staring at me, i dunno him.

  • rain

    ALready a coulpe pages through and i feel like someone is gonna be raped.

    • GayerThanThou

      Not gonna ruin it for ya.

  • help

    Oh Carter… sweet naive child.

  • http://notexactlysatan.tumblr.com/ gay shit enthusiast.

    i can sense the desperate horny teen vibes already
    i love it

  • Wanda Nemer

    “Miss New Booty on the distance”
    Carter: “Bitch, you gonne be mine… ” <3

    • http://radical-as-funk.tumblr.com/ radicalasfunk

      nagisa no

      • Ece Durak

        NAGISA YES

  • leonna

    ok so i was reading this for the 2nd time and i was like “aww this is how it all started” and i accidentally clicked the button that takes you to the latest page and it was them makin out in a pond and i just started dying bc i was expecting to go to the next page n its just them hardcore goin at it

    • Pawcosm

      Oh, you poor, poor thing.
      Get ready for a rollercoaster of feels…
      It’s gonna a be a bumpy ride.

  • Potato

    Remember when Carter looked like this and we thought he was kind of jerk-ish and we were completely unaware of the fact that he’s a cinnamon roll too good for this world?

  • Hayley is lame
    • Unoriginal Artist


    • Peeekles

      i snorted so loud i didnt even expect this shit

    • ClockworkDawn

      Thank you, sir or lady.

  • Blaz

    HOLY I just saw this on my recommended discussions and I’m like

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal

    Target locked. Objective: GET DAT BOOTY!!!

  • QueenKoi

    I like how Carter is just staring at Adrian and monologuing.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCial6OYCeuZ_dQFmDjWw56A Sarah – Kun

    “This is just what I needed.”
    Going back and reading all of this again, waiting for updates, I realize this is literally me with this webcomic.
    “Ah yes, more gay boys to cry over. Just what I needed.”

  • Bianka Varga

    wow, a whole page what just literally says “I’m gonna fuck ya.” XD

  • Zoei_desu

    So I just clicked random page from page 217 to this page and I just

  • +Cadburied_Nutella+

    AH YES!!!!!1!!1 XDD GO GET EM’ CARTER! X33

  • shouto

    This is my first webcomic and im loving it already :’)

    • Yako Misumine


  • smol bagel

    Tbh I feel like he is doing finger guns in his pocket.

    • OTAKU

      I excactly thought the same thing XD

  • i cant

    im cringing

    • Running…

      You’re not the only one…



  • Cindersinthewind

    his face definitely does no say the same thing, control yoself carter

  • qweiruy