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  • Tietie

    Carter, we always knew you were a ninja at heart, and you got Adrian to smile, you cheeky devil you. Cant wait for the next update.


  • ME24601

    Adrian is happy for once!

  • master race

    What boots are those adrian wears?

    • ME24601

      The ones that are made for walking.

      • AC♥Bear

        Can we be married?

    • George DeForest

      UGGs maybe?

  • Kevin

    Am I the only one here that sees a great opportunity for drama be squandered?

    • ME24601

      I’m happy with this outcome instead. It’s nice to see Adrian not being depressed for a change.

    • master race

      Just wait for the part where carter contracts naegleria fowleri from the pond water.

  • Chi

    I thought Carter had knee pads on in the water. And I ALSO thought that Adrian would risk his life to save Carter. Haha. I guess not.
    Also-also, I’m going against the Laws of Braces by eating Talenti’s “German Chocolate Cake” gelato, which has caramel in it. *sniff* It isn’t as good as “Double Dark Chocolate” though…

  • Aika Amaya

    You have no idea how happy makes me seeing Adrian’s precious smile!

  • John

    Adrian, that precious smile will be imprinted on Carter’s mind forever.

  • b

    adrian your face and your little clutched hands you’re killing my entire heart nooooo

  • Name

    Panel 2, Adrian’s left hand (our right) shoulder.

    What is it doing. I mean, I know it’s supposed to be a half-shrug but it looks like it’s just gone FUCK THIS SHIT I’M GOING TO MARS and disconnected and is now beginning its journey.
    I mean his trapezius muscles are completely flat and squared away and then suddenly shoulder.

    On another note, if Carter doesn’t use this opportunity to strip down in front of Adrian I’m going to be pissed.

    Anyway, great page. The waiting is killing me but the only thing that can really be done about that is if you put in an unrealistic (and frankly, unfair) amount of effort to satisfy random people on the internet or if you stopped telling the story in such depth.

    I don’t want either of those.

    Keep up the good work and don’t forget that Mr Goldberg is counting on you.

  • Icie


    • Shurelia

      Yeah I feel like he is being more chill!

  • I Would An Adrian

    Now if only he was in a position to pull Adrian in with him…

  • KrisYWC


  • Nelolin

    All this greenery is so lovely.

  • Faride Vega Hernandez

    xDDD hahaha poor carter!!! but you have to admit, it was very cute and funny n.n

  • Callia

    ahh cute boys being cute

  • Dmitri

    Well.. Look at that. I bet Adrian would still look precious even if he cries, but seeing him laugh with a smile like that looks absolutely radiant. Reminds me very much of my Connor. This is quite refreshing.

  • Jamie Dutton

    That’s the way to steal his heart, Carter :)

  • Narty

    I love this blog but this new adventures.. nothing new really happened ! I want more conflict ! The first one was so good !

    • Yumiko

      But their relationship is developing, Carter isn’t acting like a horny idiot any more and Adrian is warming up to Carter. Life isn’t all drama and getting drunk at some guy’s party, in the last chapter they didn’t really get to know each other until at the very end. And now they’re trying to become friends and get to know each other better, perhaps to the point of developing other feelings. It’s slow but it’s interesting as it is, just watching them become closer. At least in my opinion.

      Plus, it’s only just started. Give it some time.

  • Misu Kaze

    So now there’s going to be a scene where Adrian rolls his trousers up and they play in the water? : >

  • ACpulse

    wet jeans

  • Matt

    He’s going to have to get out of those wet clothes

  • Abikyoukan

    They have to finish together. But I can smell rust in the air.

  • lord_nougat

    Man overboard!

  • the cheese

    Thank God by baby Carter is safe! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Adrian laugh before.

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

    ouo. So THIISSS is where that one picture came from~

  • thevoidbender

    They are so precious. I’m shipping it hard.

  • Becca

    So adorable! It’s so nice to see Adrian laughing, even if it is at Carter’s expense! XD

  • Nika Livia

    Hehehehe I call summer posters scenes OR Carter, you could go home with Adrian to change and yanno maybe do something like letting him meeting the rest of your family or making out in your bed or something like that.

    Or you could just strip.

  • GaviotaPerdida

    Oh I love this! They are impossibly cute!!! <3

  • Cyrielle Falcou

    /O0O …. Adrian. Can. Laugh. *Shocked*

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

    *_* This just saved me so much time. THANKYUHFORTHANOTICEEE~

  • Sara Iggy Woodrow

    Aww Adrian looks so adorable laughing like that! <3

  • Sam

    i want the link to the bonus comic VY did a few days ago. can anyone help plz?

  • Ferreteh

    This whole thing is just so great and cute.

  • AC♥Bear

    *In the tune of Beyonce’s ‘If I Were a Boy”*

    If I were a boy… I’d do stupid sh*t like this. Just to impress the boy I wanna be with. If I were a boooy, it’d be like this. Sappy dreams and a ‘pirate ship~’! Jumping on branches, just to falll to my assumed deaath, make him laugh at my foolishness…

    Yeah…. This sucks, but I /aside from the boy part/ think those are Carter’s feelings put into my cruddy rendition of a song. And you know what? Not even sure this matches up to the tune eitherlol.

  • Liam

    i want my own adrian :/

    • NerdyPencil

      I want my own carter… wanna go to the adrian and carter store?

  • Jon Snow

    Oh Adrian you´re so sweet….(Psss always choose the guy who make you me.)

  • Jon Snow

    In Germany we call that Schadenfreude.

  • Rob

    Take your time Hazel!

    • Rob

      And Bell lol

      Two days of study have killed my brain

  • Laura Ayala

    The second panel *3*

  • Laura Ayala

    The second panel *3*

  • Muse

    thank god there was water down there lmao this pg is adorable i loved it <3

  • Atary Walker

    Adrian looks adorable <3 and i think Carter has redeemed himself a bit xD

  • Tarah Stylinson

    YOU SCARED ME SO BAD WITHT THAT LAST PAGE I’m glad I wasn’t reading it in real time or else I’d be a lot more upset lol

  • Mar Sánchez

    damn you Adrian, you are just too cute!

  • マナ


  • Demopedia

    love this page LOOK HOW HE LAUGH ISNT HE CUTE

  • B.

    Good job, Carter, you managed to cheer him up on his shitty day ^^

  • usagi66

    that was cute ^^

  • barb

    so kewt