• Shaphina

    I see 2 provinces on that map. I have to wonder how big that map is.

    • Squid

      My guess it’s a map of western Canada .-. Tends to be a bigger verious of BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan last time I looked o3o

      • Shaphina

        I see, never seen a road map that had more than one province on it. That would be useful.

  • http://gsmaybe.tumblr.com/ G. S. Maybe

    Folded this way, it says “Brith Colubia”, which sounds like the name of a strange lady.

  • Sam

    This has the potential to be very fun and interesting.



    • Kie

      They live in Coquitlam, to be exact. It was in the old part of the prologue that got deleted.



  • merrsharr

    how can one not know how to read maps? I mean… they’re quite self-explanatory, no?

  • Subaru

    Wow, they’re hopeless, aren’t they? But that’s okay, I love them anyways~!

  • AlexisPhoenix

    How can anyone read maps??? I don’t understand how to do it XDDD

  • redleaveshavefallen

    And so, their trip is lovingly and beautifully extended. Yay. ;u;

  • anon

    omg the quality of the drawings… if you don’t have the time or the stamina to do it at your best, wouldn’t be better for you to put the comic in hiatus and in the meantime working at your pace??
    Since I started reading your comic I thought your style was pretty but now…

    • Hirkau

      Actually, I rather like the current style. I think it’s cute.

      • noner

        i think they were trying to say it got even prettier

        • PirateGhostPirate

          No, they were definitely insulting it.
          They suggested a hiatus to improve the quality, and thought the style was formerly pretty.
          It was actually quite rude hahaha.
          I find the style relatively consistent actually. For non-serious scenes (such as this one), the art is more awkward and less refined, but for serious moments, or character development, the art gets more detailed and clean-looking. I kind of like that sort of sight gag. Very manga/animeish vogue.

    • James

      I actually prefer the current style to the old one. It’s a bit more light-hearted/cute, which is nice. Also, maybe be a bit less rude if you want the artist to actually listen to you?

    • Another Anon

      I agree. Looking at previous pages and art that has been posted elsewhere (like on her dA), we know what the artist is capable of. The side banner to the gallery is a good example (not saying the comic needs to be that high quality). The improvement from the beginning of the comic to the party part is insane, and the effort was obvious. I don’t think changing the style/putting silly faces on the characters for non-serious scenes is a bad thing (in reference to what PirateGhostPirate said), but that’s not what I’m seeing. It’s not just for certain scenes. The art as a whole appears sloppier. Even when Adrian was talking to his parents, certain parts seemed very rushed. The style is pretty consistent (she’s improved a whole lot,too), but the effort is not. So, I have to agree with anon. I think this comic would benefit from having a time buffer.

      • Vy

        I’m glad that you are approaching this with a constructive attitude, but I feel like it’s not really our decision on how the comic should be executed. Hazel is working at her own pace for a comic that she makes with her free time and free will; we’re not exactly entitled to any extra effort. Although I would love for the comic to have a more professional quality to it, the comic now is still pretty good on it’s own. With that said, we should appreciate what she has to offer already! Comments like these which are critical of the art style are discouraging and counterproductive towards motivating the artist to do better – I would suggest encouraging her by showing her how much we love the comic already. At least then she might be more motivated to work harder on the comic!

  • suuuup

    dude i love your style and the colors and the characters and the story and pretty much everything about this comic *___*

  • PirateGhostPirate

    Shout out to Alberta via that map!!! Yeah son! But with the amount of rain we’ve been getting lately, we might as well just be Vancouver right now =|

  • Wanderer

    I don’t think anyone can read that map XD

  • Arimi Mitzuko

    sdjhfsdf .. hermoso…. creo q empezaré a aprender como se leen mapas, creo que nunca está de más XD


    I do miss the old style, it was so exquisite. But this is cute and the story is still why I’m here after all, because it’s fantastic!

  • http://nataruma.livejournal.com/ Nataruma

    Free webcomic means you don’t get to bitch and moan about whether the artist has an off day or the panels don’t measure up to what you were expecting. Just appreciate the fact that they want to share this with you at all.

  • Kale

    I wouldn’t describe this style as sloppy. It’s different, yes, but sloppy, no. A lot of professional manga/comic artists change their style as they try to find their own personal “voice.” I personally am grateful that I get to watch Hazel progress as an artist. She was first trying her hand at detail; now she’s trying it at style. Give her time to figure out what she wants and what she’s happy with. :)

  • Daniel

    I like this way of drawing it as compared to before, I think it gives more leeway for facial expressions

  • http://truth0rdaretastic.tumblr.com/ ТЯЦТНΘЯḊΔЯЄ

    Ah! Happy Belated 100th Bell and Hazel! Going strong, congrats<3
    Oh dear… some of these comments :( I too can't deny that the previous style was fantastic, and when it was announced that there would be a change in the artwork I took it in stride because some artists need to do this from time to time for their own reasons. Honestly, I've been reading and supporting ARH for so long that I'm more invested in the story than the art. But that does not mean that people should not voice their opinions on it – just do it constructively and with some tact. And telling people not to have a complaint just because the comic is free is really myopic and not in the best interest of the artists.

    Without a doubt these ladies work very hard on this webcomic (it takes a lot to pull this off consistently when you have other commitments), so if you appreciate it you have to let them know that too, even if you have one or two things that you need to pick at. I’m sure they’ll understand if such an approach is taken and maybe consider it. But if they don’t, you also have to understand that this is what their personal style means to them and just enjoy the webcomic as is.

  • Tailur

    The fact that the webcomic takes place where i live makes me feel all jittery and smah~<3 about it c:

  • Enn

    Bwuuah, it feels so cool that it’s set in BC. Asdfkjglds. Idk.

  • Hopsphie

    hey woh im from kamoops BC what a kawink a dink

    • Hopsphie

      kamloops* im so ashamed

  • polygoncactus

    Oh god. Not having data, the hardest trial of a first world teenager :(.

  • AngelOfMint

    BC! hah, i knew it! Adrians had a Grizzlies shirt, but..but now proof!
    I live in BC tooo♡

  • Hello

    oh my god!!! i did the wiz last year and i live in bc… woah…

  • Brittany

    They live in BC!!?

  • Haley

    Sweet their Canadian like me :) even if i live
    e in Alberta.

    • ieatyaoiforbreakfast

      Same here. Though I’d rather live back in B.C again, it’s a lot nicer there.

  • Caleb TC

    How can people not read maps?

    • Auntie-Aku

      If someone ever finds out the why and figures how to fix it, I’ll be first in line to receive the cure. I am really bad at reading maps and I hate it.

      Tbh I think it has something to do with how your skills of spatial perception are: for some it is harder than the others.

      • Eckart

        Dibs on second!

  • GlazeDoughnutz

    OMg I live in British Columbia!!

    • Akuma

      I live in British Columbia too and I’m flipping out xDD Also, nice APH Canada icon, m8 :3

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox Bored Mortal

    My worst enemy, maps.

    • Guest

      same, i can’t read maps

      my mind shuts down immediately just seeing maps

  • Adri

    Did Carter just offer him his nuts

    • http://www.writingforums.org/members/oscar-leigh.73758/. Oscar Leigh



      You little shiet how dare u made me choke on my water

  • Karma

    ultra gay

  • jellyfishprincess

    What happened to Carter’s face in the last couple pages

  • Sanny

    I love that this is based in the west coast of British Columbia! I’m from Victoria and I really enjoy this! :3

    • Rogue

      Hello province neighbor :3

  • Marvin Groth

    I’m pretty sure they already had navigation apps back in 2013…

  • bluespaceberry

    plot twist: the ride turns into a road trip à la telm & louis

  • Hit me with a stapler

    Crunch Crunch Crunch