• Jukezuke

    Did he just leave a coming out letter to his parents? This should prove to be interesting if that is the case.

    • http://mr.danielignacio.me/ dotdapple

      In “Spring in December,” it says that he already came out to his parents.

      They had been lax with him for most of his life as he grew up knowing what pieces to pick up that his brothers dropped, knowing what exactly would please his parents enough for them to get off his backs.

      That was until he came out, at least.

      That had been an experience he did not ever want to remember again. Now, he was no longer the one that his parents put on a pedestal as the boy who could do no wrong. He wasn’t the one his parents introduced first to friends, he wasn’t the one who they bragged about with his impressive GPA and unoffensive demeanour. His parents had seen right through that facade of perfection that he had been keeping up for his whole life. He was flawed. He was majorly, noticeably, hugely flawed.

      • Jukezuke

        Ah yes, thank you for reminding me of that. Quite a few months have passed since I read Spring in December, and I have forgotten some of those more minor details.

        Now, that I see others pointing out the ticket that I had not taken note of before, I have to wonder what it could be that is written on that letter.

        • http://mr.danielignacio.me/ dotdapple

          Maybe it’s a month or two after the previous volume, where he invites his parents to his Emerald City play?

          • Jukezuke

            Yeah, I think that that is the case. Of course, his parents have not been all that supportive to his interest in the arts. That is likely the subject of the letter-a plead of sorts to get them to go.

      • TheEmberTiger

        “majorly, noticeably, hugely flawed.”

        :( I think you’e perfect Adrian

  • John

    What does the letter say?!?!?!

  • VoidEnigma

    Looks like he left them two tickets to something? Maybe?

  • Ginger

    It looks like he left his parents tickets to the musical, which he was probably worried about because they don’t seem like the type to support Adrian’s “artistic interests.” I I bet Carter would come to his show if he asked! (:

    • Maqa

      I bet Carter would go without being asked.

      • Pensador

        Implying it would be possible to keep Carter away.

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

    Look at that beautiful smile XD <3~

  • yaya

    Awesome *0*

  • Anastasia

    I have a vivid mental image of Carter catching that frisbee in his mouth just because he can

  • Cyrielle Falcou

    Adrian wrote a text vertically and the result is written to the horizontal. Either this guy is too strong, or there’s something strange here …

    • Your Grandpoop

      That was the inside of the letter he was writing. The next panel shows the envelope.

    • elijah elquest

      Or he folded the note.

  • MileenaWins

    I love this comic sooooo muchh!!

  • Unknown

    I’m addicted to this

  • aoi_aka

    Adrian leaves his parents tickets to the play. This can only one thing: parents and Carter collision imminent.

    • Sara


  • Sethy

    Haiku time!!

    Adrian writing
    to his mom and dad, inked note
    “Please come see my play”

    Poor little frisbee
    Landing in the grass uncaught
    Alone in the park

    And for fun…

    “Morning Mom + Dad:
    Off to make poor life choices
    Don’t wait up, O.K.?”

    • yaoifanboy

      here! let me give you a limerick!

      adrian once wrote to his parent
      that there was a play apparent
      they should come to watch
      while the tickets are hot
      and went off without any accident

  • C

    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that gorgeous orange wallpaper with cute little flowers in panel one?

  • Sassafrassery

    So…is nobody going to say anything about the guy with the mohawk? No? Okay, he seems really hot. (What? Someone had to say it!)

  • actually ceara

    dad: oh no hes running away
    mom: come back my gay son we knew all along

  • actually ceara

    oh nevermind i saw the tickets next to it

  • Aurum

    To Mom and Dad,

    Better show up or I’ll blow up the house instead of the toast.


  • Nickelz

    I had completely missed the tickets thing on my first read-through.

  • Caprine

    *sees boy with mohawk* Tavros?

    • lonelyWaterfall

      y e s

    • Beacon

      Oh my god I love you

    • savvyskies

      and then dave and terezi are next to him :3

      • Mimi Chan

        oMG YES GAH


    • PewdiecryShippin

      He finally got his legs back.

  • camboo

    aw if his parents don’t go i’ll sob

  • Xyrenus

    ALIENS- oh it’s a frisbee.

  • ArtisticallyEnglish

    Disc golf. ;v; I love you so much. (By the way, technically, it’s not “Frisbee golf”, because “Frisbee” is a brand name, and not all discs are Fribees. :s Just thought I’d mention it.)

  • Nana

    Are those tickets to his play awee

  • ❤Manami-Chan

    Comic : To Mom + Dad
    Me : Mom + Dad = Adrian =>
    Idk what I meant XDDD