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Hi all! I hope everyone is having a good summer.

We have news! Over the past few days I’ve been working on a few prints and they are now available in the store as the Summer Print Special! You can purchase the prints together with the book as a set or simply on their own. Click the image below to check them out!

edit 7/19/13: Hello! Just wanted to let everyone know the page probably won’t be up until late tonight (pst) or the wee hours of Saturday morning, but rest assured I will be working on it all day today until it’s done :> See everyone in a couple of hours!

  • Legbutt


  • Adrianna Martinez

    The twitch in Adrian’s eye though.

  • ME24601

    You’ll be happy to know that everyone on /lgbt/ is in agreement on the fact that we would an Adrian.

    • Bob Dole

      Would what an Adrian?

      • /wcg/-anon

        We all would an Adrian!

        • Bob Dole

          Not me.

          • /wcg/-anon

            How could you not want to an Adrian? I mean, seriously?

          • bob dole

            i-i am gendersnake ;_;

          • /wcg/-anon

            Sure you are, hun. ;)

          • /wcg/-anon

            Stop talking to myself.

          • /wcg/-anon

            NO!! I’ll talk to myself all I want!

          • Chi

            Yeah, I would a Carter.

  • Jamie Dutton

    Lol, “morally obligated”? She cracks me up!
    Btw, how long is the summer special going to be up? Really want to buy it, but money’s a bit tight at the moment.

    • Hazeldrop

      Hi there! The summer special should be up for at least until the end of August.

  • Freddy, Who Knew?

    sisters, who doesn’t hate ‘em all?


    “As if we don’t have the same taste in dudes” (゚ヮ゚)/

    • AlexisPhoenix

      She and Carter look like twins XD That could be a hot threesome :)))

      • Jack

        Uh, isn’t she about 13? That plus incest…

        I’m not a fan of that idea.

  • Joanne Hodge

    Good Adrian….watch your back…shes dangerous…

  • jill

    I have a slight suspicion that Adrian (and Carter) won’t be able to avoid running into Mama Brooks at some point.

  • Arran Arctic

    Hey Hazel & Bell, I just wanted to write and say I’m really enjoying the comic. I just started my own gay webcomic at and your strips have been a real inspiration. Keep up the great work! Arran :)

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Mum!

    • Hazeldrop

      Hi Arran! Glad you are enjoying the comic and it’s always nice to hear that we’ve inspired someone. :) I wish you luck in your comic endeavors!

  • Adrianna Martinez

    Maybe it’s because the first time I read this page it was like 2 am but did we all miss how snarky Carter’s sister is?
    Like…. I’m pretty sure she just called Adrian hot while simultaneously implying Carter reads homoerotic 1D fanfiction.

    • Otaku_Overlord1

      I’m naturally a smartass, so I was quick to pick up, but only on some of it. I missed the 1D thing. Good eye. XD

  • the cheese

    NEXT PAGE!!! I’M Suffering Always Raining Here withdraw!

  • Patrick Wohl

    Another awesome female in this boy love comic. You gotta love Always Raining Here.

  • GrammarshineHyena

    Aww man, I’m already caught up? But that means I’ll have to force myself to wait several more weeks before checking on this again so that I’ll have enough to read. Dx xD

    • Victor Bahzad

      I don’t know why, but I mooed in frustration when I realized this was the last page. I think it was a mutilated “nooo” or got mixed with a “nuuu”
      I’ve burned though like 5 web comics this past week. All of them are still updating weekly. its harsh waiting but at least I got a good fill of all sorts of stories.
      This one was one of the better comics, the dialogue was fantastic. And the art style actually added to the story telling.

  • LadyNoLuck

    “As if we don’t have the same tastes in guys.” Highly accurate, considering Adrian is a singer, too, haha.
    I love Always Raining Here so much! As a female version of Carter and Adrian mixed together (lovesick from a past relationship and… Well, you know, Carter’s issue!!! o(>\<)o ), this story gives me hope about a future relationship of my own.
    And I am a romantic person and love the humor in this…. Soooo, yeah. I can't wait for the next page!

  • revol reggin

    This comic SUCKS. It updates so slow.

    • the cheese

      It updates every Friday, some comics don’t update for months, consider yourself lucky your found one that updates pretty consistently

    • not needed

      also please remember that they are sharing it for FREE. they take hours to contribute their art. every week. and then some random person complains about the pace… this is why I don’t like humans.

      • Envy

        I don’t like Humans either. Join me.

    • Oscar Leigh

      Fuck you, you spoiled brat.

  • Moo

    Aw shoot :C Getting caught up sucks. At least I get to look at seductive Adrian xD

  • Cyrielle Falcou

    The evil little sister… Run, Adrian! XD

  • Otaku_Overlord1

    Yup…siblings for sure. That is love right there, folks…sick, twisted, love that only a brother and his sister could understand.

  • Christianne

    Hahaha this is amazing. Love the “hey there”

    • Nickelz

      …How didn’t I notice that? Omg.

  • Nickelz

    This banter is superb.

  • Atary Walker

    HA ha haha xD that last dialogue by her sister was a bit like “touche” to me

  • 22


  • Madeleine S.

    the way the expressions are drawn in this comic is so amazing and expressive. wow

  • LaShanna Bing

    Ahhh, sibling banter. Can totally relate. I think this is my fav page so far.

  • Alice Kat

    The last panel reminds me of my friend and her brother.

  • ieatyaoiforbreakfast

    Oh my god, Adrian in shorts all covered in water. *faints*

    • artsyfartsybitchface

      and that chest

  • Bored Mortal

    Hey there…

  • it me

    my name is rebecca toooo

  • Yozora Uchiha

    I bestow upon thee the voice of that girl from watamote…eng dub :/

  • ur local meme

    1D AF BOI

  • Ru

    Damn, wish I could talk to my sister like that. She claims to be okay with my sexuality, but we come up against a wall when it comes to fanning/freaking about love interests. . .the closet was so cosy and safe . . . I shouldn’t have poked my head out, lol

  • Anidict13

    ADRIAN!! She just implied you look girly!!! (I don’t hate her though)

    And also implied you’re Carter’s type!

  • jellyfishprincess

    She IS female Carter

  • Meow?

    FUCKING ReBEccA. You little spirit animal you.

  • stormy-100

    ‘hey there’ :3
    this comic is awesome.

  • Jay B. B.

    This feels like an exchange I might have with any of my 4 older siblings