• anon

    Awww, haha

  • constanza

    ohh!! que triste! me ha pasado ;_____; </3

  • Nikolicious

    Baw, pobrecito ;o; 

  • Nanxy-x-tifrui

    Poker face

  • Ringoold

    the last panel killed me XDD

  • shhh

    omfg the last panel

  • truth0rdare

    The last panel just screams: WUT+WTF!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1215245728 Alejandrina Leza De Yaoi

    hahahaha pobre carter hahahaha en el ultimo panel se quedo con cara de pokar~

  • Ann

    Ouchhh, haha xD

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001805797642 Karen Garrido

    ahahahahaha …pobree wn ! ..

  • imthepancakelord

    the history of a life , i feel your pain man

  • http://www.fanpop.com/fans/IamKyon Chococone


  • WaywardVagabond

    I just started reading and love the art. And that face… XD

  • Kira-chan

    Poor Carter!

  • Nickelz

    ” Walking off with the book you just said the other guy could have? Classy. And not even so much as a goodbye.
    : T “

  • lightish red

    Re-reading and the book that’s perfect for their coffee table has a coffee cup on the cover. :’D

  • http://twittter.com/biibischan Bianca Pereira

    Oh no, girls TT__TT They are always here to destroy boy’s love

    • teagan

      not me I’m fine with gay people

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

    His face xD

  • Lilianna


  • Mar Sánchez

    sad but…lol

  • http://www.wattpad.com/story/16193839-spectral-guest Ven

    story of my flipping life

    • Vincent Cli

      rlly tho

  • 22

    im laughing

  • dot

    the art improved a lotttt

  • usagi66


  • London

    His face makes me cry every time holy shet

  • BennyBoo

    Awww major cock block XD

  • Chimichangaz

    Awww… nooo D:

  • Pinkfeiry


  • Envy

    *painful flashbacks*
    Oh Carter, honey… I feel ya.

  • Envy

    *painful flashbacks*
    Oh Carter, honey… I feel ya.

  • Karnatsiki Blazestrider

    Literally my life

  • Ninhursag

    Last panel…Loneliness at its best.

  • http://not-productive-person.tumblr.com/ Kolden

    I expected something like Carter being sad cause he was ignored, but the last panel was just pure gold.

  • Rolls Away For Days

    Last panel: Carter, I feel your pain. *cue painful flashbacks* Forever alone…

  • Homeo

    Rest in rip

    • Haruka~

      Rest in Rest in Peace? xD

  • novxmbxr

    The last panel gives my heart joy

  • Grape

    I’m laughing so hard hahahahahahhaha oh my god

  • キリト

    Hah! His expression on the last panel :’) “hmph wtf!?”

  • spooky dood

    omg r.i.p carter in the last panel ahaha

  • Elbi FandomFan

    Don’t you think that that guy can be an Adirian’s brother?? o – o