Mini Comic: After Baaa


Hi all,

We’re doing a mini comic again this week due to time constraints; Bell and I are both super busy/will continue to be super busy (MIDTERMS! HUGE ART SCHOOL PROJECTS!) so at least next week we will be doing another mini comic :>

hope you enjoy these~


  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler


  • CrayonsEverywhere

    i love this minicomics <3 dont worry guys! we'll wait for it!

  • I Would An Adrian

    Of course Carter should help him late by removing it for him…
    and putting it on him right again after… I guess…

  • actually ceara

    oh man i hate it when i go to school with my shirt inside out

  • Kelley Carpenter

    Thought this was going to be him staring longingly at the back of his neck like I WANNA KISS IT but it’s that his shirt is inside out. Well played Hazel, well played.


      Secretly though, Carter is probably fantasizing on the benefits of redressing him in his sleep instead of actually waking him up.

  • Rei

    Ahaha that’s too cute. :3

  • Misu Kaze

    Adrian: I’m so tired…I need to listen to the teacher..I…..*snore*


      Teacher: “Okay class, that’s it for the canine species. Now we’ll take a look at the ovine spec…”
      Adrian: *bolts up from sleep*

  • Jon Snow


  • yayoi

    so cute

  • ceyec


  • lll

    poor Adrian XD

  • Dottie Renee Lynn Chandler

    ._. This is lightly off topic, but when I read the title “Always Raining Here” .. I cry a little every time.

  • Beia

    Personally, I love mini comics in place of no new pages~ Take your time y’all :)

  • Andrew Bohannon

    Funny. Hate when that happens. And good luck on your Midterms and such!

  • miramanee

    oh no i live for these of course i love mini comics these are just too fricking adorable

  • Millis Salo

    This was so awesome! I read all the pages and this is just great! Can’t wait for more :DDDD

  • Kasumi Nekozawa

    I’ll assume Adrian’s been up all night gaming.

    • cariboucat

      This mini comic is entitled “After Baaa,” and the “Baaa” comic showed Adrian being kept up all night, disturbed by the video Carter sent him.
      (Also I’d think that Adrian’s parents would take away all his gaming stuff if they caught him playing when he was supposed to be asleep)

  • Mimi Chan

    dork ;;

  • Yuki Kouno

    LOL his shirt XD

  • Envy

    Hehehehehe….. Carter’s behind Adrian… *giggles naughtily* >:}

    • Milky Dumplings

      Seme and uke confirmed.

  • Bored Mortal

    Oh dear.


    I went to a dnace ome time because I decides to be social for once in my life. My shirtbwas inside out and all I did was sleep while my friends sang their hearts out.
    This is why you get sleep people

  • Ariel

    lolololololololz *lololz out of the room*

    • Eckart

      *lolz with you*