• Ascher

    This comic is very nice. And cute.

    Also I totally ship CarterXSlurpee. Total OTP!

  • Lucia Viana

    I love you, guys SO MUCH. You saved my night

  • Arkanoire

    glowing slurpees

  • Kelley Carpenter

    Dude, we spent the whole day together and I’m sexy as fuck, how is this a waste of time?

    • Envy

      The amount of perfection in this comment cannot be measured by current science.

  • Adrianna Martinez

    Damn Carter is a sassy bitch. But in a good non-demeaning way.

  • Joanne Hodge

    At first I thought Carter said “I will take your Slurpee.” But then I realized he said “I will. (As in I will leave your ass and I was just shaking my head at Carter and his cutie douchebaggery).

  • Cyrielle Falcou

    Poor gentleman Carter… Courage! ^^

  • Merrsharr

    and you just had to jinx it Adrian. Now your parents will know for sure.

  • http://amhchic.tumblr.com/ AmhChic

    Aw. It wasn’t a waste of time. You got to spend hours in close proximity to Carter. Way to be not-so-thoughtful, Adrian. :(

  • b

    i, for one, am jealous of adrian’s ability to lay in the grass without coming up covered in dead pieces of it and itching for 20 years. four for you, adrian.

  • Misu Kaze

    Reread the comic for a thousand times and know suddenly stumbling over that “We have to stop meeting like this” quote. xD
    This comic is just too …good..I love it.

  • Sharon Agredo

    I love Carter so much thanks for creating him

  • Atary Walker

    C: I will take your slurpee
    A: Gimme tha’ xD

  • ray rodriguez

    i swear this comic is like me and my boyfriend <3 its perfect. im adrian and he's carter. its awesome XD

  • Kyle Hamilton

    Adrian: “Leave me.”
    Carter: “I will. Take your Slurpee.”
    Adrian: *takes Slurpee*
    Carter: *realizes Adrian’s stressing out, doesn’t leave even though he said he would*
    Adrian: *doesn’t argue, instead takes it as an invitation to let all his defeat show*

  • Annabeth Winchester

    Carter’s face is like so sad it’s hurting me and he looks like that because Adrian is sad…. Think about it…….

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal

    Carter’s so cute. Adrian’s so cute. *dies*

  • Shi-chan

    the art literally just got better in like a page and im reading like “…..how”

  • chrixenthe

    Freeze your brain~

    • Chains

      Do you realize how happy you just made me?
      Because I think you need to

    • àto suika

      yes hethers