• Adrianna Martinez

    I admire Adrian. Really. Because when I was in high school I couldn’t even be bothered to do my homework during musical season.
    In fact none of us did so we would skip classes to hang out back stage and do homework and get missed notes from people who had actually gone to class.
    So if he’s able to do both more power to him because he’s not sleeping.

  • http://gsmaybe.tumblr.com/ G. S. Maybe

    That’s quite a pose Adrian is striking in the first panel. A real post-apocalyptic action hero movie poster pose.

  • Hugs&kisses

    I love this story so much, it seems so.. Reeeal!

  • Rose

    Aw, Adrian! He needs to take on a lighter load. Too much pressure, probably. I really adore the outfits here. They look mighty-fine! ehe!

  • TheEmberTiger

    Adrian needs some Chill Time: Part 3 right around now.

  • Anastasia

    I imagine Adrian saying ‘Yes Maria’ in the same tone of voice as he would say ‘Yes Mom’

    Oh Adrian. You so sassy.

    • Anastasia

      Also, I like that he looks depressed now that Carter has gone.

  • MileenaWins

    I love Adrian’s hair!!

  • thevoidbender

    I forgot how adorable Maria is.

  • Lovell Giang

    Oh wow, Adrian you big cutie, I cannot believe the amount of time you put into studying. Smart cookie ;w;

  • Nika Livia

    …You lied about the pizza party? Why, Adrian, Carter would help you nonetheless!

    • http://timothy.green.name/ Timothy (TRiG)

      Jason wouldn’t, though.


  • HollowFerns

    *Raises hand* I’ll help you with French … I won’t even ask for pizza or anything … O.o

  • Sauna

    Double-dipping is the best. Thanks so much for updating twice in one week, basically :> Also: gdi Adrian, way to show up all us former-and-current high school kids <3 …but really, go distract yourself with silly stuff now and then. Like a date with Carter.

  • John

    Mhmm, I think Carter can provide the stress relief that Adrian needs.

  • Fladude

    Friky fraky yes this came out on my birthday i am appreciate

  • Sethy

    Hey Adrian…
    You know that distraction she’s talking about?
    Yeah he just left

  • yaoifanboy1

    I thought adrain was gonna say “yes, mom” but this is as epic (y)

  • yaoifanboy

    this. is. TOO CUTE

  • Midori Ross

    Please in spanish T.T *Se suicida con galletas de animalitos*

    • Envy

      You attempted suicide with animal crackers? What? o_o


    Like the previous page, the colours used here are absolutely gorgeous! Maria’s outfit is just too adorable~

    Thanks for your hard work ladies, I ♥ your webcomic so much!
    Here’s hoping exams went well and all is okay with you both again :3
    Happy Holidays!

    • George DeForest

      Maria in tight stockings.

  • kory

    when does school end for them?


    Awww, was hoping for a new page or a bit of an update as the year ends :(
    Still, I’d like to say:

    All the best for 2014!

  • Kristian Reuck

    big fan, keep up the good work you two!

  • baka!!101

    omg!! Cute !! You should post a few comic pages in one day to keep your fellow readers wanting more.

    • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

      o3o Is that from an anime!??!?!

      • Lyite

        It’s from Mirai Nikki (It’s not really what I think you’re expecting, but it’s really, really good.)

  • http://dokidokibaka.livejournal.com/ Dokidokibaka

    Happy New Year everyone!!

  • Rainshine, the Grammar Hyena

    Adrian yawning is the cutest thing ever. >3<

  • aoi_aka

    I know who can help Adrian goof off. His name starts with a c and ends with an r.

    • LiliYee

      your picture!!!!!!! Aomine and kise yay!!!!!!! sorry just had to comment :)

  • SJ

    Panel 4, “its” should be “it’s.” YAY MORE PAGES

  • Nickelz

    HAH, the ulcer joke continues.

  • Ace

    I bet someday he’ll get an ulcer… Just saying ;P

  • tinybirds

    Maria’s outfit reminds me of India’s last outfit from Stoker. :O

  • tinybirds

    Maria’s outfit reminds me of India’s last outfit from Stoker. :O

  • Tarah Stylinson

    “Ulcer” maybe Adrian will eventually realize stress is really serious and he needs to let loose more, as both his best friend and (future) love interest have said.

  • camboo

    i love maria

  • ieatyaoiforbreakfast

    If Emerald City can’t give him an ulcer, I’m sure studying for a French test will do the trick.

  • http://fujoshiniyaku.tumblr.com/ niyaku

    that moment when ‘Stressed Out’ plays while I read the words ‘stressed out’ on this page

  • Greenaplle

    Fuck i really have a french exam in 2 days… fuck it

  • http://katocha-lol.tumblr.com/ kato-cha lol

    rly curious what part he’s playing in wicked tho

  • http://fujoshiniyaku.tumblr.com/ niyaku

    it’s actually the illuminati