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Watch out Adrian. You’re outnumbered.



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  • NotLexLuthor

    I hope shes playing Animal Crossing

    • AlexisPhoenix

      Imagine what kind of effect Villager has on her XD

  • BardOfDoom

    Hahaha poor Adrian XD and what is this?!? a sis?!! Beautifully done and worth waiting for even though its like 2 in the morning

  • Adrianna Martinez

    If they are at Adrian’s house all I want is for Adrian to take Carter to his room and casually flip on Marvin Gaye’s /Let’s Get It On/ and stand there like “Oh! This old song?! Huh never even noticed the blatant sexual meaning,” as Carter stares at him with annoyed but amused disbelief.


      Actually, here they’re at Carter’s… which is good because the Brooks’ are a more ‘liberal’ house. At the Hlaváčeks, playing Marvin Gaye with Adrian having a boy in his room might cause Mr and Mrs H to have simultaneous heart-attacks…

  • Joanne Hodge

    Did Carter’s sister just do the creeper/shipping gaze

    • bellhasabat

      What do you expect when shes made of the same material as Carter.

  • N.S.

    So she finally appears in the comic! I’ve been waiting for this since reading ‘A History of Carter’s Slow Uptake on his Sexuality’. :D

    Love ARH. Keep up the great work, guys.

  • pohjoiseen

    Carter’s sister is readers
    And she can see riiight through him and his sudden urge to oh-so-selflessly contribute to society

  • Cyrielle Falcou

    So funny! ^^

  • hickeyhouse/currycannon

    love his sister’s attitude and how she has the body of a 12 year old boy. :))
    keep it up you guys ^^

    • hickeyhouse

      crap. i forgot she IS 13. lol

  • ladyaoi

    crosses fingers and hopes for another long make out session or at least 2nd base….plz


      ^ Omg… this. I’m even crossing my toes too :D

  • twinphoenix

    Whoops time to make a webcomic about this totally rad chick now


    Pfft! “Partner in volunteering”. Please, Carter. Rebecca had you figured out since she was four years old. And I’m just dying to see Carter’s parents (his mom especially and her reaction to Adrian as well… I wonder how much she bet this time)… XD

  • Vy

    I’ve been waiting for this day
    Hello Rebecca 8) I’ve missed you since the original chapter 1 8′V

  • Kat

    Oh good God…there’s two Carters xD

  • Mr booombastic

    New guy here started too read this last week im enjoying it so far looking forward too the rest :-D

  • Freddy, Who Knew?

    Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! *-*
    I’m wondering if the “lazy brother” is gonna take adrian to a dark and quiet room… to… read… sure… read… about… things…

  • Interpolation

    I feel like Adrian had no clue that Carter has a sister. He looks slightly shocked.

  • Atary Walker

    She KNOWS!!!!

  • Naren Mystic’chrys

    Maria and carter’s sister should make a lesbo couple

    • niyaku

      shipping it

  • RaionSan

    Sibling… what can I say?

  • camboo

    she cute

  • Josh

    She’s amazing.

  • Wanda Nemer


  • Bored Mortal

    Must. Be. CLONES!!!

    • Bored Mortal


  • jellyfishprincess

    “Partner you say?”


  • Running…

    Partner, you say

  • bluespaceberry

    partner in volunteering…crime.