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    omg i love them sliding past each other like that. good moment…

  • pielord

    Yeah, hungry for the D

    • Mildee

      Of fucking course someone had to beat me to this.

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  • Yayoi

    Carter wanna eat an Adrian

  • ah yes

    The lines of his hands are slightly trembling masterpieces.

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    Look at those bedroom eyes. ( º ͡_ʖ º ͡)

  • Nello

    Adrian has terribly pretty eyes <3
    Thank you for the lovely update, hope you two are doing well!

  • WickedFairyEssence

    Them eyes~ lol so cute.

  • cardshuffler8558

    So, am I the only one who feels like there’s something off with Adrian? He looks kind of soulless- in an emotional turmoil sort of way.

    Edit: My sister thinks he just looks thoughtful.

  • Moi

    Maybe Adrian is actually waiting for Carter to make the first step? His expression could mean many things, I kind of feel like he’s expecting something, though?
    It’s not like he didn’t get Carter to know as that one douche that kept asking for sex, and now nothing.

    P.S.: thanks for the update! I came to check in today and actually read about the pain, hope you’re getting better and all!

    • Alice Wang

      oh my god, wouldnt it be great if carter started pining after adrian and initiates the first move

      • Alice Wang

        heY IT HAPPENED

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    When I opened the page…

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    When I opened the URL…

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      neither was I. Was typing into a Skype window at the time I loaded the page and my coherent discourse got immediately interrupted with THERE IS A NEW PAGE OF ALWAYSRAININGHERE followed by two straight minutes of happy amazed face

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    Ah man, looks like Adrian’s going through some conflicting emotions unu

  • Adrianna Martinez

    Carter: ‘Oh god oh god oh god is he looking at me? should I look at him? but what if he’s looking at me?’ -looks- ‘oh shit he’s looking at me.’

  • Potato5ever

    I’m really happy that Hazel is feeling better now :D

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    Welcome back! I missed you, guys!
    Has Adrian always been so cute? I think he looks cute in the fith panel *^* if I were Carter I’ll fall in love again just by look at him xD

  • Matt

    I think Carter meant to say “I’m man-hungry”

  • Lypopette

    I’m so glad od this update because it means double good news. Hazel probably feel better and there is more ARH :D

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    Adrian’s adorable lil’ face in the fifth panel c:

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    dawww super cute as usual

  • Eriyonai

    no worries, will always stick with you guys. it takes about a year or two of inactivity for me to bump a webcomic off my check-regularly list. and I’ve got Adrians and Carters all over my wall. kind of committed.

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    yes!! thank you for coming back!! can’t wait to see what happens :3

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    <3 I'm so happy :D

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    Dat eye contact.

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    Glad you guys are okay!!!! Can’t wait to see more wonderfulness from you gus

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    More like thirsty.

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    <3 <3 <3
    love this page!

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    Awesome page~ It’s nice to see Carter’s thoughts back. And it’s even nicer to see you back, Hazel and Bell! c:

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    Amazing job, thanks for sticking with it yourself. It can get difficult <3

  • Icie

    and ahhh but what DOES THAT LOOK MEAN????
    *secret meet up in the bathroom is my guess*

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    Uwahh!! This is so exciting! You’re back!!
    dat eye contact ;D

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    ahhhh so happy you guys updated!! i reread this comic from the start and i just– GOSH THEY’VE COME SUCH A LONG WAY
    i remember when i first started reading this webcomic via smackjeeves omg it was such a long time ago but this comic just gets better and better!! the storyline is amazing, the dialogue is just great and i’m in love with the art style and colouring ;;;; NOT TO MENTION THAT CARTER AND ADRIAN ARE TOTAL BABES

  • aoi_aka

    Welcome back, Hazel! I’m glad to see you’re doing better. We would never abandon you two. ARH is precious and only you ladies can deliver. We’ll wait patiently forever if necessary.

    Those three middle panels. Holy cow! Carter is hungry for Adrian. That’s the only conclusion I can reach. He’s made his intentions clear, but I think he needs to woo Adrian off his feet so they can both fall in love with each other. It’ll be excruciating to watch them slowly reach out and truly fall in love. *sigh* I love this webcomic.

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    that eye to eye contact.. <3 oohh lalala..

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    Welcome back, Hazel! Glad that you’re feeling better :)

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    We’ll always stick with you BECAUSE WE WUV YOU! And your characters and this story and your art and and and and… :)

  • VictoryMurder

    Lo suyo seria que Adrian volviera al baño xD

  • VictoryMurder

    Lo suyo seria que Adrian volviera al baño xD

  • kamishiro

    wow this page was drawn so beautifully <3

  • Catherine

    Wow you can almost hear the tension in that “scuse” :’D

    Also yes I love the wood paneling in the pizza place, it looks really good :D

  • Liv

    Jason is so done right now. He’s probably drooling all over the table >.>

  • Jraam

    This made my week. Thank you!

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    Gosh, what horrible service. They’re the only people in the restaurant, and Jason & Maria look like they’re about to die.

  • shittygomu

    NO I’VE REACHED THE END OF UPDATES. HOW. Bless you for this comic. I’m fully inspired to start my own stuff like right now (though I should maybe sleep).

    What is that look Adrian is giving omg.

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    YAY! Crayons! :D

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    My genre-savvy senses are tingling….I have a feeling I know what’s coming….

    • moot

      Care to enlighten us?

      • Keet

        Well I’m not too certain so don’t put all your faith in me, but I suspect a certain someone is going to make an appearance…..

        • Chi

          *gasp* Oooooooo… Interesting thought!