• Nate


    Worth the wait as always

  • Oscar

    Gotta love how more colorful looks this page :D

  • Adrianna Martinez

    Hell have no fury like a man denied pizza….. and by man I mean Jason.

    • Envy

      This comment made my day!! xD

  • Rob

    Carters smile panel 4.


  • swtx

    n’aaaawww Carter!!! Look look Adrian; he really likes you. LOOOOOOK.

  • Sethy

    Is the set really that heavy? It looks like a cardboard cut out. lol

    Also I love Jason’s face in the last panel. I can almost hear him muttering “You’re dead to me”

    • Nate

      They’re usually made of plywood with real timber framing. Surprisingly heavy, though I”d have thought the theatre students could have moved them themselves

  • Dianne

    aawww… look at that look of adoration on Carter’s face while looking at Adrian in the second to the last panel.
    This was definitely worth the wait <3

  • TheEmberTiger

    2 Things…

    1. I love Maria’s outfit
    2. Adrian you sneaky bastard you :P

  • aoi_aka

    Welcome back, ladies! Carter made a lot of brownie points even though Adrian tells them to get off the stage. This was adorbs as usual.

  • nxl

    I know this is irrelevant to the current page, but why doesn’t Carter upgrade to iOS 7?

    • Guestguest

      More important question: Why doesn’t Adrian upgrade Carter to boyfriend? Just saying.

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  • http://timothy.green.name/ Timothy (TRiG)

    Adrian, I gotta tell you. That wide-eyed innocent “it was a genuine mistake” look, I don’t buy it. I don’t buy it at all. You sneaky bastard you.

    Good on ya!


  • I’m Katara Bitch

    I absolutely love Jason’s face in the last panel, it really describes his relationship with Carter haha, love those two

  • I Would An Adrian

    1. Carter’s face, omg he’s precious
    2. Adrian you little shit. I love you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ +bird+

    Why does everyone look so adorable on this page.
    Carter, you don’t even look worried about the pizza. YOU DON’T EVEN CARE!

    • thevoidbender

      Of course not. He’s just staring at Adrian. That’s better than pizza! lol

  • Rose

    I love imagining Carter and Jason laying across the stage totally wiped out.

  • Icie

    whoa this page turned out really really pretty!!! even though theres no fancy scenery or anything! i dont know what exactly is diferent but i love it uwu

    • HollowFerns

      That’s what I thought too. Maybe it’s the darker, warmer color scheme.

    • b3nc0

      There’s an all shining-new plywood-heavy Emerald City! If that’s not fancy scenery, I don’t know what is… ;°)

  • Ilias

    this is great, but I have some difficulties to understand some expressions. Sorry, originally I speak Spanish.

  • how about no

    Jason is summoning his inner most Cumberbatch.

    • liliyee

      this reference omg I love you now!!!!!!!

  • Anastasia

    I just…I need to touch Adrian’s hair, okay?


  • John

    Jason called it a trap!

    • yaoifanboy

      now if only someone made adrian into a literal “trap” we might see hundreds of people dying from blood loss

  • the real ceara

    omg carter are you just LEAVING your boyfriends practice just look at that disappointed look on his face


    Haha! “Uh, whoops” indeed Adrian…
    Jason’s squinty stink eye in the last panel there just screams “Good faith my ass!”
    His instincts warned him something was suspicious, and now his trust is shattered. Poor guy, he needed that hug. Meanwhile Carter’s just like “Shhhh, let’s go, don’t make me look bad in front of my sweetheart.”

  • DG

    your style changed! @_@

  • Keet

    Jason has the most epic bitchface.

  • Jayde

    Gods, but I have been waiting for this!

  • Okeanos

    Wow this is so cute, I can’t wait for the next update~!

  • Lovell Giang


  • procyonminor

    Sorry, this came out nowhere, but : I want Jason and Maria together. Erm. Yeah.

    • b3nc0

      Yeah. Erm. They would be catfighting every chance they got =ಠ¸ಠ=

  • Nelolin

    So how did the theatre club get the Emerald prop eventually?

    • Kasumi Nekozawa

      If you look through the previous pages, Adrian actually made up his mind that instead of renting the prop they’d make it from scratch. I guess the prop we see here is the result of plywood, paint and blackmailing two grade 11 arts classes.

  • b3nc0

    So, it’s not that long after the truck trip…

  • Ace

    XD he really wanted that pizza

  • Sharon Agredo

    My love for Carter just keeps growing

  • Atary Walker

    I can’t tell if Adrian is acting xD

  • ellie

    carter u ball of sunshine and helpfulness
    he just lugged a giant prop on stage and pizza was delayed but hes like :DDDD

  • Tarah Stylinson

    Jason’s all pissy but I love that Carter is all “a-okay” with being used haha

  • RaionSan

    No Pizza? I’ll be all pissy like Jason too :D.

  • Mana

    Adrian in the first panel is just so. Fucking. Cute. Ohwait he’s always that cute.

  • Dwayne Strike

    one does not play with the prospect of pizza.

  • LuisDiego De La Torre

    Jason: “How do I know to trust you??”
    Perfect reaction to being falsely promised free pizza. I can feel the rage too. Pizza <3

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  • George DeForest

    wow, Carter all motherly with his angry straight friend. “c’mere, you”

  • http://anabotti.tumblr.com Kamigi

    sometimes im jason – “the FUCK you mean no F R E E PIZZA??”

    sometimes im carter – (idc, at least I had fun with adrian)

    there is no inbetween

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  • http://cheater.smackjeeves.com/ Coco Sugar

    Jason never trusted anyone who promised pizza from that day forth.

  • Annabeth Winchester

    Carter was so excited for pizza and then when Jason got mad he was just like eh I got to hang around with Adrian and splash him with green paint that’s good enough

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  • FruitSnapple

    Omg, Adrian in that third panel… I could think of was KISS KISS GET YOUR ASSES OFF THE STAGE.

  • Lunatic

    Just re-reading this comic because of love reasons.

    I ship Jason and Maria. 8D

  • chaoticCon “Wii” Serafi

    Maria is so CUTE <3 10/10, would marry