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    As usual a beautifully done page totally worth waiting for and Carter seems (hopefully) up to something sweet, great job guys :)

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  • zunden

    I wish my parents were as cool as Carter’s….

    • Anonymous

      So does Adrian.

      • zunden

        This is true…

  • Chocobochao

    Late night updates are the best. Please, let snuggles ensue

  • C

    Oh mom.

  • Joanne Hodge

    Wonderful scenery porn! o//////o

  • Jamie Dutton

    Lol, Carter’s Mom.
    Ya’ll did an amazing job with the wilderness on this page! No wonder it took so long.

  • jill

    Something tells me this “pirate ship” is something he either found or built with Mike.

  • b

    a. this page is freaking gorgeous


  • The cheese

    This is page is superb! And, Carter you definitely on your way to romancing your way into Adrian’s cute little heart!

  • Poliana Sepeda

    Just wanting to let you guys know you have a big fan in Brazil! I found ARH by accident a few days ago and now I just cant live without it. I read the comic for the first time in just a few hours and since then I’ve reread it twice more while I waited for the new page. Adrian and Carter are just too cute to put into words! I cant even imagine how hard it must be to draw something at this level of perfection so I won’t complain about how much I’m looking forward to the next page! xx

    • Laura Ayala

      Heuheuheuheu é nóis

  • ducky

    the page looks gorgeous!!! I love how you did the ferns

  • Rufus Murdock

    I wish i could draw as well as you

  • wanderingdreamer

    Not sure if it’s the site or my computer but this page took a loooong time to load, anyone else having trouble?

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    Is it just me or is Carter checking out Adrian’s ass in panel 3? XD

    But seriously, Carter is being soooo sweet here… bringing Adrian to a real emerald city just to cheer him up… awwwwww ❤. Bonus points for you, Carter! Will come in handy when you show him the ‘pirate ship’ °3° jkk…

    • kuroi_hitsuji

      well I did a doubletake…now I can’t deny, he thinks baby got back

  • Freddy, Who Knew?

    Carter doing a great job!

  • Patrycja Anna ‘Marronka’ Niedź

    oh god, I haven’t wrote a comment for so longggg ;_; (sorreh)
    but everything develops oh so prettily, and it just melts my heart to see our sweet bbys become closer *wipes tears of joy*
    You’re doing wonderful, wonderful job, guys <3 I just can't get enough of it, though I've been keeping up for about a year and half <333333

  • Colton

    Why is adrian such a cutieeeeeeeeee

  • Vy

    AUGHHH I’m so mad at myself because I was up until 3 and then I decided to go to sleep right before the page was posted. 8′C

    The page is gorgeous, you are just spoiling us with all of this scenery porn! ;v; I love how the boys are interacting at a more relaxed pace now that Adrian is finally getting his mind off of the theatre failure. HOPEFULLY CARTER CAN CHEER HIM UP?

    (also carter has this eternal smirk like he is 200% confident that adrian will like what he has to show him 8))

  • redleaveshavefallen

    I think this would be one of my favorite pages so far. the conversation here just has a lot of thoughts behind them, I think, as well as being one of the most comfortable moments between these two, and all of it is within nice pose panels and movement and activity. I just really like it.

  • Icie

    i’ve got to say this is one of the most gorgeous pages of the whole comic omfg those colors and detaillss *dies*

  • Niddle

    It was seriously worth it, This page is gorgeous.

    There was a few pages before I didn’t like so much art-wise, because the comedic tone of the story influenced it too much, in my opinion. But here, we have again Always Raining Here’s precious dialogues and beautiful precious babies in full colours.Purfect.

    And yeah, that’s right Adrian, it’s no mistake that Carter got the parents he does. (They’re seriously awesome)

  • Emily

    This webcomic always gives me joy each week. Bell with her writing, and Hazel with her art. You guys make a great team. I appreciate both of you a lot for giving me happiness :). I’m always impressed how dedicated you are to this project. Keep going girls! Never give up!

  • Karo

    I can show you the wooooorld, shining, shimmering, splendid!

  • Qbed_Music

    Ooooohhhh ~! This page looks so nice! There are so many colors everywhere it’s great! Super nice shading as well!

  • Michelle Grifka

    Man, other people knew before me too. Yaay Carter.
    The page looks beautiful!

  • Cyrielle Falcou

    it’s a very beautiful page! draw and color are perfect! (c’est une très belle page! le dessin et la couleur sont parfaits! )

    • zunden

      Pourquoi ecris-tu en francais, si je peux le demander?

      • Cyrielle Falcou

        Because I’m french! XD

        • zunden

          HSCVlsadvlhasdbkkj! Je ne suis qu’un americain bete, mais j’ai suivi les cours de francais au lycee et je voudrais bien continuer a le parler. Malheureusement, je n’ai personne a qui je peux parler…. Ma universite a les cours de francais, oui, mais un prof terrible qui toujour taquine ses etudiants enseigne les tous…

          • Cyrielle Falcou

            Ah, les profs sont terribles à l’université! ;) Si tu as envie de parler français, je serais ravie de discuter avec toi. J’avoue que c’est plus facile pour moi car je ne suis pas très douée en anglais! ^^

          • zunden

            Ah bon? Je l’adorerais! Je m’excuse pour la manque d’accents–je ne sais pas comment les utilizer sur l’internet. La methode que j’utilize aux autres endroits ne marche pas, et je ne veux pas copier et coller tous ces accents…

            Ca va?

          • Cyrielle Falcou

            Ne t’en fais pas pour les accents ^^. Ton français est bien meilleur que celui de certains français! Malheureusement, beaucoup de français ne savent même plus écrire correctement, maintenant. C’est à force d’écrire en sms sur les téléphones portables et sur internet, et ils n’écoutent rien à l’école. T-T … A part ça, ça va très bien, et toi?

          • zunden

            Merci :)

            C’est la même en anglais, vraiment, au moins en anglais américain. Beaucoup d’américains n’écrivent pas correctement, surtout sur l’internet.
            (J’ai trouvé comment utilisez les accents! J’ai téléchargé le français a Chrome donc la plupart des accents peut être ajouter avec le vérificateur d’orthographe…)

            Ça va comme ci, comme ça. J’ai les cours a université, donc je dois faire quelque devoirs, les dissertations, ce genre de chose…

          • Andrew Bohannon

            ^Anyone else look this up? Sry. Couldn’t resist.lol

  • Katzy

    It’s always cute when the parents start betting on it xDD I’m glad his mom seems okay with it :3 <3

    • Rebecca

      I remember when I told my mother, she looked at my sister and said “You owe me a coke.”

      • zunden

        I wish my mom had done that… Instead I got tears and screeches and rants about how God doesn’t approve….

        • Kolo

          Mine was like “Yeah okay, finish your homework”
          It was disappointing.

          • zunden

            I would take “finish your homework” over hours of screaming and yelling and “You don’t really know that” and “But that’s a sin” and….all those other lovely things that come from being the gay son of a pastor.

      • B.

        Me: So, uh, I’m a lesbian.
        My mom: … Honey, does that mean you want to be a boy?
        My big bro (joking): Hey, don’t get too close! You sure it’s not catching?
        My dad: … Erm, there’re worse things. Like being one-eyed. You could have been one-eyed and that would have been worse.
        My big cousin: Cool, it was high time we had a homosexual in the family.

        Family randomness, you gotta love it.

        I think my dad’s reaction takes the cake. Although the last remark got
        the Pokémon tune running through my head for a while.

  • Julie DeLuca

    If I may suggest, I think the title of this comic should be shorter. For example, I think having the title be simply Always Raining would be better. I love this story and artwork though so keep working hard!

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    • fenn

      Lwys Rning Hre

  • Gustavo E

    Mam this comic is too good, too bad i just read all of it :S

  • Nessa

    I will not be a grammar bitch… I will not be a grammar bitch… I will not… GAAAH *grabs hair* An Emerald, not A Emerald! *deep breaths* Okay… I’m good now ^_^ I liked this page other than that.

  • Loan of Shark

    Looks like Bridge to Terabithia

  • Sassafrassery

    After reading the short story about Carter’s coming out, this page just got twice as hilarious XD

  • justin

    this is so cute

  • Atary Walker

    This is sweet. I love the details <3

  • Tarah Stylinson

    Does Carter live in the jungle?

  • lolwebcomics

    “My mom knew before i did”

    • Ray

      He realised he was gay a month ago, his mum bet he was gay before then.

  • http://thirteenthmonth.deviantart.com/ thechoppychapgirl

    See, now *these* are non-destructive webcomic feels.

  • Mackenzie Donalds

    i love the backgrounds

  • Lillian

    I’m pretty sure my mom is betting with my dad that I am gay; she’s hinted many times that she thinks I am. Jokes on her, I’m pan.

    • TypicallyUsual

      You have an amazing mom. I’m straight, but still hate that my mom’s homophobic.

      • http://www.writingforums.org/members/oscar-leigh.73758/. Oscar Leigh

        *Feels* I wish your parents were as awesome as mine.

    • Caleb TC

      My mothers always joked about me being gay. Most of my family would disown me if theu knew I was, my mother wouldn’t but she’s the type that would still act different around me.

    • http://anabotti.tumblr.com Kamigi

      i dont think my parents suspect anything but everyone agrees im weird. my siblings might think im bi but they dont say so. ive hinted at being pan but idk if they take me srsly. :’^D

  • banana StabbeR

    :OOOOOOOO XD ymca song just popped on! XD

  • George DeForest

    i <3 Carter, and i <3 Adrian, thank you thank you

  • http://anabotti.tumblr.com Kamigi

    parents betting on their kids being gay is my favorite thing and seeing it in this comic makes it better

  • funwithputin

    My mom also knew before I did!

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal

    Hmm… *squints at my mom* HMMMM….

  • Schadenfreude

    Yeah, mom had a feeling before I found out, so she made sure to criticize every trace of homosexuality she came across and she warn me that she would not be my mom anymore if I liked girls… so… yay… in the closet I shall go… and stay… *locks the closet and throws away the key…*

  • soullesssenpai

    My sister knew before I found I am a transguy and very gay

    • http://www.writingforums.org/members/oscar-leigh.73758/. Oscar Leigh

      Both wow, what are the chances?

  • ArtisticallyEnglish

    “A Emerald City”? Don’t you mean “an Emerald City”? c:

    • Karma


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  • jellyfishprincess

    “My mom had money down on it.”
    My first reaction: HAH
    My second reaction: HEADCANON: CARTER’S MOM IS A FUJOSHI

  • Himory Woods

    My mom didn’t know what trans was but a year before I came out as trans she told me that I might be a boy spirit in a girl body… now it comes out that not even the body is so much of a girl’s one (I’m intersex)