• HodgePodge

    Holy shit Adrian are you okay

  • Adrianna Martinez

    Hold on I think I’ve lived this moment

    *bzzz bzzz*
    “Oh god another day”

    Yep. I feel you Adrian

  • bexies

    He looks so happy and excited for a new day…

  • Icie

    how on earth did he get that hair under control

  • Immi

    That is the perfect wake-up face.

  • Rob

    why has my day just become so much greater, honestly this made me so happy I think I have some kind of mental illness.

  • actual ceara

    i hope he doesnt do that running to school late with a piece of toast in mouth thing they do in anime

    • kate

      On the contrary I hope he does.

  • starduststories

    The Taming of the Hair: a book by Adrian Hlaváček


  • John

    Hmmm, a peek at a shirtless Adrian. This is going places.

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

    He LOVE the way his face looked when he woke up. Priceless X’D

  • Jill Montino

    Oh, it’s so beautifully coloured, oh my~
    But why did he brush his teeth before breakfast?

    • ladyaoi

      isn’t that how it’s done?!

      • Leslie

        Actually, yes. Since during the night our mouths produce some nasty bacteria, to prevent it getting in our system, one should brush their teeth /before/ eating in the morning.

        • Ruth

          My whole life has been a lie.

        • Kite

          In fact, those bacteria are not dangerous for health. Our body will simply destroy them as any others not-so-terrible-bacteria. The most important thing is to brush your teeth after eating to remove food particles and prevent tooth decay. (Ideally, you have to wait a little bit after eating, something like 30 or 60 minutes.)

          But I know that some people prefer to brush their teeth before eating because they dislike the bad breath of the morning ! ;P

      • Sethy

        Right?! Who would want to ruin their delicious breakfast by soiling it with the taste of 8 hours of stale mouth? Yuck.

  • Karasuko

    Wooooowwww wouldja look at that bed head!!

  • Buttlette

    Gees Adrian your latest outfit is one tie away from cosplaying Mr. Rogers

  • Anastasia

    There’s been a lot of beautiful backs in the past few pages. I hope this trend continues.

  • andromeda

    lucky canadians
    7am and you’re tired? try waking up at 5

  • Anon

    So far it looks like the morning’s done a good job of kicking your ass, Adrian.

    I feel your pain dude. I feel it.

  • yayoi

    He seems so tired sooooo cute !!

  • Motok

    hahha his face is pretty much like mine when I wake up, its a mix of where am I with nooooo

  • asdf

    When did Adrian turn into me?

  • aoi_aka

    Soooo, what’s making our princess lose sleep at night. It can’t be that Wizard of Oz set. And it can’t be a test. I bet a certain someone is slowly getting his skin. *nods sagely*

    • Chi

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still about the video Carter showed him.

      • aoi_aka

        I forgot about the video! That was sweetly evil of Carter.

        • Chi

          Haha, yeah, that was really…something of Carter to do that.
          You don’t know how accomplished I felt after posting up that comment on an iPod touch that kept crashing. lol Well, now you do.

  • C

    Adrain’s bareback is just too much for me <3 <3

    • http://timothy.green.name/ Timothy (TRiG)

      Shoulder blades. Mmmm.

    • Envy

      Hopefully there’s more bareback a little down the road, hm? *naughty grin*

  • oyechi

    that was my morning today xD ahaha

  • Faride Vega Hernandez

    jajajaja reminds me of me, every morning before going to school xD

  • StreamB

    glad you’re back dude xD

  • Unknown

    Wonderful comic
    And I hope that you keep up the Great Work love u ♥ ♥ ♥

  • http://www.facebook.com/ +bird+

    Lol he looks like death

  • Rainbow Dash

    this was wonderful but thats it? i feel the same way in the morning but i want more PLEASE 0A0

  • Liv

    I just want to ruffle Adrian’s messy morning hair ^.^ it looks so fluffy and adorable

  • Sethy

    Ahhh it’s back! It’s back!! /happy dance

  • Lucyoll

    He brush his teeth before eating ? Isn’t that a little counterproductive xD ?
    Aside from that, I love that his room is a little messy with books and stuff on the floor, and his morning face is really funny and adorable!
    Great wrk! ^___^

    • luridlife

      when i wake up i always brush my teeth before and after i eat

    • yaoifanboy

      actually, it’s better to brush your teeth before you eat because the bacteria in your mouth would be mixed with you food and can cause really bad stomach problems :3

  • Rainbow Dash

    he looks like he died and found out why he wanted to die in the first place

  • yaoifanboy

    mondays and evil carter, are the only things that can change an the face of an adorable adrian into the face of death itself.

  • Sassafrassery

    I love that last panel, in fact, I love this whole page. It’s like I’m watching myself on any given morning <— (NOT a morning person)

  • dan

    hey can you tell us which time zone you guys work on for your international friends?

  • TheEmberTiger

    Adrian woke up in a bad mood.

  • Alice Wang

    lol he burnt his toast poor thing


    Adrian’s face when he wakes up seriously reminds me of Usami Akihiko… lol

  • Loopey

    Oh my god that hair when he’s brushing his teeth <3

  • zarrylover

    this is Zarry :P

  • DiDi

    I can’t stop laughing at that face in the beginning hahaha X’D

  • GoGi

    His mole is on the wrong side of his face? I think… Idk, I sorta noticed it.

    • Christian Bernard

      No, you’re looking at it in the mirror. It’s always under his left eye.

  • Mar Sánchez

    hahaha just woke up, no filters xD

  • Milky Dumplings

    The art is incredible.

  • Milky Dumplings

    7:00? Lucky bastard, I have to wake up at 5:30. #PityMe

    • http://notexactlysatan.tumblr.com/ gay shit enthusiast.

      4:45 fite me m8

      • Milky Dumplings

        shit m8 rip our sleep schedule.

      • The Nerd From Down The Block

        3:30 fight me scrub xD

  • Xyrenus

    lol that look he has in bed XD

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal

    Mmm, I approve of panel 3. >:}

  • Zinah

    Your Artstyle evolved so quick! From worse to so good! I’m kinda proud xD
    I’m happy that i found your comic!!

    • Nil

      ikr it looks so gorgeous now!

  • Nil

    that bed hair tho its too relatable

  • Ariel

    everyone notices the bed hair. but I noticed the burnt toast.
    RIP toast

    • Karma


  • emilylime301

    omg that kinda looked like hinata for a sec

    • Forest


      • oinkawa -

        To be honest, the first glimpse I got of Always Raining Here I thought it was Kagehina oops.