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come on and slam

and welcome to the jam.


concerning the next page:

I’m working on it! school is also kicking my butt! be sure to follow my tumblr or our twitter/facebook for notifcations when the page updates!

Thanks! Have some cute boys:


  • banhbon

    So excited to see this update! I love your work! :)) <3

  • Maddy Di

    Carter is the best! Lol awesome page!

  • KasumiBlu

    Adrian’s childhood summed in one sentence: “Stop having fun.”
    Aw, Adrian, you poor cutie.

    (Can we all notice the way they are smiling at each other in panel 1?)

  • okdinosaurs

    Character development w/ Jason? :DDDDDD

  • Jill Montino

    Carter’s antics in the background are just killing me. And Adrian, sweetie, trying to be encouraging when there’s no idea.

  • jan-ice

    thank you for slam jam

  • cat scratches

    omg Jason is my freaking spirit animal, loving the comic keep up the good work ^u^

  • aoi_aka

    Jason is pondering whether or not to cockblock them, isn’t he? Continue to have your bad feeling, sweetie, and leave these two alone. (I thought Carter was spazzing happy for being invited to free pizza with his faux-boyfriend.)

    • Kale

      I think it’s more that Jason can tell that Adrian is only offering free pizza so he’ll come and help build the set. He’s already proven to be in complete support of Carter and Adrian. Complete support, meaning that he just doesn’t care.

      • aoi_aka

        That makes a lot of sense.

  • dotdapple

    We got a real jam going down.

  • TheEmberTiger

    I can see Jason doing some wing-manning in the future lol

  • FreckledJesus

    the title gave me cancer

    • starduststories

      It didn’t cut you in half?

      • Freckledjesusonmobileew

        Probably, but I do love it though omg it wasn’t a negative comment

        • starduststories

          No one’s bad in my books if they call themselves Freckled Jesus. One up for the SnK reference.

  • Gemma

    “stop having fun.”
    adrian you are perfect dont ever change

  • Anastasia

    Carter is one of very few people who can make that jacket/shorts combo work.
    I hope he does not abuse his gift of looking fabulous.


    See, this is what I like about Jason. He’s sharp: he’s heard enough stories about the theater group to be suspicious about their ‘errands’. And Carter? He just too damn happy to care… as long as it brings him closer to Adrian, he’d do whatever. Even if he has no damn idea how to do it. Much like that slam dunk, for example…

  • Rose

    I fell out of my chair due to laughter. Amazing as always!

  • yaoifanboy

    i would laugh so hard if that frisbee rebounds and gets carter in the head, and then it’ll lead to all kind of “scenes”. thank you for making this fabulous comic (y)

  • Sethy

    just work that body
    work that body
    make you don’t hurt nobody

  • NobodysHero

    I just keep on picturing Carter yelling “FOR PIZZAAA!!” as he slam dunks. Anyone one else feeling weird? Too much fun? Sorry.

  • Becca

    Haha, I love everything about Adrian on this page so much. His sly little expression while he talks to Jason, and then “Stop having fun.” Somehow, so adorable!

  • Sofia duran

    jaja ese carter , si que me hace reirXDD

  • Exam-Taker-Read-Tortured

    tell Hazel that I suffer with her and send her strength! Lots of tea/coffee with a cozy blanket and remember to take breaks. :) And by breaks, I mean actual relaxing doing nothing. Hope it doesn’t kill us too much this semester. D:

  • Liila

    It´s okay guys, don´t worry =) I wish you luck and success *hugs*
    However I still hope there´ll be more updates when the “rush hour-week-time-whatever” is over >.<

    greets from germany

  • Sunny


    …well, actually, being in the same situation as Hazel, I understand. Good luck, Hazeldrop! /will be waiting until next week, then~

    Also, congrats on having graduated already, Bell, you lucky dog…


    Best of luck on your examinations, Hazel!

  • Illios

    Now I just want to know what is printing on Jason’s butt. Last panel shows either a C or an O. I must know…for science! Yeah, science. Also, good luck Hazel.

  • Nanao S

    I have come to the latest page noooooooOO

    Anyways, great webcomic you have here! Can’t wait to see these cute butts again

  • Lovell Giang

    Ah-! Good luck on your project, hope you get a good mark for all the hard work you’re putting into it!

    My favorite thing about this is “Stop having fun.”

  • Rob

    I love cute boys! Howd you know Hazel?

  • cannotloginwithtwitter-misu

    We may be sad when there’s no new page – but it only means that we love this webcomic so much :) and therefore I’m always willing to wait~!
    Hope you both succeed in school and stuff – wish you best luck

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

    Heuheuheu. Stahp having fun Carter~ Just stahpp it~

  • Rob

    Can i just comment on the fact that i like carter and adrian so much more because of their personal video game tastes, where as if they were reversed that wouldnt be the case. Youve created such real and likeable characters :3

  • closedmindedbigot

    Is this going to become one of those things where updates are spread further and further apart, until we’re only at a few pages every couple of months or so? Because I really don’t want that.

    • Vangaalen

      Hazel did say this was because of a difficult assessment block. They’re just do the best they can.

    • Esra Valdez

      naaah just wait, they’re always like that.

  • Sufferer

    Keep it up! This semester is almost over! :’D It’s almost done… ahaha… or so I tell myself…

  • gap

    Hi. I’m sorry i don’t mean to be pushy or anything but….it’s Thursday. comic please?

  • Catherine

    Aww cute boys!! Good luck at school, I know that can take a lot out of you.

  • Catherine

    Also who has flip phones anymore? Get with the times, Adrian. :P

    • leiwand

      i have still one…..

    • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

      I’m so out of the times, I don’t even have a phone. |D

    • lau

      i have one too. LOL

  • Anna Cylkowski

    Carter’s “SLAM DUNK” face makes my day every day. I come by to check for updates, and then stay to enjoy his face.

  • Enn

    Slam dunk. Wham bam, turkey and ham.

  • Atary Walker

    oh god that face xD

  • Logan the Homo

    No fun allowed!

  • Madeleine S.

    Carter in the background is hilarious!

  • Danica

    This dude reminds me of Liam Payne by looks omg

  • ℓ ϚϦοςӧԼձϮϵ❣⃛

    Am I the only one who thought of

    • Phantom Cat

      Nope XD

  • Alice Kat

    I can’t throw a frisbee either I feel your pain

  • Xyrenus

    Can Carter please be sans from Undertale

  • ImShipWrecked


    • Kamigi


  • Kamigi

    “stop having fun” what the hell

  • Ace


  • Bored Mortal

    NO FUN!!

  • Fede Green

    I think Carter takes his game way too seriously