• Kohr

    Just rereading and found out this was literally posted today….sweet. I’m okay with this 8DD And Carter…I’m not entirely sure than can be called a pirate ship, but I’m taking it anyways.

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  • UlfMonet

    SS. POOPDECK is brilliant!

  • Luis Diego Carias Valverde

    WOW Awsome place♥ I bet they will make out there :P

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  • jill

    That is. Brilliant. The whole set-up just radiates childhood memories (good job Hazel!) and therefore I think it’s quite a big deal that Carter takes him there. Because while Carter isn’t ready to be “sweet” with Adrian just yet, he knows that he needs to show something that is a bit more vulnerable than previous “french-girl-poses” and “douchebaggery” to make him feel better.

  • colormydreams

    I’m so glad I check the site nearly every day…
    Also, all the artwork for these past couple of pages has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Great job guys!

  • Breana Buckley

    Hey, it may not be the best pirate ship, but they could still find some booty in it, you know. ;)

    • lazy

      “Arrgh I plunder ye booty.”
      “What? ”

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    I’ve been meaning to ask, when does this comic update regularly? Also, love this comic!

    • Vy

      Fridays! But it tends to update late at night so I would recommend checking on Saturday morning instead. :V

      • skrillexfan3353

        Sorry if this is a tad late, but thanks a bunch! Now I shall be looking forward to something every Saturday morning, like I used to look forward to cartoons as a kid. :)

  • the cheese

    Oh my jiggles! Is this what I think it is?! YES! A SURPRISE UPDATE! HALLELUJAH!

  • Anna Cylkowski

    Wow Carter looks just really charming here?! What a cutie.

  • http://truth0rdaretastic.tumblr.com/ ТЯЦТНΘЯḊΔЯЄ

    Adrian’s right Carter, your idea of a pirate ship is a bit misleading… XD.
    But I love how he’s letting Adrian into a part of himself so he can get to know more about him too while cheering him up. I think Carter has come a long way. When he first approached Adrian, he was totally on the prowl and literally propositioned him for sex on the spot. Yeah, A+ douchebaggery right there.

    But since then we have come to see him realize that he actually likes Adrian and take the time to get to know him, find out what interests him, lend support to him when he’s in trouble or has a problem, and show concern for his thoughts and feelings. All apparently with no ulterior motive. If Carter isn’t showing his sweet side here, I can’t imagine what else to call it. Adrian doesn’t seem to know what to make of it yet, but I’m really glad to see him stay the day with him so far and not run away or dismiss it completely.

    • kuroi_hitsuji

      my sentiments EXACTLY. : D

      I’m just liking him more and more. XD

      • http://truth0rdaretastic.tumblr.com/ ТЯЦТНΘЯḊΔЯЄ

        Me too, but then it’s really hard not to like him isn’t it? :)

  • Poliana Sepeda

    Carter is such a cutie! *0*

  • fff

    This page is so beautiful. So nostalgic and whimsical and beautiful and sweet. Gah. I wish I had this in my life. This is such a wonderful comic, thankyou so much for writing it!

  • Chi

    I paid so much attention to what looks like a broken “tree-house” that I didn’t even notice the pirate-ship at first.

  • the cheese

    Carter was right, Adrian does have a cute butt

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    ba boom shakalaka

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    man, when i first started reading this i was expecting a really sad story, judging by the title and banner, but wow, this story is amazing and adorable and it’s really making me smile, and it’s better than i could ever have expected

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    good story, but where’s the update? it’s friday right?

  • Poliana Sepeda

    Somehow part of me still hoped to see an update again today. I guess I’m getting spoiled. I just love these two so much!

    • Hazeldrop

      We will update today, just late tonight (like we usually do). Thanks for your patience :>

      • Poliana Sepeda

        Now I’ll probably spend the rest of the night refreshing the page. (and really sorry if I was actually being impatient)

  • Brian

    This comic is really awesome. And Adrian is soooo cute :3



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    That’s art if I ever saw it.

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    That scene was beautiful in every way

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    the background art is so beautiful
    so much talent

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    Adrian’s face though you’d think he’d never seen a ship in a forest before ha!

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    Carter has been looking so cool..

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    They’re sooo cute… *dies*

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    coughs *S.S Mino*